Jewels Time : Endless match

Author: V2R

1,000,000+ install


Jewels Time : Endless match – Explore the labyrinth, find treasures, and make friends!

Detailed info

File size: 49M
Update time: July 12, 2021
Current version: 2.14.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: V2R
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jack Layfield

This is awesome game to play at anytime I think it is a good idea and I'm enjoying it very much and I'm Going to be able to give it a 10 Stars

Daniel R Simmons

It is a 7 ⭐ ratting truly appreciated 👍 it.

jill chinderle

Fun and easy to play, I'm addicted!

Maria Glendenning

Great game love playing it

Mehdi Ebrahimzade

veey good

Cam Monroe

The game itself is actually quite good. The ad service used is complete garbage. I frequently have ads that won't close. Ads will force me to go to the download page, when I click the close button. And every dozen or so ads will force me to close the entire game to escape.

Julie Walker

Loving the game thank you

Lisa Clark

There is no ads not working. If you are unable to get the +200 coins right away the other ads do not work either.


Really awesome 😎

Jamie Bloomer

Very disappointed! Game glitches and causes loss of turn and shutdown.

Renee Wells

love this game its very addictive

Shelly Angel

Awesome game love it

Janet Dear

OMG another addictive game love it 👍💖😁

William Campbell

Love the game

mark reid

Love this game please update as game is supposed to be endless disappointed if no more levels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!hi I have reached level 3000 are there any more levels please

Yang Fuxiang

Wonderful addictive game... Thumbs up fellows...

Antonia Mcisaac

Very entertaining, challenging but workable for a 75 yr old granny like me

Lori DeSalvo


Pedro Santos

Once you start the game just can't stop Playing it i recommend everybody to try it its an awesome game

Milton Fauntleroy

Anytime is the time for the Jewel Games This one has plenty of levels of action it helps you get your mind off the Pandemic

James William Hill jr.

This game is awesome

Joanna Foster

Started off good but now when an ad is supposed to play the screen goes black and the game freezes up.

Jerri Woods

Very good

Ishbel MacKenzie Gillies

Love it and u need to think about wot u're doing at times, not all straightforward

Huy Pham

Enjoyeably spectacular. Messenger of peace face down.

Fred Bubeck

A wholta fun.

Deborah Harris


Barbara Harris


Darren Booth

Good game. Very interesting. Still playing. Addictive.

Isaac Phiri

A very very gud game to play

Melanie Ferguson

Love plating this game most enjoyable

Jo-Anne B.

This a fun game and for the most part I enjoy it. The only problem I have had is during the first few games when I start playing. I have to repeatedly tap the piece so want to move. Sometimes pretty hard. It is annoying

Billy Slack

Awesome and the girl is cute


Match 3 at it's best but not challenging.

Luc Periard

Super game 5 stars.great graphics and game play.enjoing it very much.the only problem is with the battle says processing and 8t never gives your reward as i have to close thr app to stop it.can you fix it please.

Stella Leal

Having fun 😁

Anna Moore


Margaret Liddle

Great game. Lots of fun.

Sean Holloway

I like playing but I hate adds about other stuff!

Mohamad jamali Ahmad

V G👍👍

Theresa Isaacs

Good game

Avinash Gandhe

Very good concept. Excellent Graphics, Color Scheme + Animation.

Sandra Thomas


Wendy Stafford

Played this game a few times and I still think it's worth having on your play list.

Doris Poag

Beautiful Game.

A Parastesh

I love v2r games, but sadly this game has many bugs like reduce brightness and suddenly stop I hope in next update solve these problems

Mindy Stein

I am Loving This Game.. The Colors Are Nice and Bright, Very Easy To See.. Plus No Lives

Lynn Haenga


Golden Dragon

nice game i loved too much 😍

Raymond Loosmore

Its fun !

Elizabeth Kidwell

Good game lots of fun

Mariaelena serendipity

Got to level 390. Enjoyed it so far. But now there's a bug. Impossible to move on. In general there are no tips about the challenge ahead and is all about error and trial to figure out how to proceed. Guess I will uninstall this game.

Segundina Gonzales

This game is really good and easy

Carol Linn

Easy so far!

Valerie Barge'

Sometimes goes to ad mid gameplay.

Maria Farrugia

It's ok

Lillian Black

I like it but it siopped on level 3001 I want it 2 restart

Tina Gyles

I love this game

Jacqueline Patton

It's a fun game make more like this

Jonathan Au

Oh yes this game is so relaxing and extremely fun

Camauri Black

A lot of Fun

Bev Potter


Michaelstice Mike Stice

Haven't played it!

joan taylor

Will play again

Pam Morse


Christine Carver

I love this style of game! It's relaxing and do easy to win special 'gems'. Then you have the opportunity to double you gifts by watching a 20 or 30 second ad.

Kiran Prajapati


Peping Santos


Julie Lockwood

Very addictive.

Floyce Callender

Great game!!

Rose Bronson


Tonyia Boyd


Janice Hammond

WAY too many Trojan ads---please, no more.

Coleen Moorehead

The longer you play the better it gets.

rebecca macklin

Hangs up to much

Paul Crispin

Really enjoying this game 😊

Jackie Wilson


Laura Nainggolan

Very Good game

Joanne Kidd

Love it

Keith Sherman

I find this game fun at moment and pretty easy to complete each level👍😎

Julia White

Very good game


The game is lagging, consumes data and always hang my device

Catherine Golden

Good game. Glad new levels have been added, although level 3021 appears to be impossible to complete (no purple gems drop to fill the purple cage). I understand the need for adverts, but the video adverts which blare out and are hard to close make it very awkward to play this game in some situations where it would otherwise be an ideal quiet game.

Rebecca Schall

Too many glitches

Renata Tarnawski

Easy going game The MORE THAT U STRESS?=The Harder The LESS THAT U STRESS?= The Easier!!

Sylvia Bonspiel

Really enjoy this

Barbara Lee

Really fun games

Flora Petrovich

I love the game this is the second time I downloaded but now it freezes every couple minutes. Please fixed or I will have to deleted thanks.

Robert Adam

too many adverts

Daniel Saavedra

Lots of fun 😁

Angerine Hayes

All the jewelry time is fun time oh yeah 😎

Teresa Wright

Great game

Heather Penfold

Lots of fun matching.

Carol Bath

So enjoyable .Colours are great .Love it so far no problems

Marie H Shelton

A lil slow but otherwise a great game.

Carol Forrest

Good game now starting to get harder,but great fun.

Barbara Bidin

Just getting started

Gale Prevost

Great game

Angie Rangel

Love it. A very fun

Sue Kelley

Too many ads