Jewel Manor – Home Design

Author: Bigcool Games

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Welcome to Jewel Manor, a new match 3 free offline game! Design a magnificent castle by solving puzzles along the way!

Match 3 or more jewels to create explosive combos and beat levels! Renovate and decorate rooms in the home, receive rewards for completing rooms and continue your magical adventure! The castle can’t wait for its renovation! Start now!


Home Design Game
Decorate your home and change its indoor design by matching and crushing jewels! Restore the beautiful old castle to its former glory!

Colorful Match 3 Puzzles
Solve matching puzzles with awesome boosters and marvelous jewels! Tons of exciting match 3 puzzles bring you endless fun!

Unlock Hidden Areas
Explore and decorate more areas with different home designs in the castle! The living room, bedroom, study and dozens of hidden areas are waiting for you!

Exquisite Graphics
Give your house a new look with lots of beautiful furniture and decorations!

Collect Great Rewards
Complete each room’s design to earn sweet free rewards including coins, boosters and so on!

No WiFi? No Problem
An offline house design game that you can play without internet anytime and anywhere!

Jewel Manor is a free offline game, combining home decor, renovation, house design and classic jewel matching puzzles. Any questions? Contact us at We value your feedback!

Are you ready to renovate and decorate this huge old castle? Give your home a complete makeover now!

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Update time: May 27, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Bigcool Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Cynthia Shawhan

Like the game but it would be better if you could choose the decorations for each room.

BC Designs

I Love this!!!

Shelley Anne Watt

Cute addictive game.

Sofia Sulu gambari


roberto rodriguez


wellington maguru

this game is fantastic to me😍😘

Sherryl Pherigo


Pratiwi Matulessy


Kimberly Rademachet

*thank you for the reply but honestly we princesses prefer to create our own memories. Let people choose, they will be happier ❤️* Love the game absolutely hate you cannot choose your decor, change that for a flawless five stars until then...

Rosie Gadberry

i love this game .

Bonnie Phillips

Very fun game!!! Really enjoying it, the decorations are beautiful!! Can't seem to put it down. Highly recommend!!

Debra Croff

it is a nice game, however, I like the ones where I can choose what decorations go into a room. Most of these give you three choices to pick from. This game is disappointing because of that issue.

David Blythe

I love Jewel Manor it's fun and exciting

Lois Rose

just finished the living room and was not liking not to pick my own furnishings

Deepak Dixit

I don't like

Jim Gilstrap

love it hour's of fun

Md Rubel


Loretta Geiser

.. Like and Love This Cute Game .. .. Like and Love The Music 🎶🎶🎶🎶 Too .. .. Great Job Guys 👨..

Regin Manguilimotan

Nice game but the decoration cannot change like matchington mansion if your game changing the decorations it's so wonderful Im suggesting a color like BLUE, PINK, AND RED i hope you consider the color i choose and your game will be 5 star rating for sure thank you

Aima Bhat

This game is very good

viraj kumar kumar

♥️ Pi

Dianne Martin

So far not a bad game it's easy to play and understand, boosters are great

Marie Nichol


Donna R Baltozer

Cute graphics, so far so good, fun

Issie Duffield


Yvonne S. Cassidy

Super terrific! Love this way of having fun. Charming & clever way of decorating a castle. Thanks for something unique!

Dianna Steel

I love this game. Thank you 😎💋💯

Janet Dear

Omg another addictive game love it 👍💖😁

Khadija Nadat

Add cloud saving, notifications and pets. And give decorations choices

Yvette Lee

fun game

Chanchal Miah

ইনকাম করতে চাই

Beverly Gray


Christine Choromanski

It's a Wonderful game but you can't choose your own design like I'll keep playing it, I was only trying to help I do understand and take your time I do enjoy playing this game I was only trying to help Thank you so much

Vee Ramage

Won't rotate

Zin LeaVdanz VDANzCREW

Done level 191!...I enjoy playing it.. thank you 🥰

Melissa Morton

Only finished 1st room but I couldn't pick any of the furniture. Doubt I'll keep playing if it doesn't change.

Janine Prins


Joey Oelofse

very interesting i like it

Susan Smith

i like it

Michellejayne Tipple

Its a lovely game but just wish you could pick the items yourself x

Ramya Suriyamoorthy

I like is game

Rose Shauf

nice game

Brooke Thorn

it's different I like the game

Beatty Krupski

great game

Cyndi Rumbuc

no choices

Mary Fludd

Just awesome. Need more like this. But there need to be some changes. I would love to see more people of African Americans on a lot more games. I've been playing these games for a many years. And I decided to fill you in.

brandy richard

you can't pick out what furniture you want.

