JDM Racing: Drag & Drift online races

Author: Black Fox Entertainment Studio

1M+ install


Arcade racing simulator on iconic Japanese cars. Online and offline competitions with bots and live humans. Already more than a million installations worldwide.
Read player reviews, it’s the best recommendation!

We have put together a collection of legendary Japanese cars from the 80’s to the present day. We created beautiful tracks and tons of tuning parts. Combined it all in Offline Campaigns, Daily Events and Online Multiplayer Competitions for up to 7 people. If you love Gran Turismo style racing games and Initial D cartoons, then our game is a must have!

– Custom Multiplayer. Choose any car, choose a track and the number of players 2-6. Players from all over the world will be able to join this race. You will be able to show your tuned car and racer skills. Play with friends or randoms.

– Random multiplayer.
Instant 1 on 1 race with a random opponent. You can quickly earn credits for upgrades. Time to pick up an opponent 15 seconds.

– Enjoy realistic physics and luxurious 3D graphics
– Drive legendary Japanese cars from the 80s era
– A variety of beautiful tracks specially designed for racing
– Drag racing, time attack, sprint, checkpoints, survival and other challenges
– Career mode where you can gain experience and unlock secret cars
– Each car is unique, feel the weight and power, find your balance
– Make your cars unique by using paint, tuning and rims
– Real engine sounds for every car
– Turbine, gearbox and tire sounds
– Choose the controls you like – buttons, steering wheel, accelerometer or controller

A new online racing game from the creators of Drift Legends!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 23, 2021
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Black Fox Entertainment Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

xX gamer Xx

Your watching the shitster at work doooon din din

Cameron Peck

Just started playing it but I like it so far and it fun to play

Rene Kumagang

Fix it please.

Chazz Patrick hewson

Super fun game i love the cars and its like need for speed I recommend to play this game

kenny perry

This game is dope, excellent driving experience I give it 5 Starz if you like all the old school Toyota old school nissan and my personal favorite the 3000gt it's got it all 2022

Sam Williamson

Fun game barely any ads ! Love the cars

NIck Pauletto

what about the wheels lock up till im at a complete stop spells out jdm drifitng, this is slide parking simulator

عبد الله محمد


Mitchell Martis

The handling is great

Yaduvir Nundhkumar

I am only getting ads can yall stop playing ads it irritating and I will delete the game and report yall pls can yall stop

Grant Baartman

I hate this game. It is games like these that makes me want to switch to Apple products just to avoid the "play store" entirely! Download was completed but game simply refused to install while still in play store thus it's not saved to my device... Problem is, the download took my data which was bought with blood , sweat and Mandela's. But nobody 8s is gonna refund that neh?

lord of darckNess

The best Japanese car game I was really looking for this game

Jonathan Harmse

I love it


awesome game loved this jdm game

Кирилл Баскаков

One of the best arcadeish games I've ever played. The best part is that you don't even have to pay anything to complete the game.






Great graphics and gameplay. Highly exceeded my expectations. 5 stars all day👌.

Buaz Satria

This game is great grinding is easy no need to spend much real money to upgrade or tuning

Edvin Quiche


Outkas Baby


Asyraf Stussy

Best ever game racing car... i love when i race in drift with my idol car,, i hope u guys add more events or anything to make perfect.. *add tuning ( sticker ).. and plz update about play join with ios, i want to beat him with my silvia haha

Dev kant swami

Worst game duniya ka sabsai backwash game Hai duniya ka sabse Ganda Gali denea ka man karta hai


It's a great game. A lot of fun and cars

Ray Burgos

Lol sucks😂

Ryan Zodrow

Love it

Stephanie Watts

So I beat the first story line and on the 2nd now, I can't even win a single race because one I need a new car but of course I don't have money because I had to upgrade my car so much in the first story. So I do the time trial and no matter what I do I can't stop sliding into walls. Like I go slow, I loose time, I go fast and I hit a Wall, and if I go in between, I still hit a wall so I can't even do anything because my car sucks. And yes I'm upgrading. U have to make the cars controllable

martin wimer


shahzad fadhal

nice game

Mike Legados

Call me when you get a chance and I will call you when I get back from work and I will be in touch with you soon to see if you can make it to the event on Saturday night and I will be there on the 15th and 6666666 to the next meeting on the 19th of this month and I will be in the office on Monday and will be able to get a good deal on the next day of the week to get the money back to you and the bank to get the money back to you and the bank to get the money back to you and the bank to get the m


Ads are annoying

Nicole Yang

I love the fact that you can do anything you pretty much want like upgrading, and customise. And there so many JDM cars that I love but my only issue is that it's always morning...so pls make a option to set the time:)

One inch punch Man

Ar yu lown ley, ar pingers dansing wen dey mit yu sim so lownley

chetan mathad

Time limit for.check point is too low. Uninstalled the game...

