Jewel Sudoku – Block Puzzle

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Jewel Sudoku – Block Puzzle – The gameplay is unique and easy, you need to eliminate as many jewels as possible on the 9*9 game board by fulfilling the rows and columns. Furthermore, you can also clear jewels when they occupy designated 3*3 zones.

💕 If you like Jewel Block, Sudoku and Jigsaw puzzle games, the Jewel Sudoku – Block Puzzle is the perfect one for you! 💡Use your wits to eliminate jewels in more than one line or 3*3 zone at once to gain bonus scores 🏆! Once you do this, you will definitely love this! Dive into the game, you will find yourself in tranquil woods, peaceful and stressless.

When you play Jewel Sudoku – Block Puzzle, your brain will get great exercise and become sharper and swifter. 😘 The game is suitable for all genders and ages, and you can play it anytime, anywhere, thanks to its no wifi requirements 🌈.

To make the game a bit more challenging, 🍉 we add the daily challenge 🎁 to it. In the daily challenge, you can experience advanced gameplay to sharpen your mind, for example, achieving a designated score or collecting required items. You will find that you become more sophisticated in logical and spatial thinking, and your IQ gets boosted markedly. Don’t forget to utilize combo tactics to beat every daily challenge.

Jewel Sudoku – Block Puzzle features:
🔥Suitable for all genders and ages!
🔥Delicate graphics & sound effects!
🔥100% free-to-play!
🔥No WiFi is needed!
🔥The authentic design of the jungle scenes!
🔥The new mechanism — 3*3 elimination!
🔥Combos for bonuses!
🔥No time-limited, go as further as you can!
🔥Clear more jewels at once to gain more scores!
🔥Play it when you are in a queue or waiting for a coffee break!

How to play Jewel Sudoku – Block Puzzle:
👍Blocks can not be rotated;
👍Drag blocks to the 9*9 game board;
👍Eliminate more than one line to get more points;
👍Eliminate blocks by fulfilling a row, a column, or a 3*3 zone;
👍No time-limited, take your time;
👍Game over when there is no room for the next block;

If you like 💖 puzzles, jigsaws, or other block-based games, then the Jewel Sudoku – Block Puzzle is your best choice. It is designed to train your brain with the gameplay oriented from sudoku. 💕Whether you feel stressed or upset 👪, playing this game for a while can pull you together 💪, refresh your mind, and relax your spiritual world.

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