Jelly Fill

Author: Dual Cat

10,000,000+ install


Rotate and drop pieces of jelly to complete the puzzle!

Discover this unique bouncy physics puzzle game accross more than 100 levels!

Very smooth and satisfying!!!

Detailed info

File size: 35M
Update time: May 3, 2021
Current version: 2.7.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Dual Cat
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sanjay Tiwary

Pls add tetris mod

Cally Cobble

its literally tetris with physics.

Beatrix Bodó

Too easy and too many ads. Each level takes like 3 seconds and then I have to watch a 15-30 sec ad. Kinda ridiculous!

NetherManiac 499

It's good but the jelly keeps moving so the game isn't very good

Eetu Väisänen

Way too many ads to enjoy even for a second

Mansoor Omar


Eliza Juan

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Can't justify the amount of ads for the barebones gameplay.

Daniel Schultz

Way too many ads and too easy

Johanna Solis

You have to download this app there might be a few ads bar it's so fun the little jelly is so satisfying Love it mine

Alicia Lott

This is a great game to play it is fun but there are some things I hate about this game: there are far to many adverts I'm literally sitting there watching an ad for longer than what I am playing it feels like I'm just sitting there watching ads for no reason at all and the 2nd reason is that I fill the thing in and there is a little bit of jelly having over it but when I restart and the the same thing again it finally works. But other than that it is a fun game to play.

Alasia DR

It's fun but too many ads. Please fix it for five stars.

Rayza Salim

Games Qw

Кузнецов Никита

Great game, I wouldn't say otherwise, really enjoyed it for a while, however, like any other review would say, ads. There's even a topic on Google play that says "too many ads". Like, I get that the developers need to eat and stuff, and you can just turn the internet off, but it ruins the raiting of your game. You also don't seem to be advertising this game anywhere, people just download it on their own and that, is how you need to make good games, at least make them look good, and feel good. 💦

James Mclean

Well this is taking like 12 hours to download and after 50 levels or so IT JUST REPEATS and loads of ads it gets anoing

Genovive Kringuk

It was really fun but I stopped playing it but then I get bored- so I use it and now I don't have this app

kitty gaming

It's a fun game but most of the time it doesn't follow It's own rules. When I do what the hint tells me to do it doesn't work most of the time and when I complete the level how it wanted it says I failed so I have to redo it; when I do so I get the same result but it says I passed. One time it said I failed even after the piece I just placed stopped bouncing to show it was way below the line

Ch asim Ch asim

Good game

Elitsa Bartak

My phone started crushing all the time right after I have installed this app.

Mitchell Angela Quitaleg

You want to be a great Day🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

Erwin Garcia

Hey roblox

Derpy Blix

Used for boredom at work so ye just few bugs

Raheem Borja

The J and L pieces have swapped colors. 0/10 never playing this unplayable game ever again


Alright i like this but it says 12+ and idk how cuz there insnt any mild swearing so am confused

Lim Alterado



Ads ads and more ads. The FACT I HAVE TO TURN OFF MY WIFI JUST TO PLAY IS DUMB. we get it you're a big company that profits off of children who have the iq of a brick but for the love of god please get rid of ads

Caylah Sanchez

Really fun time wasting game! After a while, there are ads after each level, but I personally don't mind them. Although it seems that the levels do seem to repeat after a certain amount.


Fun game but the technicality of the game needs to be readjusted. I'll do the puzzle correctly but because it bounces wrong and hits the line I lose that level. It should still be a pass as long as I'm on or below the line.

Skye loves cats

There's way too many adds

Andrea Frias

Is satisfying and fun

shivini peach

Its good but 12 12!ate you kiding me there are nothing bad!!!!!!!!!!!

Regina Potts

It is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo satisfying.

dino bruzzone

I can't install the game I click install then 10 seconds later it says install

Taliyah Sparkle


Angela Gallardo

Do you want to go with me to my house and

Robert Kannan Malayalam


AeiouBernadette Domingo

AeiouBernadette Domnigo

Matt Anderson

And more challenges it only took three days to complete them all. And it seems like once you hit a certain level ads become overly frequent. Other than that great game.


