Junkyard Keeper

Author: ZPLAY Games

100K+ install


Run your legendary junkyard and keep finding treasures!

Drive your collecting truck and clean up the different kinds of garbage in the huge junkyard: steel garbage, food scraps and more! Transport the garbage back to your base, recycle it and turn it into money! Meanwhile, you’ll be scouring the junkyard for the hidden treasures and even parts to assemble new & power vehicles!

Keep unlocking new upgrades for your vehicles. Spend money to upgrade your truck, improve the capacity, moving speed, and even evolve your vehicle to next level and become bigger and more efficient!

Reasons you’ll love Junkyard Keeper:

– Exquisite, smooth and enjoyable gameplay
– Super satisfying physics
– Excellent graphics and animation make you relaxing
– Unlock different types of garbage and different junkyard locations
– Manage your junkyard and turn waste into treasure

Enjoy the simulation & arcade gameplay and keep upgrading unlock more garbage collectors such as vacuum trucks, grinders, and even helicopters!

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure! Start your journey as a junkyard tycoon now!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 8, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: ZPLAY Games
Price: Free
-2 votes

Customer review

Jessica Saunders

Pay for no ads yet they haven't left...nice way to get some cash for nothing....negative stars if it were an option...not sure why your telling me about the no afs option I literally said that in the first line I paid for no ads yet they are still there. And your telling me to get the no ads option I DID!!! 🙄 SO FIX IT ON YOUR SIDE

Arlo Clippinger

It's trash, not for bug reasons but it is pestered with ad's (not as much as other mobile games but still has tons of ad's) and it's just hard to keep up with all the things that the game wants you to do. All the levels are basically the same, pick up junk, sell it, upgrade and repeat, this is not what games should be.

Bardh Shabani

Too many ads

Sachin kushwaha Kushwaha

Solar panel

David Logan

Got stuck on a level wouldnt let me collect anything so I uninstalled it

bear jr

non stop ads. shame.. it's a mediocre game to waste time on. They claim reduced ads but they don't. They want to annoy you so much you buy the game. Sorry there's just not enough to this game to pay. The ads made me delete this game after the first level. Your greed is what's choking the life out of your game. The ads are horrible ads to the kind that trick you into clicking the wrong thing and takes you out of the game and straight to the play store. SUPER LONG ADS DONT DOWNLOAD

Jennifer Hernandez

Don't paid ads free, it still prompt you to watch ads to use the cart or order items i want a refund and yes i did restarted the game

Sam Hamilton

An okay little game if it weren't for the forced ads every 30 seconds

Stacey Spencer

too many ad's stop with the ads there other ways to make than ad's

Nathan Chilcoat

Ads ads ads

John Nelson

All The Apps Make This Game Suck!!!! Can't Empty The Magnet One Time Before An App Pops Up!!! Uninstalled The Game!!!!

Craig Richards

way way way way to many adds

John Van Tassel

Decent enough game.

a guy

obey the lords command

Jo Street

intrusive ads

Кристофер Глиисон

Not worth it, Ads every 4 seconds. Don't get any time to enjoy the game. Can't progress, can't get enough upgrades.

Dean Schulze

I have tried to contact but no response after 5 days. I would like a refund as there is no sound!!! I would rate it higher but due to no communication or sound I can only rate it one star!

Oldi Mena

Jam oldijan Mena 2004

Cory Mendez


larry haynes

too many ads

Tracy Doster

Every 30 seconds there are ads popping up, they do this to get you to buy the game. We'll I ain't buying it so it just got deleted.

Fawn Maness

The first day I got this game, I paid for ad free, etc, because I was immediately hooked. Unfortunately, the game stalls out very quickly. You can only upgrade the power of each of the first two vehicles like 6-7 times and then it's maxed. You can upgrade the range and weight capacity but that's it. I'm on lvl 385 now and each stage is exactly the same. I kept playing thinking any minute now I'd unlock a new vehicle, a new magnet for the machine, or something might change with the stages. Nope.

Lollo Como

Enjoyed at the beginning but then is pretty Boring. I am at day 40. I cannot find any more golden screw so I can't complete the metal collector vehicle upgrade. The other vehicles remain coming soon...soon when?

Amanda Gilliland


James Barr

Good building game

Rain Walker

no sound but a lot of ads

Craig Dowse

Bit of a con when you pay for no adverts yet the game forces you to watch them to upgrade your power as you can't use in game money to do this and if you don't watch adverts to upgrade the power you can't get everything on the level.

Michael Woods

Constantly having to watch ads the game mightve been a little fun but seems ever few seconds another ad starts

Bobby Kincaid

kinda fun.helps to pass the time

Arti Arti




Shailesh Baltha


eveline makeup

get money


جعخح۹۰ هبلواوالقتتب۳۶حتبانممنتاتا

Hitesh Chavda



too many ads

Lalbiakniibni Bni

A very happy and good game

Milva Hose


Cooper Miley

Ads can be annoying, but over all fun.

