IT Corp Tycoon – Business Management

Author: Little Bit Games

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IT Corp Tycoon – Business Management – Create the most successful IT business!

Detailed info

File size: 119M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 1.0.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Little Bit Games
Price: Free
6 votes

Customer review

Benjamin Sansom

Game freezes for 0 reason and boots from game for 0 reason

BlueFire DemonPheonix

It's good to me si far

Chantal Kennedy

It was super laggy and it was telling me to upgrade the poster when it was at Max

Saurabh Yadav

Good game for experince

Alexis Brooks

It's not fun to play when you have to constantly shut down the game and restart every few minutes. Not able to even do the ads for the additional stuff needed

Imran Haider Khan


Saju Ahmed

My question : Game online/offline

Marivic C Armodia

good quality

Suphark Awatchanakankul

Good game but have a lot of bugs

Rico Elam



Thanks Karlea Elizabeth Clements®™ Hale©

Anne Raz

Free ads are not working, though you buy the no ads options some are not, some are still not. The app is lagging sometimes and I don't really get the main algo for each project.

Reitumetse Resegofadicoe Thabane

I had to play it again that's how much I love it

Gnarliey Brown

Fun dub fun funfun

Aro Aro

The game is bit hard but very looking forward to play it at school xD

Moroki 22

Actually I download this game in 2020 or 2019 anyways I like this new update👍👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰🤘🤘 keep it going 😍👍🙏

Quincy Evans

it a good game to pass the time

Iman Haffiz

there's several bug such as the drone didn't go to the truck, and sometimes even when the drone already arrived at above of the truck, the truck still not moving. There's also a time when the construction still not finished even the timer already showed 00.00.00.

M. Munzir Arrasyid

This game is very fun!

Nona Alenzi


John Emile Walker

Good game nicely done

Vlad Indianu

I tried every game and i can say that you guys have super great games! But pls update the games more

harsh roy

No bad game but it really timepass game


Is it me playing or u ? After starting a game it shows me like 5 min of tutorials. Its a simple idle gameeeee, make the skip tutorial button.

Darryl John Escarez


Dapunta Hyang Sri Jayanasa

The game is quite laggy. Please fix it as soon as possible.

M.Shahid Sheikh


John Kanet

If you like to play and learn entrepreneurship this is it. 😆 lol

Obulureddy Peram

P. Bhanu

Izuddin Khan

Nice game to play. But there are bugs jn this game that haven't been fixed. Your daily mission task once completed you can do another one the next day anymore. Van takes all your inventory. There are a lot of useless rooms in the game that serve no purpose (gym, server room, toilet).

Yuna Lau

Love the game

Ryan Tyree

Emphasize the idle part. They are continually fixing bugs and updating. The wait to earn enough money, or build anything is very long unless you want to make in app purchases. Customer service has been amazing though.

Aliyu Abba



Good game


Too slow


How to create servers in this game plz tell me

sam spence

I love this game make more like this.

caleb scott

It is great

Shikha Jain

Worst game

Amit Solunke

Very nice 👌

ty mack

Lots of fun

Tawon Ar

ก็โอเค เล่นได้เรื่อยๆ ภาพสวย

XandeXpX Lost


Rami ْ

I thought that this game made by Electronic Arts 😂

Stacie C



please update the game, the game always crashing couldn't finish the tutorial..

Mehroz Farooq

Game crush when i open it

joyce waterman

Was fun except for all the bugs. Press to get bonuses and nothing happens. Uninstalled do to that.


Not working in android 12 release update fix performance on Crashed apps 1 Stars report fix to Xiaomi and Redmi and Poco

Debashish lenka

There is say to create 3 server but not showing any rooms to creating add some suggestions options

Kajal Roy

Great game install the game and enjoy

Dawood Turbo

My experience with this game is awesome but some bugs and glitchs in game is so anoing please fix this bugs (clients in reseptions) bug fix it

Anathi Mabasa

It was nice for a while then it started jamming up and freezing and it keeps showing Max meditation debugger then is switches off I wouldn't even give it a star

Carl Harris

Need to remove the developer screen information. It is just stupid to see this everytime the game is launch. Beside this issue I enjoy playing this game.

Es Jeruk

The game is fun. But i don't understand, when i've done one of project, then next project it's not come to offer. So what the challanging...?? The second is... Should be buy the builder...? Those subtsansial subject on many games, to grow our play, but we must spending it first. So, Dev... Why you not put the game segment with purchase not a free...

