Jewel chaser

Author: V2R

500,000+ install


Jewel chaser – Let’s go find the hidden treasure with the pirate Natalie.

Detailed info

File size: 46M
Update time: August 25, 2021
Current version: 1.22.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: V2R
Price: Free
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Customer review

Greg Bester

This game dont have to many adda as of yet and its a good fun game to play

Melanie Treadaway

This game is Cute and Fun. Not many ADS!

Baljit janjua

Having 😊

Diane Tuck

Nice variety and not too easy.

Stephen Herbert

I am very satisfied with the game so far it only been 18 hours so far

Pam Morales


Shaurya Zaveri


daisy tiger

It's a beautiful

Anil Karmakar

Enjoy full mindfresh

Vivie Pritchard

This is a great game, love the graphics and the degree of the challenge. Keep them coming.!

Gail Tiberio


Christina Columbus


Booper 343

I'd give 5 stars but there's too many ads

Karaneihana Taipeti


jane hayes


Claudia Root

A very nice way 😊 to spend some leisure time!

Marilyn Sateren

Fun game

Ina Moore (lil moore)

So far, So good. Not too many ads like other match 3 games I've played& uninstalled just because of soo many ads very flustering but jewel chaser is different&in a good way Ty

Bryan Davies

N It is a bro Game

Lori DeSalvo

❤👍 great game

Jo Fleming

I personally think that V2R games are very Enjoyable 😉! LOV ALL THE CRITTERS THAT THE 4 GEMSMAKE ! JOJOBA

Mindy Stein

Just like all V2R games I LOVE THIS ONE. Thank you for this awesome game!!!

Manzoor Ahmad

Very nice game when i play this i am feeling myself tension free

Sherborne Prometheus

Great game. Good graphics. Enjoy it much.

Joyce Guinn

To soon to make an educated observation

Robert Piche

Enjoyable game, easy at first but gets harder as you go. I like it 👌

Janine Jablonski

A little to easy. Animation is great

Darlene Justice

I love playing this game it exciting

Purushottam Kumar,Lecturer in Chemistry,


Khalil Fowler

Why after a level is complete does it go to the play store mgm app and it is not a video so annoying for a game i like


So far I love it. Just encountered a bug about 15 mins ago. Game froze up. Had to reboot my system. It's working right now.

Linda Stowell

Too soon to say. A few days at the least should pass so players have will have had time enough to play.Do you like the new sweater you just bought? Wear it a bit longer, it may start itching. Maybe thats why you ask so quickly, we wont know about the itch yet. Ok played long enough. Dont mind an ad after each round. But having to X them 3 times plus the 2to 3 times they go to the play store. Too many for this old lady. I wont live long enough to X all ads 2 to 5 x's -uninstalling

Catherine Lee

Great game!!

Rashad Ibaid

rashad ibaid@5comg,com :JEWEL CHASER

Trevor Machin

Great game

Elba Santiago

I love it,even thought sometime is dificult.

Mike Schwartz

Edited, so they let you PAY to opt out of watching ads but after a certain point you pretty much are forced to watch ridiculously long ads to beat the levels. Scam. And what's with the BS redirect ads? Just about everytime you try and close an ad you get redirected to a download page. Total BS! Oh and I refuse to download or purchase any products from ads I'm forced to watch. Boycott ads!

Caroline Pretorius

Good fun

Brycandis Clardy

You must know for yourself by now from previous "Jewel games" played that this being no different in great fun and great stress reliever.. And That In my opinion these game developers are some mother freaking Geniuses 💯💞🌹🤙👍Please don't stop your beautiful creativity. Cuz I enjoy them all.

John Fernandes

It's a Nice game

Sue Thompson

Way to many ads

Kathleen Gould

I understand the need for ads but this is ridiculous. Not only do you get an ad after every level you also have them streaming on top. Hat the time they don't load correctly and slows the game down

Hari Jagiasi


Max Reinhard

Good game n fun

Steve Richardson

Good game

Lakshmi Menon


jennifer cass

I really enjoy playing this game, and i tend to be selective, now i am updating thank you


I like it so far have had no problems every game has ads so ppl need to get over it

Patricia R Mouser


Safire Gems

These type of games can be fun, especially if killing some time waiting for an appointment and such. But the points garnered for each level doesn't make a lot of sense unless the points become cumulative. Then players can become competitive with others or just themselves, trying to better their score. This particular version basically plays itself. It seems like its trying to get to the ads asap. You spend more time watching ads than playing the game. Time to uninstall.

