Jewel Temple Island

Author: V2R

100,000+ install


Jewel Temple Island – Check out the mystical and magical sights unfolding in ancient ruins right now

Detailed info

File size: 42M
Update time: September 8, 2021
Current version: 1.5.1
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: V2R
Price: Free
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Customer review

Tomerrial N Williams

Fun and interesting at how you clear the boards so quickly. So far. Lol

Shannon Graham

Fast fun

Yvette Redrick

Im enjoying this game

Shelley Greer

Way cool!

Caryl Kaylor


Reginald Wallace

Good game

Cathy White

Fun to play!

Robert Jurich

It really keeps you thinking with the actions and strategies that the game gives you to reach each level.

timothy y


Julie Berwick

Better than I thought it would be

Cindy Epple

Cute graphics and relaxing game. Not too hard to be frustrating.

Linda Luxton

Easy to play lots of colours and just enough noise, I like it

Jack Layfield

This is awesome game to play at anytime I have to say that I am going to give it a 10 Stars

Kathryn Powell

Too many of the same ads.

Rosa Delarosa

Great game to play while you are relaxing

Bryan Davies

A brilliant game for every occasion

Toni lynn Cheverez

Its interesting

Sharon Watson

Great game so far

Angelina Yeager

Really fun game

Robert Dumas

Good Yes ⁸


I've been enjoying this so far, so I paid for no ads, which is well worth it, but now I'm above 600 some levels are frustratingly hard. That said, it's been a good game so far, with good ideas in it that others of the genre don't have. It's also very good at giving you hope just before you run out of moves, no doubt to encourage bonus (adwatch) purchases, but that's okay. Edit: After level 1 k, it's not enjoyable, the levels are just too hard. No fun.

Lynne Akamine

Fun but too many ads and interruptions

christopher presgraves

Good game

jackie edwards

Very good I love it

Nikki Ivey

Challenging and completely free.

James Cecil

This is a very fun game to play. Everyone should play it at least once. James cecil

Donna Diaz

Is a good fun match three game

Elaine Norris


Sharon Whittaker

Very fun and enjoyable

Jill Aldrich

Enjoying the game but way too many ads

Ann Lawton

I have no comments

Andrew Burnish

Excellent game, well worth downloading

Paul Acosta


Jacqueline Thomas

Challeging game i love it

Cathy armendariz

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gorgette motyka

Ads after every level!🤬🤬 I'm enjoying the game but getting tired of all the ads WAY TOO MANY, my time is worth more than wasting it watching all the Ads!

A Little Bit Of The Stuff We All Love With Kam

I love this game its very addictive, extremely fun, well thought out and it starts off easy but gets harder and harder to reach your goals, REALLY REALLY EXCELLENT THANKS SO MUCH 👍 👏 😀 😊

Wilma Bzduch

Great so far.

yvonne mortensen

I am loving this game

Daniel R Simmons

It is a 7 ⭐ ratting truly appreciated 👍 it.

jeannie anderson

There are a few glitches but overall it's a cool game. I really like the different totems. It's fun.

Steven Coghill

Too many ads! First couple of weeks was fine. One ad per game. Yesterday, I started getting multiple ads per game. Today I'm getting one ad every 3 or 4 moves. Pity. I like the graphics and game play.

CJ Haley

GREAT FUN my favorite is the frog going home!

Andrew Thompson

This game is so addictive and fun

hery luna


Sandra Summers


Glen Britten

I love this game its brilliant

Velida G

Hard to understand

Eddie Jernigan


Beverly j Rey

Lots of fun!!!!! Thank you very much!!

Kay Nelson

it is relaxing game

Rita Napoli

This game is not fun its too easy and challenge enough

Marcia Foy


Christy hicks

I like the game can't update something that already has been done

Amy Makin

Really enjoying this game

Rose Mary Patrick

I like it. F

Myra Carter

Great fun game!

I Am Queen

During the ads that we are sometimes forced to watch, the ad gets stuck and doesn't want to return to it's original screen. Please Fix.


Fun! :))

Criss Dionne

Love it

Sherron Baker


Pat Reddick


Lela Laird

I like this game because the levels are getting harder as expected but they are fun and different. This is exactly what you would expect from a matching game.

Monesia Criswell

I love it so far

Kathy Jackson

it's ok

Traci Anderson

This is a wonderful game you guys done great

linda pogge

Fun game

Mark Gibbs

The very best for fun

Derek Trunnell

Love it

Martin Walker

Great fun cant put it down.

Peter Broad

Like the game and the music

Trevor Machin

Great fun

Teri Jackson

The ads are horrible. Sometimes I loss my game totally. Other than that I like the game.

leslie glover

Enjoying the game, thank you!

Paul Baker

A really good game to play

Heidi Plumley

Love the variety!!

Jody Lewis

I've always wanted 2play this game,cause it's like going on an adventure, ( young indy)remember the tv series? 😎♥♥♥

Anthony smith

Excellent game play

Ngadiono 88


Teddy Southern

Nice game very fun

Lisa J Cimaglia

Fun, laughs

Raymond Bruner

Google game

Billie Reynolds

enjoy the game.

Joseph Sullivan

Love tap to skip

kathi sanderson

Just enjoy it.

albert b moore

Another ok game from jewel + cool theme!

Georgia Green

Love 💕 it

linda devaney

Very good

Clifton Hoskins

Had problems staying with the game atip phasing-out on me and it kept crashing

Shirley Rogerson

Really good fun

Sara Ryan

I fouund this cute game while playing another game this ad pops up with Jewel Temple Islan.

Richard Gerlach


Tracey Yeo

Love it 😀

Annette Isa

I've enjoyed this to the MAX. Thank you creators.

Charles Okun


Penni Lawrence

I like it. Its not very challenging yet

Pauline Rushworth

Love the different things to do

Jackie Sharp

Great game with adverts of a sensible length so you don't get annoyed at them, good graphics and enjoyable play.


Too many promises

Susana Latu

I love it