IT Corp Tycoon – Business Management

Author: Little Bit Games

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IT Corp Tycoon – Business Management – Create the most successful IT business!

Detailed info

File size: 119M
Update time: August 27, 2021
Current version: 1.0.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Little Bit Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Nkem Divine

By the way to solve this problem so that this game will work on my phone


I am enjoying the game but would like to know, why does all my boxes disappear after the van is full and leaves? What's the point of buying more trucks then?

Andrew Lehmkuhl

I can have 88 boxes in inventory and the van shows up and takes 54. But when it leave all my inventory disappears. Some times when I watch videos for boxes. The video ends but doesn't give me the boxes. This game is fun and has a lot of potential. Just needs to fix some bugs.

Kevin Valbuena

Not earning any stars even if office is already in full upgrade. I can't unlock the next city because the star count does not increase even if you fully upgrade all the departments. I'm stuck at first city (St Petersburg). Please fix this bug!!!!!!!!!!!!

Abdul Muiz Farist

Can't get star point! can't unlock another city. I've finish all tasks and got $63 Million Money Already in my Game Account, but still STUCK in first City (Saint Petersbug)

Ken Mwepu

A very good game


Hi.. It is good to play

Kristan Faught

This game has a lot of potential, most idle games are very hectic and don't have as much details put into the businesses. Only downfall I see is that you cannot upgrade the van, which realistically should be a semi truck. When the van shows, it caps out at 60 boxes. When it leaves, your storage empties and doesn't give you the earnings for those disappearing boxes.

kishor chakma

nice game


Failed to launch

Vishv Narkar



The game is enjoyable but quite lag.

Cornelia Manos

I like the game very nice but not getting stars to unlock next level not so fun.


too many ads to complete the boosters quest yet I did not recieve any reward after that. It's time consuming.

Muhammad ismail

Zbrdst Game h yar

Magda Pretorius


Matthew Cattaneo

I wasn't even able finish the tutorial. It kept telling me to buy something but it was maxed out and it's just stuck there. Really great game.

Ian F

Its really fun and great way to pass time,but the thing is that as you get more rooms it starts to lag the next time you get on the app,and there has to be a better way to get bitcoins

Fuseina Issah

I love the game .awesome tycoon game

iman firmansyah


Andreea Cazacu

It's an awesome game and i would love to give it 5 stars, but it keeps crushing and I can't play it anymore. It crushed 5 times in the last 2 minutes. I hope you can fix the issue.

Rafia Nusrin

Game is good but game room not so upgrade

wow bo

I think it's really good Fun And love it Nice work

Qamar Farooq

It is so bad bad and very bad😠😠😠😠😠😠 you waste my 197 mb it ia not installed

Abhimanyu Rajput

It's very good

Kei Tsukishima

I enjoyed the game but, in the middle of the game, there's a green screen so I need to refresh it before playing it again.

Sarfaraj Sahil


Chantelle Jenkins

There is a Christmas theme, want more guidance in how to play but other than that good game

sksalim sksalim

nice game


I had purchased the no ad benefit its not restoring my purchase please help me get the item back ASAP

Richard De Faria Rocha

Lovely game

Adrian Cuesta

This game is awesome and I want to play it in landscape. Can you guys add an option whether to play it in portrait or landscape? Thanks.

Trexcy Torrefiel

The game has potential but the tasks are too boring.

Nishant Bilkhiwal

The game has potential but it's broke at so many places that it doesn't feel enjoyable anymore 🙁

Allyster Delton

Bad...are you errors😡

Lily D'souza

Good game

Sharon Coleman


Dave Letigio

its good

Gage Holder

It deleted all of my progress and there were none stop adds even though I bought no adds

Charlie Nambong

I honestly love the game, but when i start playing it and reach a higher level of my company, i crashed down, i don't know what's the problem but i play it again today with much hope that it will not crash. Please continue to improve the game and GOOD JOB 👍


At the beginning I really liked the game. I had spent money on it and Def would spend more . The only problem is that you can't move on to the next city. I had emailed them 3 times on how to earn stars to unlock the next city. I still have not got any response back. So sad to say I'm going to delete the game.

satin 666


Eslam Elsalmany

Keep The Hardworking 👍

khim rheymark frias

Great game nice apps injoy games

Ghost Love

good game

khay khay


Emmanuel Mckellar


Abubakar Sow

It nice game

Veril Bijou

Bought no ads. There are rooms that can't be got without real money. I have zero stars and can't progress to other areas that need 500 stars. Disappointing, wish I hadn't paid for no ads. No, I'm not emailing you.

