ITALY. Land of Wonders

Author: Forge Reply

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ITALY. Land of Wonders – Discover the beauty of Italy. Retrieve 20 sparks and ensure the sun shines again

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File size: Varies with device
Update time: July 19, 2021
Current version: 1.0.2
Require Android: 8.0 and up
Developer: Forge Reply
Price: Free
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Customer review

Lorraine Anne Lee Tuason

A nice way to know Italy.

Azeb Noah

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Marwa Temraz


Sireal Killer

Nice you have to try this game at least ones I recommend this game 100 percent

Jahida Shaikh


G Qui

This was a great way to introduce any country. However, the gameplay sould be easier since you are promoting Italy and not the game, right? Other devs can learn from this app.

John Adams

boring , just boring. Its just the same puzzle over and over while they throw facts at you about Italy. If you're gonna give me a history lesson, involve italy somehow and make it fun.

mounika durga

It's is not opening at 40th level...its shows something like "starts from this region"....the starting word is covered by the phone screen... What i want to know is.. what's that message.?

Mm Ss



Nice game

Tejasree R


Dhaval Shukla

I love this game. Gives so much info on Italy and makes you feel like you know the place. Also is good for geography lessons. For education buffs this would be a great game, for those interested in Italy like me, even better! I hope the developer makes more of these. I loved the beauty of this game. And I shall cherish it. Thanks!

Sumaiya Shaikh

Just don't understand

Anisa Kundu

When I saw this game and I thought it would be like the game Sky:Children Of the light (only available on apple) a flying type adventurous game. But.........when I started playing it was a bit boring to me at the first day. We'll it was a bad impression the game gave me it was just a simple match 3 game with boring story line. But I can still agree with the music. It is really calming as said by the other reviewers🐱

Asad Raza

Md Asad Raza

Anna Nicolas

What a beautiful game! A job well done and learning about Italy is great. Thank you! ♡

James Bond

Muy muy aburrido... Un intento de copia de monument valley... No lo recomiendo

Saadiyadanish Shaikh

Soooo....... boring 🤮🤮

Javi Gemeva

Una aplicación increíble, sencilla, bonita, didáctica y muy bien hecha! Doy mi enhorabuena al desarrollador por hacer esta preciosa aplicación sobre la bella Italia y ojalá pueda hacer más sobre otros países

Bunny 809

it's beautiful and entertaining to me. I am so happy that photos and the writing (after finishing the certen place) is save in the game also where did you get it also my favourite region is veneto haha it was even the start of the game

harpreet sodhi

Boring game just like other puzzles. Size is enormous due to graphics. Rest all boring.

Akarshan Sharma

I love this game because the animation of this game is so amazing and easy to play without any problem and the game music is also good because it's not so high and energetic but its soft and relaxing ☺️.

Mohit Nikam

Wonderful game👍👍👍👍

Rishikesh Jawale

Game is good but it is too much lagging. Their are lots of game in this store of same graphics and they are working without any lag. Please fix this issue as fast as u can, iam Looking forward to this.


This is such a cool and peaceful game ! Love it ! Kudos to the devs !

Victoria Bibiloni Abbona

Lo amé!

Jashan Preet

Game is absolutely insane but this game is so choppy I hope developer will fix it.

Patrizio Bertoni

Un viaggio meraviglioso

Tommaso Brega

WoW now my life is complete


Fixed the issue of not being able to open the game. Puzzles are simple but learning about Italy's history and culture is fun. Definitely more of an educational game than a puzzle game but it presents information in a really engaging and enjoyable way. Makes me want to visit Italy once covid is over.

Roma Mullick

This is such a cute game. I am in love with it. I am thoroughly enjoying learning about this country which I find so fascinating. Love the graphics. I can't wait to actually visit Italy. ❤️✨ Great Initiative by MFA Italy. Love from INDIA.


Beautiful game and plentiful information about Italy and the wealth of its various regions. Thank you friends, excellent work. 🙂👍🏻 ☕

Zhao Zhao

Now it works. cartoon style, many useful info and well games.

Dalila montanari

I am loving It!

team us turbo

Bello stile grafico, se vi aiuta ho un samsung m20 con android 10 e non ho avuto schermi neri

paolo miki

Il gioco non parte su lg g7 thinkq


It does not work...

Fulvio Rivetti

Visto al TG1, l'ho scaricato per conoscerlo ed eventualmente suggerirlo a mio nipote ma non si fa in tempo ad avviarlo che è già bloccato.

JF Ci-ber

Stuck on either a black screen or the welcome screen on my Galaxy s21. Too bad it looked good.

Maria Laura

No anda

Stefano Di Concetto

Non funziona. Schermo nero

Rene Schulte

Lovely design with the nice iso 3D perspective.