Jewels Mystery: Match 3 Puzzle

Author: DODAM GAMES, Inc.

100,000+ install


Jewels Mystery: Match 3 Puzzle – 💎 Mystery abounds in this match 3 puzzle game 💎

Detailed info

File size: 65M
Update time: July 16, 2021
Current version: 1.3.6
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: DODAM GAMES, Inc.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Elena Collins

Seems different. Haven't played in awhile and then come back to this? Hmmm don't know about these changes.

Marco Lebron


Henriette M Neethling

Whats wrong with this picture?👿Love the game,2nd i play ftom your Dev..but here who give you permission to go into my internet and Playstore in the Ads which is so many that i try to navigate the game itself inbetween them ?🤬The Ads are at the bottom and cant see fockmagul what i have to use to help my game..👹

Ircayita Iris

Having fun!

Joan Hamilton


Doris Jenkins

Love this game!

Babbie Booker

Great game

Barbara Ross

Iam enjoying rhis game so far

A Google user

Lots of fun.

Daniel R Simmons

It is a 7 ⭐ ratting truly appreciated 👍 it.

Carmen Brockmiller


Ray Love

Way too many play a round,you get an ad and so can't get started on the game...ease up on that format and ratings will skyrocket as this game could be lots of fun...if only......

Monesia Criswell

Love it

Graeme Cornell

After a glitch was reported and fixed very efficiently, I can say a great game. Hope rest of levels continue to be enjoyable.

Christine Tartufi-starrett

Love it

Amber Patterson

I love playing this game

Papa Pirate

I am having a blast level 708 was about the easiest !eve! More to go

Jon Carpenter

It's mystery matching fun!


I love it. Not played the like b4. Is it possible to turn the hints off?

Javier Pintor


Ruhwaya Elvis


ray lastname

I understand the developers deserve to make some money, and advertising in game is how this free game gets paid for. However I played one level, and got 3 ads. Because I clearly have to spell it out for the dev team that's way to many, one ad for 3 levels is the gold standard.

Tina Dukes

Love playing it and the graphics are very clear

Tommy Whitten

Good 👍😊 game.

Catherine Hembrecht

Game is fun but would like to get the 3 extra moves sometimes

Noel Echivarre

a very challenging game

Barbara DiTomasso

Enjoying the game. I just found this game so started to play again had previously deleted awhile back error. I just keep playing can't stop love it. Very relaxing very colorful and love the challenge.

Victoria Robinson

Very exciting game

Zareena Kareem

Good game

Lucy Machado

This is a great game which I really enjoyed playing but there are glitches. sometimes you want to use a booster but you can't. During the bonus level if you click on X2 and there is no ad, then you lose the points that you have. I once lost more than 17,000 that way

Steve Toboz

ads way to many ads since this last update.. after every level and each time you need to restart a level there be a ad.. you wanna watch a ad to gett the free stuff be prepared to nott gett it atleast half the time.. then when i had my data turned off it froze my phone and even made it restart in safe mode.. this update ruined this game..

Joyce Parker

I Love this game , all the beautiful Jewels , keeps my running smoothly !

Junior Sibiya

Just easy game

Rose Selby

Fun game

Connie Harris

Love playing this game!

Clara Binder

The game is too tough to move the gems.

Helen Rife

Dizzying blur of moving jewels

Dot Smit

Very nice

Mr. D

I can't stop playing this 🎯

David Peterson

Very creative design of game

Paula shanks

Funny so far ,but just started

Jane Kellogg

I love it it's fine

Tressa Dishman

Easy play.

Terri Lyn Reed

Challenging, fun; great way to clear your mind.

Gayle Bencivenga

Fun however reach a point where it's impossible to complete a game without multiple aids. Forced to watch ads for aids. Skill level isn't the driver.

A Google user

Got up to level 170 so far ... Fairly easy; not too difficult. Game play is enjoyable, with pleasant sound effects. Music is nice. Ads are generally not intrusive, nor obnoxious. Forced ads every few levels or so can be skipped after several seconds.

Vinay Krishna DM


Murray Allinger

Edit 25-12-2021: I am now up over levele game 900, and the game crashes and/or freezes constantly. This started about level 800, and has gotten progressively worse. At least every 2nd level this happenning, making the game almost unplayable. Original Review: Just started but looks like a good match-3 game. Colorful and fast moving.

Christina Childs

Great challenge

Nisha Shah


Shelly Martin

Great game I like playing it


Very entertaining!

Sandra porter

U developers know I'm telling them the truth. They the people should keep their money. Why, why are u so greedy, time is hard for everyone. Ur the ones that is going to pay for what ur doing.PEOPlE just play the games but don't give them money keep it for ur families. Now u can turn me off like u always do. Oh, watch out for the puzzles as well, they are really dirty, can't get far with them either.

Mary Lou Hill

100%love the game

Richard Lilly

It's absolutely cool ☺️

Annie Holmes

Very patient game to play.

Peter Hayes

The best of of the best game yet

Deborah LaGard

Way to many ads

Maize Blanchard

Just playing won't know yet

Orlando Diaz

Entertaining 🤗

Betty Mickles

Fun game

Noel W Fisher

Too many ads

Fauziah Chong

Excited to play

Ann Lagrange

This game is so much fun to play.

JACK Ridenour

This is a fun game. You fill gages to 3000, then they want us to pay $10 - $3. Am on fixed income! No way will I pay to to get what I earned.

Hashim M4 Hashim M4


Judith & Bill Keech

A game where the ads are only if you need any extra points. Keeps me happy while travelling. Love it

John Donley

Yes it help ?

Leta Speegle

To many breaks in play.


Cool game

Wendy Wells Yacobucci


Pat Maness

Brings a smile to my face.

Patricia Frierson

Fast fun. Not boring!

Pam Richards

Fun and not too many commercials

Ellen Garfield

Love challenges

A Google user

Great to continue with options to remove items

jack carstar

Too many adds after each level

Jean Rizzo

Too many delays between games

Michael T Blackman

A lot of good fun!

S Loible

I like this one

Ronel Kelmen

Pretty decent so far. The graphics aren't hi-res or sophisticated, but the gameplay itself is good, at least thru the 233 levels I've won to this point in time.

Loretta Willis

Fun game

Brenda Whaley


Madison steatham

Good game so far

Marsha Schneider


Trisha Chandrakar


Kymberly Snelson

One of my favorites, never fails to challenge.

jassmin nassar

Something not enough for being happy 😕

Linda Reed

Keeps me entertained better than most games.

Sheila Minton

Fun and relaxing

Kathleen Lewman

Enjoy the game but hate the ads.

Bernard Crowe


Miri Fratus

Colorfully designed, visually fun and challenging to play. Ads help for bunus.

Michael Williamson

Absolutely very fun and colorful game!!! Thx. Michael

Lynda Lavoie

Nice game

Lauren Kaplan

I like playing but at times you win the game it closes - it crashes.

tony simeona

love the game , good to pass the time

Fumiko Inoue

It's fun.

David Brown

Fun game maybe needs newer graphics but overall fun

nikki jensen

So far so good