Ramanathan T.ramasamy


JejakaHot TV


Tohier Carelse



This game is grate and it was fun I like how you can customize your car

Yaya M

Its not a bad game its preety fun

Andy Agus Santoso

the real JDM

Hadi Syahmi

Its repetitive.

Lionfarthead 0

Great game 🎮🎮👍👍👍👍

Jane Galanay

⭐This is your reward THANKS :D 👍 keep it up OK

Jerome Gleason

Don't make a race game that's all about drifting and not make the cars able to drift if your smart you won't download the game

Marko Petrovovic


Jalen De Guzman

Its Fun!

Elden Wong

make all cars free for more fun and not always using ae86

Mario Arciga

It's good 👍 I love the jdm cars

Verna Asom

Game only has old cars nothing else. Please add more.😬


It doesn't even launch after downloading


no Manual transmission


I like this game very much

kamran abbas

Bad controls

Aaron unknown

fun game

Ssetamu Safiiki

Good good good good

Exotic Panda 13R

Ok it's decently good I enjoy it but is there color material options other than metal and can I change the hood and light cover colors.

Cole Klinger

I give it 3stars cause I'm stuck now on a drag race and since u can't take up grades and move them I'm never gonna beat this level. now I gotta restart the whole game just to progress Edit f ur game all ur sprit trials get a 3 second head start and drift perfectly and is a ghost u don't win against them once u get to the trophy sections

hyatt dion gamer


Gio Tio

Great game .good controls . I made a purchase of the" begginer's package 2" but the cars havent been added yet althought my payment was confirmed .

Noel Nagar

Good game

Seshalan raj Subendran


Alexzander Hill


Gabe Russell Amparo

I love this game pls add the Mitsubishi lancer evo 6

Shailesh Kadam

Worst game

Charles Justin Cenon

It's good but add some more cars

Cory Batista

I'm enjoying it even though I just started playing.

Pedro Martinez

Drive Hard Or Go Home No One Knows Second Place Any Questions

sunny Home made tractors

Great game 🔥🔥


this game is literally fire because its got a car that not other games (at least that i know of) have. 3RD GEN HONDA PRELUDE. bro honestly a fire car to have in the game. but the game itself is pretty fun, itll be cool if there was like just servers to just mess around with other ppl and drive, and maybe kinda open world, more customization and more points for being close to the wall other then that fire game, stickers and decals would be sick too, and more content:)

Gomke Bro

Good game

Humberto Gutierrez


Jose&April Garcia

Nice drift game...not to complicated

Ryan Swartz


Srek 420

I like jdm cars alot but just spent alot of time and saved up 25k for the 300sx I was so close to being able to buy it but I wanted to buy one of the practice maps because it's only 1k but after i tap it it's still locked so I keep tapping on it and it tells me I dont have enough money and it sends me to the store then i realise that the game left me with 700 bucks and it takes so long to make money in this game i dont even want to play it anymore cuz I'm still stuck with ae86 and I got the map

sudhanva gorur

Awesome game. I've played many drifting and racing games this is one is the best.

oakar myo htut


Wan Radzuan

All school games

Cyttorak NZ

Too many ads.



alfred ngobeni

Good graphics and the Drifting cars

Stephen Meredith

Love the old school rides.

Michael Petty

This is actually really fun no need for pay to play. It's addictive and has a decent amount of visual and performance upgrades.

Kevin Larson

Kool game,just want to charge to much money for some cars

David Hernandez

Its ok its good for handiling kind of

syavieq silver

I installed this game since march 2022,and i already completed the campaigns. I need to complete the daily missions to achieve the 5th and 6th cars each classes. The game is fun, but i need to give some advice on steering systems. Maybe you need to give some advanced steering settings like sensitivity, tcs, countersteering, at least the system which are alike with the realracing3 or gtracing2. Maybe you need to add more cars like silvia s15 or r34. All the rest are good. 👍🏻

Rowan Magro

Top quality game very nice

Alushka Pereligin

Love the graphics sound great game to play

mohamadreza Tajik

Shity game

Steven smallman

gameplay good but you have to pay money to get other cars because of that game sucks

Sikandar Khanzada

Superb excellent great

Mark Davis

Its gud

Jethro Calleja

Love it but the one thing that bothered me is the expensive price of the cars. I had to repeat play a lot of races to collect enough money.

Giang Nguyen


Abi Abi


si la


Ali Sadeghpour


connor munday

Enjoying the game so far. Good graphics, great controls

Zulfikri Farhan

Most stupid multiplayer game ever custom pvp just for display and cannot invite other player to play together

Jayjay Jones

Goddamn ridiculous

Ariff Asno

Elvien jostin