Aaron Reeves

Worked great for a while but then a debug menu showed up causing performance issues in the game. I had to uninstall it and out all my progress and my purchases. I'm really mad I wasted the $15 for the no add part. 😡

Gaganpreet Singh

keeps crashing on startup on my galaxy z fold 3. will update if issue is fixed.

Sourav Barik

Unfinished game. Lot of bugs.

Sandy Shikarwar

I bahut acchi game hai


No respond for map bugs...theres no button to change map.. Until you respond.. Im gonna put 1 star..

Brian Lingham (Bee)

I like but needs work

Jaylin Sanders

I just downloaded it and it showed a pop up screen i couldn't get out of it. If I did play it, I feel like it would be worse. So defitnely don't download this app/game.

Natthapong Kerdaroondech

More bug


Game either wont load or will crash before doing so its unplayable because you cant even load in

Clariz Guardian

I really like the game and I'm so sad that the rooms were suddenly erased. All I can see is green😔

Pritpal Singh

Not running


When i came in the game there was a dibuger screen and it made me to re start and suddenly even after that i couldn,t play😒

Aditya Kokare

Game is super nice but I don't see 3rd truck even I duy it. I request the game producer to fix it.

Shubh Patel

this game is very good

Binayak G Shankar

Gameplay changed after the update I guess. Debugger screen, locations disappeared. Good concept but needs very much improvement. Not very much engaging.

Dereck Fleming

The game is nice I do really enjoy it but it takes time to unlock these different areas and as time ticks down the amount coins you got to have doesn't. So like when you unlock something it's got 48 hrs. Or you can finish it now for 200 coins. Say you wait a day. You got 24 hrs left but it still cost 200 coins to finish now. The coins she be less per time. It's really annoying or id of given this game 5 stars.

Scott Hasty

Not a bad game. Quite enjoyable, actually. With that said, It is a little glitchy. Clients in the receiption office stand with their waist on the floor. Drones sometimes got to unpurchased truck spot. Needs a clear "user manual", so to speak. Also needs more clients.

Johnathan Lee

It's great!

Performance & customs

Was fun until it came to you haveing to buy another builder to open one of the rooms .

Sassy Gal

Bad experience. Game put up a debugger screen every time it first starts. Have to restart it and once it loads, it freezes every other move. I uninstalled it. No thanks. Please delete my data from your system. Edit: Thanks for reply but not sure if you saw me say the game freezes up constantly. There is no game play for me so your reply isn't comforting. I wish you the best. It just didn't work for me.

Caelan “MagnumSerf” Cerfonteyn

Great idle game.

X typical boy

It let's me download the game but when I try to play it it won't let me, I don't have a ad blocker and I tryed to restart my phone

Rooster Films

I believe you little bit! I know you can make this THE BEST GAME EVER!!! I think if you work on it it will be VERY successful. (I know how it feels because I'm a small dev)

Alex Holland

Dreadful game AVOID!!!

Michael Fritz

Just downloaded the update and now the game does not work



Deepak G


Rudraksh Agarwal

This game has lot of bugs like 2nd truck never goes. By the way it is a good startup😉😉

Kelli Walcutt

This game is new

Jaguar Lady


Virginia Scates

Nice Game 🎮


I'm enjoying it till I was able to complete the task but did not receive the reward. Also I believe I should still earn since I have employees. But no task, no earnings

Kamal Prajapati


DeebanBalaaji Thiruvarul

Last update make it into a deep trouble

Rica B. Alvarez

Magsisimula palang ng laro nag baback na..

Mostsfa Omran


peter williams

Not a bad game but they expect yo to buy a manager with real money so I deleted game

Barra Kharisma

My worker do something and never finish. Stuck at 3minute 15 sec

Md Alif

i just played this game but when i was on tutorial the game stuck and it forced me to upgrade the design but it is already on max.

Arran “Ironhorse” McMurrough

Entirely to much tutorial

Blanca Morales

Startup Time!

Sheikh Redowan


Christopher Buckingham

Decently enough. Everything is pay to win (basically) you can't get more than an hour of offline profits unless you spend money. You can't get managers to boost unless you spend money. Take away some of that and you've got a pretty solid game. No one likes micro transactions

Melvin Mendez

Not Earning Star unlock and upgrade all the rooms and finish all the task

Rudra Bajariya

Nice game