It’s Still A Space Thing

Author: Brad Erkkila

10K+ install


It’s Still A Space Thing – Your space base is under attack! Evil bosses and minions have taken over!

Gear up with special attacks and enhancements to rid your home of menacing machines.

You are the lone wolf, maverick etc tasked with this mission.

Features include:
• 60 challenging levels, including boss battles!
• 3 arcade arenas to shoot around in and earn extra gems!
• Colourful retro graphics and great soundtrack!
• Fun sense of humour!
• Explosions!
• Jet packs!
• Submarines (in space? sure!)
• Controller support!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Apr 27, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Brad Erkkila
Price: Free
2 votes

Customer review

Maria Artis

This is so cool

Ahmed TH

Good game I like the style it's funny game but the game need more options that makes me can replace the bottoms...etc, and some it's laging and drop frame it's need to fix but at all good game

vyjayanthi thayyullathil

Why four stars i played it on my redmi 10a and the jump button wont work please fix that

Oliver Funk

Really good game Altough The Controlls are just to Painfully close Together and To much ads But ill say its good overall

Yusuf Taşbaş

One way to make a perfect sequel.

Benedict Saputra

The controls are so delayed

Aman Singh

Good game

Irsyad ilham

Game ni MCM babi bug MCM bodo

Nella Libeba

I have another account for emergency

Nav Jain

I like this game

arunkumar chauhan

It's still a thing download

mockastroid 335


Zee Kyutie

tray off stuff park power off what no ken you istay tray mo to ay have me snok pizza using pls sing house sing

Bapi Khetj

Best 2d game

Adrian Vilaga

This game is actually very fun and a great time killer but I hope the 2nd stage maybe make it a bit easier because its too hard to be for beginners since its the stage the tutorial so beginners (like me) will have a trouble proggressing

Mahak Qureshi

Moin Qurshi 78678

John Puchyr

Make controls bigger

Sagar Chaudhary


Amira Aleesya

Its good game but the ads will lagging the game

Angelo Vigonte


Ezekeiel Raper

very good game

Hvv Knbi

Gema ni seronok la


Can you add an in app purchases to remove the advertisement?

rex labadlabad

Very niceeee

Moldovan Matei

I like the pixelated style and the game itslef but i do not enjoy the controls, can't even play for more than 8 minutes straight since my fingers start to hurt because of the position they have to stay to actually reach the buttons, they are all at the bottom of the screen making them hard to press and they have no space between one another making you accidentally touching the wrong button making you die :( fun little game but needs controls customizabily to be a 5 star


A very good game. But some texts are Not readable. The font is so pixelated. But the gameplay is very very good.

General 1675

This game reminds me of Tower Fortress but with more immersive map and faster combat. The overheating feature of the weapon in this game kind of frustrating, still I love the platforming and gun play in this game

Abhinav G


Rizuwan Ahmad

Very nice and easy to use the game download for free every one

Lee Marc Macalanda

It is really fun but the thing is.. i hope that you can Adjust how big your button will be cause it's kinda small to be honest speacially if your device is super big like tablet.. anyway pretty solid game and easy to learn love the story and everything. Thanks for developing such wonderful game

Ratnesh Kumar


Heart2345 Hearty

This game is super cooool😃😃 it has every thing download this game cuz it's gunna be funnnn I am so amazed when I first played This game😎😎 when I play this game I feel like im so cooool😎😍😁😉 there are no bugs and there is a little bit of ads but you can play it any time you want and the ads don't bother me cuz they just appear and I finished 2 or 3 level😉😉☺☺😏