Connie Grippardi

This game is awesome.

Jack Layfield

This is awesome game to play at anytime I have to say that I am going to give it 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Kim Kearney

I'm enjoying this game

Derwin Rodriguez

Great game so far

Jennifer Grovdahl


Robert Scott

I love this game and this is Like my 5th or 6th time downloading it

Cheryl Frazier

Never can get the 3 extra moves. Sucks.

R Shah

Very amazing n fab game, excellent graphics, addictive,👌🏻👌🏻 fantastic, curious, fun puzzles, i love this game ,💖 completed all 2700 levels n wish to play further levels, eagerly waiting for next levels, 2700+++ levels,☺️😍

Earnest Loveday

V good.

Sucheta D Dongre

Love to play

Daniel R Simmons

It is a 7 ⭐ ratting truly appreciated 👍 it.

perry lee

I spend hours playing this game. Its a lot of fun.

Dianne Russell

It's great 👍 good job !!

Bettie Smith

Enjoying it very much 🐶🐶

Jacki Reutzel

I'm new to this game and I'm enjoying it very much.


So far, one of the easiest and most enjoyable for a senior to "catch on to" and be able to truly enjoy game play! Will have to see how I feel after another 100+ levels or so...

Tammy Weaver

I love 💕💕💕💕 this game

Sadhana Shanna Goberdhan

Just started yesterday, Fun game and sound. Like the graphics. A little addictive

Carole Kennedy

Awesome Love It

Sharon Watson

Love the game so for it is great

Melissa Jackson

I like the game

Lillian Black

Different and great 👍😃

Teresa Shaw

Pleased with this jewel game. More extra moves per ad watch would be nice for continupus play time.

Chanta Dandridge

I'm having a BLAST❤!!! SO FUN!!!🤩⚡⚡⚡

Dolly Piper (Steam Trunk Doll)

A basic match 3 with nice bright graphics, smooth playing, good action & funny bomb booster effects. also great in play rewards & pay back for watching the ads, which are between every level. At first it was way too easy for me, so I wasn't impressed but stuck with it. Because it was relaxing at the end of the day. It does get a little more challenging so keeps my interest. Now I'm loving this game.

Martha Mendoza

I love this game,,

Karen I Rock

I love this game but hate the adddddds

Nita Roberts

Love this game very challenging 👏

Tory McCallum

I have been playing this game for a few years now and love it. The only issue I have is I got a new phone a few days ago and lost my current level which was in the 400.

D Mc

I enjoy playing after a hard day. Sometimes it can get a bit challenging but for the most part it is relaxing for my tired old brain.

Connie Harris

Love playing this game!

Mary V Williamson

I love this game it has everything I look for in this particular kind of game.

Erling Kristofferson

Fun everyday

Daniel Duquette


Donna Maschke

Fun, relaxing and colorful shapes make this an exciting game!

Vernita Huntsman

Love 💕 and enjoy it

elsie hansford


James Cecil

It is a very fun game to play. It's intense to a point. But it's still easy to beat if you just concentrate.

Ngadiono 88


Betty Heppler

Great way to kill time , enjoy the game hate the commercials

Jamie Bloomer

Google play achievements not given

jill chinderle

Love this game, but it does have some ad issues!

Billy Newberry

Dr FR we thinking in I

Dawn W

Loved this game until the timer got stuck and not been able to collect achievements. Disappointed.

Anil Agarwal

I have uninstalled game after today's update as time of every 3 hours rewards not working

fredrick spearman


Yolanda Fitch

Its ok

Richard Ali


Sky Angel

Too easy.flashing which induced my seizures.

Mukund Kulkarni

Excellent game