Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting

Author: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

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Jackal Squad – Arcade Shooting – Control a jackal jeep to destroy enemy base & rescue your brothers in arms.

Back to your childhood with the legendary jackal jeep game 1988 . Jackal Squad – Top gunner – Arcade shooting is an overhead run’n gun-style shoot-’em-up video game that can bring a classic vibe to your phone.

👉World War II broke out, the Fascists attacked the Allies. Your brothers in arms are hostages behind enemy lines. The Jackal squad has been given a mission to drive an armed jeep into hostile territory in order to rescue and extract prisoners of war. As a soldier of an elite group that has undergone a harsh training regiment to survive in any environment, can you complete this mission and put an end to the war?

🎮Touch the screen and drag in the corresponding direction to move your pixel jeep.
🎮 Attack enemy’s territory within your jeep weapon’s radius. If there are many targets, the closet one will be prioritized.
🎮 Shoot ’em up so that you can complete all missions, including rescue your brother in arms and take them to the airplane safely; Fire up the battlefield to get extra skill support; Shoot down the electricity station to open the gate so that you can win the battle. Become the top gunner!
🎮 You can upgrade your jeeps and weapons to their maximum power.

– Classic theme with impressive pixel graphic 👾: Jackal Squad brings you back to the era of arcade games. All the jeeps, guns, explosions, pistols, military bases… will immensely bring the childhood vibe to your phone. Have you felt the retro yet?
– Modern gameplay, easy to control for everyone 🎯: This game is an idle run’n gun-style shooting jeep game with an auto-aim mechanism that helps you to shoot the enemy continuously. All you need to do is dodge attacks, rescue imprisoned comrades, collect items and destroy the enemy bases. Shoot ’em up, Top gunner!
– 100+ levels to conquer 🔥: A war has multiple battles, and so does the game. Have endless fun with your friends and families
– Online and Offline mode 📶: This free arcade shoot ’em up game can be played without wifi, so that you can enjoy it everywhere, at any time you want.

The worth awaiting jackal jeep game is finally here. TRY Jackal Squad – Top Gunner – Arcade Shooting NOW!

Detailed info

File size: Varies with device
Update time: October 21, 2021
Current version: Varies with device
Require Android: Varies with device
Developer: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Sarah Maudsley

very fun game

Nikhil Balvir

Plz don't play..in beginning game is fun after that i Don't feel like am upgrading enemy will still take same time to die even after spending money..game get ridiculous after 4th zone its so ridiculous that it will give frustration i was about to throw my phone..its a money grab not game ..i hate developer like this...


pretty good took a chance and ads on there are only to get coins when you want more but not evasive

Brian Casselman

Been playing for maybe 40mins now and it's a damn good game. The only thing is the levels are short. twice as long would be perfect.The retro look brings me back to a kid. Keep up the good work. Make more lol


Good game... But play ads to progress

Богдан Панченко

Игра хорошая, но иногда попадается реклама которую попросту не выключить, ждал целую минуту ни хрестика для выхода ничего не было, только перезапуск игры. Ну и сами ежедневные квесты, есть только 1-н квест на 15 очков, но нет ни одного на 5, какой толк от такого квеста я не понимаю.

Keshav Nayak


Screaming Eagle

love the classics

Darcy Tabora

i sava tambutsoo

Wimpie Strydom

How can I reset my game to a fresh start?

Nguyễn Thành Tâm

this is awesome game. let's try and share your feeling over here. I rate for 5 stars and hope to seeing more challenges. thanks a lot

joctan teixeira

Really fun and i recomend it. Doesnt get boring at all. I give 5 stars because i dont plan on stop playing, but there are some cons. The basic currency turns irrelevant as you get much more than you can spend. You cant spend it because you need to lv up or have materials for equip upgrades. Unless u pretend on spending cash on dozens of boxes, then youll have where to spend your coins. Fusing equips is another thing not happening a lot if youre not putting money on the game. Gameplay keeps me in

Josh Chen

easy to play but hard to master! 😎 Also very retro

Adam Gieger


Ivar Quinoyog


amitkumar lal

vary nice game

Oleksii Izvalov

This is the game I played with my cousins in 1995. At least, it creates the same feelings :) Great work!

The Piano

More stages & skills

Noor Kamal tiger king

Good apps

Randel Arcilla



peoles don't download this game or spend your money on this game. I will launch hack version of this game if you want to play free hack version then follow me on my yt tryan hack yt if this game owner updates new guns and others then the hack version will also get updated.You can't beat lvl 5 in Original version but in the hacked version you can easily get win. and this types of game is made for looting peoples money.... With out splend money in this game you can't win Lvl 5 to 6 or more lvls.

alex Martilla

great so far. No glitches or lag and very easy menu.

Phony Phone

1-star for the pay-to-win, 5-stars for the game, and 3-stars for the gunner's inability to aim.

Bacon king

Its ok burnt out quick

mike amodeo

Fun old fashioned fun ...with a tank and the burning bodies of your enemies . YaaHooo!

Odean Neptune

Great game!

Funny videos collection

Asum game every thing about this game is awsum, this game gets to ur weak point ur childhood memories and its great But in ur childhood u can play it for free and advance for free but now its just a cash snaching scam u cnt reach lvl 4 5 without investing real money Free box only gives u, lvl normal weapons, for epic, perfect epic, legendary, methic weapons u need to open golden box which only open in 1 week, and even investment u dnt even get legendary weapons, and many more scam

Nella Luap

easy and entertaining... only watch ads for bonus... good game


pretty good game, fluid motion, ads are limited based on your wants and needs and if you want to have them as well.

Jefferson Ramos



Generic archero clone

Andile Masiba

just like Old Times ✌️


A time waster

nhan tran

good game

Ping Pong

awesome game

sada teja


Jason Richard

I like the game.. I just wish the weapon upgrades came faster in the levels.. I feel like the upgrades appear near the end making them kind of useless. Also chapter 3 has boats that launch lasers that stick into the ground and chain hit you down way too easy. If it wasn't for these, easy 5 stars. Chapter 3 is just way too hard in general.. not enough gear is available to the player by this point.

Andrew M

Another low effort reskin of a tired old formula for whale hunting. Nothing original to see here.

Tsendsuren Sergie

big like

Jiwan Chhetri

free fire ka baap