Charles Carpenter

Too many bugs and once your done you just repeat the same levels

Brett Marshall

Soo many adverts. Don't bother

Cyrus Brackley

I like this game but the only thing I don't like is that you can get only 2 of the 6 veichels that makes me peed off

Pete Davis

Better name would be Ad Abuse. The number of ads you have to watch to finish a level is ridiculous. Bye.

Christina Hampton

I love the one

Babs Hill

Great game thanks


Start then an ad. Decide what to do another ad. Collect metal go to turn it in ad. Look at my score ad. Look at ad get an ad. Too many timed ads along with ad just to used the cart. Seriously 😳 ad.


controls are awful and it keeps freezing after it makes you watch a add

Og Wolf89

Only one complaint a lot of ads and I mean a lot a lot of ads

William Kail


Herman Louwrens


White Rose K

have fun and good luck


Great game so far except for no sound, but besides that I've ran into a big where it gets stuck at 85 percent junk metal even though there isn't any.

austin johnson

too many ads

Shoeb ali


Sitting Squirrel

So far the game itself is very enjoyable. I'm just annoyed that I paid to remove ads and I still have to watch ads to level up my machine. I would be okay if I had the choice to watch an ad for a free level as opposed to paying, but I don't event have to option to purchase the upgrade. Idk, feel a little cheated but whatever

Rachel Dupre

Way too many ads not gonna pay to remove them.

Nikolas I.

too many ads

Base M

Far too many pop up ads whitch makes the game boring

Brad Wraight

This game isn't good at dawntheing T hate this game😡

Reggie Opilda

good game little bit of ads though!

Wayne Brett

brilliant the best game ever *****


No just no (- -) (● ●) (⊙ ⊙) ( )

Vijender Singh Shekhawat

Too many ads while playing games


Nice game

Mahipal Saini

Game majedar hai

Inder Singh

very nice game

Joseph Kim

Constant ads, can't even get a decent play through due to ads

Toni Thompson

like it.irs neat

Ute Sarauer

Boycott this developer, after paying for no adds you still get forced to watch adds. Developers should be sued for misleading and fraud. 💩💩💩☠☠☠FAIL☠☠☠💩💩💩 watch out for hidden 🔪 at your throat.

Spiffie Druid

Fun, relaxing game. At a point it goes back to the first levels and starts cycling over again. But it's still fun because you are now stronger so it's neat to see your progression.

Brandon Duarte

Way too many ads makes it difficult to play for more than 5min more ads then play time

Pop It


Matthew McConnell

really entertaining

Marie F

Enjoyable but there isn't much to do yet

Sgt Army11

I like this game. BUT to many adds. every 60 to 90 seconds you get an add. ( i timed it) space them out even more and you might get more ppl.

John Torres

to many ads

Scott Ball

I'm still waiting for the fact that I can't unlock any of the other vehicles yet if they say keep coming soon but yet soon never gets here

John David Rodriguez


Tony Perri

Great with the "no forced ads." Problems: 1. A bunch of your income each level is locked behind an ad. Reduce the time it takes for garbage to turn to coins. 2. Can we have an ETA on the addition of all the other vehicles?

Brantlee Webster


Kulaga1979@wp.pl aloiw17

Is very good

Beth Hartley

It lags so much and has so many ads

Adnan Mulla


Hans T. Kolan

If you like ads this game is for you. You will see them literally every 2 minutes

Daniel Davies

paid for no adds and still being forced to watch adds if I want to upgrade!

Lucas Fabrício

90% ad 10% gameplay


Easy and fun

Jackson Chapman

too many ads but overall a good game to kill time and it's fun


Junkyard keeper is a great fun game, but knees to be updated on sound, I downloaded this game but I can't figure out why there's no sound I checked the game settings on it it's set correctly and I checked my tablet settings for media it's set correctly too so I can't figure out when I'm playing this game why can't I hear sound, the only thing I can think of that it needs an update, please fix this problem with the sound whoever created this game

caroline Brennan

I think it's a good game 😀😀

Jason Barnes

Yes lot ads but i bought the no ad perk and game is great just want more vehicles to move around have two available and want more cant wait see what future updates bring.

Lyndol Walters

A good friendly fun game

James Sluss

to many adds it's every few minutes

david dove

Ads plus it stops being new maps after day 12 and then you restart all the lvls over again

Dennis j

I like the game but because if the constant ads I was forced to purchase the no ads but that only removes the forced Ads but you still have to watch ads to level up the vehicle. However my main problem is that I'm stuck on the level when the 2nd vehicle is introduced and none of the garbage is able to be collected please help

A Aer Lowery

very fun and addicting

Bill Carrington

10 seconds of play then 30 second Is commercials.

Thomas Geirhovd

Forced ads every 30 seconds

Justin Hughes

WOW! I may have a career in Sanitation after WW3. SUPER ADDICTIVE!

Christopher Gardiner-hughes

fun time killer ads a bit annoying but eh