Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting

Author: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

100,000+ install


Control a jackal jeep to destroy enemy base & rescue your brothers in arms.

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: October 21, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Greg smith

cool dope game

Tasmim ferdous

Nice game


This game brings me back to the OG Konami Jackle on the original nes



Emperor Mayham

Way to much like a JOB

Janaki Raman

This not Jackal Squad game this only Add games.. very worst irritating game

Omprakash Khuriya

best game

Muslims around the world project


Mohammed afsar

make it 3D

Running Rabbit Hole

Good game. Good graphics. Good gameplay. But monotonous game routine makes game boring. Add some stories. Levels. Changes in normal play. And offline play works infrequently. Plus Google games cloud backup is missing. I don't use Facebook or Meta apps or any social media so don't force me to use to do something like Cambridge Analytica case.

ambar ambarpissan

I love this game. But Honestly, After update, the feature is so good, add community and more variety event but the control is suck and the vehicle' effect is worse.

Matt Strom

fun stuff

Wholesum Nutt

Why the hell does pvp mode exist when all you gave is people who pay to win and whenever I join it I end up getting killed by thin air game is a walking L

Miguel Colon II

awesome brings back old days in gaming

Josh Himler

game is awesome plays like an exciting snes game

Christopher Lee Jackson

A awesome game


bruh!! it's the best

Craig Detrick

Awesome fun

James Lewis

it brings back memories I'm 48

Huy Nguyễn


jeremy plourde

I love the ads set up. more games can learn from you. It's hard to get into games when they break up your play session every minute for an ad. Free Time is more rare these days and many phone games don't respect the players Time. I love that when I want to play games...I can actually just play games, then when I have a moment to roll up, make food, or clean up a bit.... I can blast through 10+ ads for rewards. PLEASE DONT CHANGE THIS. I hate when games Force Feed you ads after everything you do


really fun game. controls are direct no lag

Sebastian Kwietniewski


Tyler Bradley

love it really good way to pass the time great take on a classic

Prasath Prasath

cool and remember my old memories

Denz Frias

how can i start over again.. i accidentally uninstalled the game and it's some progress has lost. wish i could delete data so i can start again.

Craft Lawrence

Pretty good but the controls are kind of janky and inacvurate.

Craig Cooper

fun and time consuming

X Belormoroth

Free player? Skip it. I have cleared chapter 1 to 100% and got problems in chapter 2 anyway. Gear is obtainable through chests but to gather currency is just pain. 5+5+2+1+5 for quests while 1 chest cost 300. Open wallet or just get ready to have 99% content locked.

Cassidy Reed

I have seen more entertainment watching my grass grow than I did playing this game.

Udomkarn Niyomsuk

very very very funny game :D


i miss my childhood lol,played something similar to this on Sega!

Steve Wild

a cult classic in the making.


This game is literally pay to win, some levels are so hard to complete and getting an epic item is 1 out of 100

sarfaraz udheja

I love it❤

voislav lazov


Chris Callaway

Very nostalgic. No forced ads. Awesome.

Jennifer Hoover

Love this game. It's like good old fashioned video game fun but better. Pretty awesome. Some levels are a pain but after some time and practice it gets better. Love this game

Madan Deodhar

How can you place other targets in a boss fight which attracts the aim even if the player is situated in front of the boss? How an projectiles be fired from out of vision with too much speed? How can a mine throwing range unit have more health than a melee unit? What is the point of power ups at the end of the level? One star because can't give zero. And please give some game design books to your game designers. Hi, it's a game, not a real-life war. Let it be it, Captain! Then let this be one.


love it is there a no.2

unaylin aung


Iheb Nasr


Reo Eguia

Not the actual game . Yaykss

Joey Salter


Anthony Marks

👍 is tie

leon grassby

brilliant game lots to do

Joan Ko

great game👌

Dan Spencer (wungle)

A great little retro 'pickup n' play shooter. 👍

Stephen Pettigrew

Wonderful combat!

Kevin Wong


steven speciale

finally! a game that is actually the same as the ad

Jason Preuett

Honestly its poorly designed and short when it come to the levels. Progressing your equips is very slow. And they are even a bit offensive when it comes to the execution of their old war theme. Wouldn't recommend

Scotland Kelly

Way more fun than it should be

Jose Petrus

very enjoy the game.. good..