Ricky Newbold

fun game

Leles Clarice


tracy james

not bad but it would be better if there were choices,until then i am DONE with your game

md rofiqul


Trina Gillispie

Like the game but,you have no choices in the room decor,that's all the fun!

Heather Weegenaar

Do not like God's name being used in vain

Ernestina Carter

I'm having fun 😄

Shermane Alexander

I like the way it make me think about making the the manor look good.

Crystal Evans

Why can't we choose our own designs like other renovation games?? 🤔

Marcia Poole

great game nfun,fast,beautiful

Tammy Lees

No good

Lisa Hayes

I like this game, but I think it needs multiple choices for the wallpaper, the floor, furniture, the fireplace, everything.

Fatemeh Mazraee



Nice game but please add a Facebook login.

Sonya Mcdermott

Game would be better if you could choose your own designs.

Diana Rosamond

Great game to play keep up the good job love it.😍😍😍

Kimberly Latham


Kelly Pickering

this game is fun

Ladeen Nowell

Don't like the game, doesn't let you choose your own design.

Ashlin Rose

Would be fine... if you got to choose the designs. Every choice is made for you. An utter waste of time.

Blessing Sambo

I really love this game. It's fun, nice, educative, innovative and creative. It helps to build renovational abilities. Thanks for this game.

Kelsey Simpson

Happy day

Elizabeth Brooksbank


Beverley La grange

Love this game so easy to play

Pshawn 28

Don't care for this game. Why would I do all the work just for the creators or whomever to pick the decorations for me? That takes the fun out of the game. At least make it interesting and let me decorate the way I would like. I'm uninstalling quickly.

Emoney The trending topic

best game and every single game on the system is amazing

Unica Ija

Thank you.. I finish again 1 room and need to update again, but I can't update what should I do? Please help me..

Juanitta Claassens

Baie lekker game..ek raak net vies as my lewens klaar raak en ek geen sein het nie..

Tammy Gee

Nice but I hate games that CHEAT! Pieces on board,you make your move counting in other PIECES to fall,except they disappear. Like other games I've uninstalled sooo yea Bye

Rose Mcduck

I love this castle!

Wendy Murray

Good game but you arent given the choices to design the room unlike other design games

jan Mcmullan

I like this cool little game but why the heck did you make it so difficult so quickly ? ~I'm only on level 20 and it's too hard too soon,I am amazing with games but this one is insane!!!!

Mark Angelo Del Rosario

Best Match 3 Game Ever, Keep it up & Add some more Places 😍😘

Blessings Waithera

The game is pretty fun to play and the designs are very good so 4 🌟 for this game

Janet May

I don't like it. Way to hard. Too expensive to buy. Sorry not for me.

Malak Askar

Wow so cute game

Nic Jennings

You dont get to choose the design. Uninstalled immediately!

Hettie Carelse

Like the game but if i could've been aible to choose my own renovation styles it would be a great game but there's no option to choose i dont like that,so i decide to uninstall the game just now i choose renovation games because i like ro renovate rooms my way

michele simmons

I pre-registered for this game weeks ago never downloaded ( it was supposed to do that automatically) I just came across it, I like it BUT we should beable to pick our decorations also I see there is only a few rooms will there be more quick? Or will game be paused? Game play is good kinda tough early but that's OK, good job overall

subbaiah M

Fantastic 👌👍 want to play this game in vertical mode like fruit diray 2 and candy puzzle joy.


Dear developers, do not listen to all sorts of nasty things about your game, this game is wonderful, delightful room designs and refreshing levels.

Leland Gaunt

Excellent! This is perfection in the world of match3 games! Thx, dev's! 💥💥💥

michelle lee

I like the game but it would be more enjoyable if we could choose the decorations...

Catherine James

It's a great game.

jianye zhang

Jewel games with fantastic scenes,best game,love it

Li Evan


JunJun Jiang

Nice match 3 game🥳, also the rooms are soooooo 🤗pretty. I love this jewel💎 games.❤❤❤❤

Janine Shepherd

I like it but I think it would be more enjoyable if there was a variety of designs to choose from so you can make the room more your own.


I agree with veryone else, kind of boring. Cute game but would be MUCH better if we could choose our own decorations. Tons of other games let you do that.

Estela Herrera

Really all this waiting around for the game and you don't even get to choose your own decoration waste of time of waiting I'll never preregister for a game thanks for nothing

Christy Vance

Love the game

Lori Johnson

It would be a better game if you could choose your own decorations

Ghost Girl

Fantastic game! Thank you for accepting my new game. Brilliant 😍