There's an ad every 2 levels, not even remotely worth your time

Santana Johnson

I love this game I don't care what anybody says about it I love it its just to fun and I really like the adds I don't worry it's so fun and I shared it with my family and they loved it and gave it a five star I love this game it's a very funny and fun game I love it 😀 💕 💗 💓 ♥ 💖 😀 💕 💗 💓 ♥ 💖

Yazin Youseph

when i eat jelly.


It's a good game but the reason why I haven't given it 5 stars is because of the insane amount of adverts. Adverts after every single level and adverts if you restart a level. You spend more time watching adverts than you do actually playing the game. I think that the £3.09 price for getting the game ad-free is quite a high price to pay. Also the jelly pieces are far too bouncy. I also completed a level but it said "level failed" then I put the pieces in the exact same way and passed that level.

Stacia Austin

It litteraly will not let me download it i wish i could do zero stars

Angelita Ramos


Dave Wickersham

Don't get this app the jelly is really stiff and if you want this app because of the jelly it's not stress releving

Sahena Sahena darad


نبي الله الحقيقي

This is definitely malware

Sarah Moylan

Yoooo it would be dumb and boring but. When the game introdused a turning fecher i ignored it and it turned into a fun chaliging experience

funni youtube channel

Goofy ahh jelly💀

Anx the Wolf

just a whole lot of ads with a game in it

Reine Sunshine Coperheugen

ads every level

Reyder World

😎😎😎 nice

Neann Alvez

Bdbdbdbbd ha dbr be b

Erica Jordan

This get boring fast and add galore 🙄 😒

Janus Maverick

Subcribe this game and like this game share this game

Virginia Parent

It's a great offline game, but the reason I'm giving it four stars is the fact that it constantly crashes and makes me have to restart the level. It's incredibly annoying

Lila Hagberg


Vaibhav Mane

The besssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssst game 👌

Rocky Lefebvre

People were saying that they had ads every level, that is not true about every 3-4 levels for me. overall it is a great game I just think that some of the levels are to easy.

Blaze_beast2 1

so it was good

Christ Angelo Santos

I have seen a lot of comments about the physics but look at the ad they made u see they also have a hard time doing it so the ad says is true

Taaric Haig

Gets boring after a while



Matthew Vern

Interesting concept, really obnoxious ads

Codey Skipage

too easy



Sabrina Harry

I've never seen this game before 😈


This is just such an annoying game because you put one block slightly wrong and the level is failed, it's infuriating. Also the glitches make some levels almost impossible.


Way too many ads, but great gameplay with no internet. Use this on car trips



Aniah Delgado


Lydia Lee

wish there was a free play because levels are short and annoying.

Jo Cummings

Really cool and unique idea. Just the right amount of challenge. Fun to look at!

AbdulJabbar Muhsen

But its color keep changing

Jepoy Abi

Ur game sux

Curt Leabres


Karina Soldaat


Joyce Caneda

Mop Op

Laugh w/ Stacy's #MommyChronicles

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Inaaya Imran

I wrote 3stars because it's entertaining and interesting

Mark Carter

Your game doesn't need access to my pictures and personal information to operate. Forcing invasion of privacy to play any game should be illegal.

matt read

Would be good except the games broken, when you turn the pieces a new piece appears on top making levels impossible to play, plus when you reset a level it leaves the last piece you placed there making levels impossible

Dominick Boehler

Great idea ruined by inconsistent physics. You can know the exact solution, but it'll still take like 5 attempts to actually do it cause the physics decided the one piece needed to be too far to the left to actually be useful.

sheraz azam




Nor Farika Zani

Jellyfill 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

Zara Alisha

So best


not that good :D


Nice game but not like the ad showed

Muhammad Shahzaib Shujra

Cool game

Mel Broughton

Not a bad consept but to many adds

a smart crab who found a phone

Fake 5 star review in the ad? Seriously? Do not insgall. Its rubbish.

Nurul Ain Hana Nabilah Azmi

The game is beautiful and that's why I love this game ❤️。◕‿‿◕。)づ

Angelo Solayao

Good when I was At The Start But When I Got To 200s alot Of Levels Were the Same Ive Finished


I don't hate this game and love this game it's is very funny because of physics . Me and my bro were laughing because of the physics 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Xpert Gamer

This game is so great i like but she more ads please less ads to much 5 star

Yamundlla Chandana

Nice app

Aukusti Koivu

Way too many ads and offers hints way too early

Vinay Krishna DM


Yukinaga Kunio

Too many ads.