Minecraft Cool

best game ever

Abhishek Singh

Wow , I'm usually addicted of shooting game and after searching alot of best games , finely I have reached where I was looking for........ special thanks to the team of developers. 🙏🙏🙏

Vishal Satav

Good game

gautam bawa

nostalgic old school game. so far so good

Justin Josue

Needs improvement on audio. It is as important as the visuals.

aye pogi

Stamina system

Ashton Douglas

Thanks for the game from my childhood. It's awesome.

Rikki Luna

cool classic game 😎


This game is garbage dude i cant get pass level four because my turret dosent attack playstore there should be negative ratings

Joe Gillespie

I like the game, but pvp is an uneven match for new players, the devs or who ever runs things needs to match up players with similar stats.

Daniel McBrearty

great game.


This game is now the incredible reboot it should be! Unfortunately I didn't redeem my code in time but I could not be happier with the response of the creators with bugs and other quirks. I truly appreciate all the effort!!! Thank you for an amazing game!

Frankie TheBull

As soon as I heard the voice say "ok" and noticed the controls I said...nope(uninstalled). Nothing like the original, if you want to play Jackal you'll have a better experience using a Nintendo emulator and Bluetooth controller.

Wayne Thompson


Angela Grizzard

Another one that starts off with short stages and as you go along you start running into stages that are just about impossible to pass. A far cry from what Jackal use to be. Just because it has the name doesn't mean it's good.

Brandon E

fun game a little confusing with all the different areas to collect things

Aftab Khan Khan

Nice work

prashant rajan


Simeon Babadzhanov

Too many ads! It's just not enjoyable playing. Also my high end phone gets quite hot and that doesn't happen often.. it is coded badly or its doing something under the hood..


As a '90s kid, this game brings back the feel of old NES/Arcade games, but with a new coat of paint and extra features. I am having ALOT of fun with this title.

Luis Gonzalez

this game is awesome anybody need to play it

John Guyan

Good fun not hard to understand with simple mechanics

MaD Hattman 1000's

nice game..

Ritik Kumar

I've lot to say, the first thing is your spin wheel gives 2000 coin always that's almost nothing in front of 1.4 million and 0.2million coins that's needed for upgrade The game has become so tough that I just can't pass levels now with my full capacity We don't get enough titanium now, it's almost impossible now Try to ease it all otherwise I've to uninstall it

Codez The1&Only Nefronez

great game, 👍!

LnB medina

That it is fun and easy to play.

Mr. A. (Ordinary average guy)

great game. I used to play the old school version on nes

Happy Tiwari

Super game

Roman Migal

Well, I just deleted the game after 250 hours. Why? Because playing honestly isn't fair. After opening 27 chests I have received first epic gun. Ridiculous. And enemies, like those red jumpers are stupidly hard to kill. Annoying. Moreover you WILL NEVER know that there are LEGENDARY or MYTHICAL weapons unless you install money MOD, playing honestly I'd need like 150000$ to have enough guns to fuse. So, the 100% of content is only available for donaters. Screw it.

Remis Janusas

Was fun. Till it becomes same others levels

Kory Obrien

sweet game

warloc bloodfair

honestly it is alot of fun... it reminds me of an old Gameboy game or something i enjoyed as a kid

Mark Daum

jackel sucks

Ray K

great game


no pop up ads

Zmair Barber


Jessie Ashley

I love this game. it's like 1988 all over again!!! If I could suggest anything I guess it would be bigger badder guns!! Ty! 👍👏

Daniel Hitaas


Mehrdad Rafiepourgatabi

Watch ads to play the game or play the game to watch ads!!!!!!!!!

Ramanathan Hariharan

super game...keep it up guys

zaiton awang

I liter it

Suellen Laing

So i went to play the game this afternoon and everything is in Arabic 🤬 Deleted obviously

Armando Ruiz

I saw an ad with a girls bobs but I never saw them😕

Jeremy Hanna

Great game love it

Thomas Cohee

this is actualy a pretty cool game that just need some more work.


This reminds me of the old tank combat game from the 80s... yeah I'm old...