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Judge 3D – Who’s guilty and who’s not, you will be the judge! inflict your justice today!

Detailed info

File size: 108M
Update time: September 2, 2021
Current version: 1.5.3
Require Android: 6.0 and up
Developer: Crazy Labs by TabTale
Price: Free
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Customer review

Radheya Rcg

After playing for a bit I almost lose interest, the ads get annoying with little reward. If there was better information, Better replys for conversations for court and office. I'd feel differently. Good game for boredom I guess


Too many ads

Charles Aspinwall

Game crashed 4 times tried to uninstall it regularly and it said it counted as a system app so I never to go all the way to the app settings to uninstall it

jodian Wright

not good enough

robert busler

Too many ads

dylan kuz

Boring game 😔


an ad before u even get to play it. After u make a choice, u get the option to see an ad for a better payout, if u say no u still watch an ad

Dominic playz on ps4

Ad ad ad ad. Select dont play ad. It plays an ad. Deleted.

Darren H

ad after 10 seconds class

Darla m. Buckland

I can't figure out how to level up on this game . It doesn't seem to be my type game

Tamara Kuhn

Too many ads you say that you don't want to double or triple or times for your points by watching an ad and I make you watching the ad anyway. I got so fed up with it that I executed my first case..

Sheila Cox

Well I just started playing the game. I am a self proclaimed criminal profiler. So far, I love pretending to be the judge. It definitely pulled me from my games I m so bored of. 👍

latonya sloan

Love it

Aimee Landrum

Pretty Cool 😏+🕶=😎



Dianne Hearn

scenting weber 5th

Powers Powers

bad. just bad.

Mahalia king

ITs so cool geting to arrest people

Musa Maluleke

this game is so enjoy full

Charlotte Verdolino

This game is okay! It gets inappropriate though... so if your under 16 I would say don't get this but you can do whatever you want, don't let me stop you! But I love feeling powerful and picking on the annoying employee muahaha! YES!! But I uninstalled this game. Just please fix this or at least warn us!

Fano Fano

it has too much aids

LocatedReaper (Isaac Kupfer)

among us

X CorpseBunny X

so. many. ads.

Terryll Rex

too many ads that sre annoying and you can't click out of them without a stylus. x too small.

Junior Ghagi

this game is a little interesting

Bear Face

ad bait with very little playability

Mani Kors

ok so far

A. V.

Straight Hot Garbage. Don't install.

xChristinaCutieX Chrissy

...erm it is kind of tough, cuz Ads are just a level of lack and annoyance, good game by the way!

Columbus Miller


Bisham Bhandari


teztez johnson

It's a good game but it shouldn't have to repeat itself

Julian Sanchez

Game freezes a lot and you have to deal with constant ads which are annoying

Catherine Mccoy

Way more ads than game play. The judge is either extremely rude or an unprofessional pig. I guess I didn't get it.

Angel Blue

am actually a really judge lol

Alex Wolfinger

Trash just like the people who make it

Jake Quiney

this game is so bad it's good

Surendra Tiwari

thanks for this application

Jamuna Gurung

good 👍

Asmitmandal MandalAsmit

game ma

Saika Khan

Nice pic of the day to you and your family a very happy new year to you and your family a very happy 😊😊 and you can come to your home and your home will be nai to mami the time of yeh to you have been to mami and


Very disappointed in the game. Some of the choices you are forced to make is nothing but a joke. If there was a way to rate this game no stars that's what I would give it.

Mary Winze

this is fun to play



shrijay pandey


Daniel Pastrana

Too many ads. The game drains phone battery quick due to that


you should unlock all the choices, it's so damn boring

Shakira Allen

The graphic is lame and there isn't much to it... Not something that I would recommend to anyone grown because it can really be irritating.

Andrew Woodhead

Playing out stupid

Sanam Noor

Nice 👍🙂👍🙂

Masego Galetlwaelwe


Dylan Wesley

An ad ever time you do a talk choice. An ad to unlock the positive option to talk.. do better. At this rate, charge for the game and drop these ads. Unplayable. 7 ads in one case.

Whenrick Codrington

Ad after as after ad none stop. Do one simple task ads deleted this junk asap

Donnamarie Aponte


Mbalenhle Khumalo

I think it is a good game for another's.

Olllie Mcbollie

Way to many ads. Worst ads I e ever seen

Jesse Harbansingh

there are to meny ads , if you took all the ads off that will be great

Gabrielle Calica


Almost Ahero

I was done playing after 10 minutes to many ads needs a fee of like 2 dollars to remove ads


Worst game ever

sk shayan pubg lite



Terrible! The game does nothing after the file of Billy the murderer.

I'm Sorry

Really cool and teachable app; it's honestly showing me the ins and out of how things work as a judge in a court system! 🤓👍🏽❤

Taijah Frieson

I love it ❤️😻

Everon Beckles


Ruwade Sias

Good game

Donald Ford

good game

Siphesihle Lungelo

The ads are horrible please remove them

Aadesh Aadesh dhakal


Nado Zak

not bad

Thomas Settle

So many gramitcal errors and the amount of ads is just too much...

Jamie Hill

this game is 👌/awesome

Fluffy Pup

Horrible, it kept playing ads and after the second one, it forze my tablet and now it's still frozen..thanks sooo much..wish I could give this zero stars


this game is full of add ads it is really annoying

Di Fi


sinthiya Akter

গেম টা সুন্দর কিন্তু গেমের মানুষ গুলা কেমন জানি

Stephen Nigh

so far so good 👍

Nuzra Khan

Plz Don't install this app it's a scam will hack your data !!!!!!

Sarah munsamy

I don t know it is my 1st time

Aiman Rahman

so much add

Brad Lewis

Locks up first 3 minutes

Spencer Ames

The voice overs are computer generated and at times very cringy. Game Concept is ok at best... Even if you skip after you earn gems... Ads will still play.. it gets annoying real fast.

Matty Ricardo


Anku Lol

Jarbage game

Joel Tisberger

I played about seven cases and then it started all over again same cases or as I think

Arturo Flores


Nashae Bryant

I was really disappointed after downloading this. Every decision you make you have to watch an ad.. The game is just dumb the options they give makes no sense if you were actually playing a judge in a real court. Don't waste your time!!

Yekini Mitchell

Sorry to say but this game is bogus one case with a kid billy then thats it the game freezes after you say hi billy or sup kiddo. Game needs attention fix it omg i would have gave it 0 stars but u must give it a star to post monkeyness

Betty Underwood

Best game ever

Md seyam Hassan

Plz ⅚u me 19 up q29c1 by

Erca Ennis

Because is ssooo fffooonn.


Too much adds

Tommy Griffin

Ads every other click.

Allison Brown

Fun game but ads ruined it. Possibly allow you to choose your secretary and other staff

Raymond Adler

Too many adds

jake brown

Can't get pased first case as no signature works

Sara Aguilar

Maybe you would have fixed this by now with way too many commercials I've played other games and this one takes the Cake you got more commercials in this one than any other one I played 👎😡

Qasab Shaikh



Repetitive needs more scenarios!

Jeff Bates

Ad bait