Jackwilly The game

Doooooooope game. I highly recommend it. Awesome game.

jacob legge spy ninja

So I love this game but for some reason I am not getting any stars to move to different places

سمانه خانجانی

Please enable me to create an account

Melchora Aquino

The game suck bc it dont tell me how to server and all the vidio that tell u about the game was too fast and it dont show u how to make server

Raymond Worthon

Fun wonderful game

simon mills

Nothing as show on Google play

Zero Setsou

Pretty cool so far

Miguel Mateo

I'm reinstalling the game to test it again, I'll make detailed comments about all I'm going to watch. When a developer finish their work and a dron is sent to the truck it not take the available truck, instead take a space where we don't have a truck yet.


Crashed during tutorial and then wouldnt open again I was able to access this game via chromebook and it is now impossible to play uninstalling until fixed

reneboy robleza


David la chance it

Ray Russell

Just started the game and I like it. There is an issue with the drones. They end up going to the last truck bay and don't go anywhere else which causes a loss of profit since the trucks don't get dispatched. Also if you have boxes on your shelves when you start the app they will be picked up for no value.

MD Minhazur Rahman

I gave you 1 star because I like this game but I can't backup this game in my Google play account. So when I start this game this game start from 1st level. This is very irritating for me. I think you guys solve this problem.

Jade Braquez

Why l can not deliver a box plss fix this

Amasandi Bulus Ashu

This game has a great potential. Having said, there's room for massive improvement. When you launched the game, the quality appears to be HD but along the game, it degrade so poorly. Secondly, room construction takes too much to build. It's taking me 24 hours to build App developers department as we speak. This will end up making one lose interest. In your next update, make it appear in such a way we can use the game money to buy builders as well.

Elbi Dippenaar

I am enjoying the game but I dont like that I need to spend money to unlock all the rooms. Also only one builder at a time means hours of waiting between one thing and the next - It would be nice if upgrades would tell you how long they are going to take before you select them, so I may prioritise. Lastly, the tasks tell you to complete things, but I cant figure out how to complete the "create 3 servers" task??

Andrew Dungan

It's a fun game, especially if you purchase no ads. But it doesn't tell me how to get stars and the only way to unlock the next location is with stars. How do I get stars? I have almost everything fully upgraded and still no stars or any explanation on how to get them.

Yasmin Nayak

The best game in the world on the phone with maxphone

Lyn Bagacina

Good game


Well, overall this game is good but I don't understand how to get stars and unlock new cities. Hopefully there's a walkthrough shared so I can unlock a new city

Thomas Darling

10 out have 10

King Bryan

It is a nice game

Jessica Lester

This game has a lot of potential, but it's not there yet. There are lots of bugs that prevent an enjoyable experience: the contracts "renew" but show they've been done already, the storage area randomly deletes the boxes that are already in there at times, and several others. The build times for rooms and programs aren't shown so you have no idea how long something will take until you commit to building it, and some of them are ridiculously long. I'd consider downloading it again, if it's fixed.

Sean Lee

Great game to learn how to build a business.

Ali Nisha

Op game

Josue Gonzalez

Upgrade everything and can't ho past the first city

Tim Roden


Khamille Franklin

How do you earn stars to relocate? Otherwise, quite entertaining.

Kudang Merle

good game

Kat Rmethyst

I love this game cuz it's related to my career ;p. Expecting this game got more update patches in a next time.Good jobs!!

zian carl

I JUST HATE THE TUTORIALS i cqn put it to 0 stars

Susp3ct 817

How can I get stars to progress to the next city

Jeremy Poh

Need to adjust the game aspect ratio. Some of the box was unable to close as the "X" button was way out of the screen. I have try reduce my screen Ration to 4:3 or 16:9 ratio also cannot resolve issue



Irfan Hidayat Fachrurrozi

So many bug

Kayleigh Rodden

I started off really enjoying it but there's definitely room for improvement. The biggest issue is after a while it takes forever to upgrade anything, the amount you make VS the amount you need means you can maybe upgrade one level of one object if you're lucky. You can literally play the game for about 4 seconds and that's it. Not to mention it's not clear how the contracts work or how income is caulcated for the workers.

my kids


Rick Draper

Good game, enjoy it. Downloaded, played, couple paid upgrades had to get new phone reinstalled restore purchase button don't work lost paid purchases. Submitted bug report nothing... crickets...


I've been playing this game for months and it's addictive and relaxing at the same time i love it

Zack Pops

Kinda hard to get into. All the Fun Figure it out in the beginning is done for you.

Sherwyn Houghton

How do you get the required 500 stars to unlock the next locations? Or have the new locations not been developed yet?

Ashley MacKay

Not able to progress in game at a certain point without stars but there is no way that I've found to earn stars.

Robert Ramos


Jamie Curtis

I start up the game, and then I click one button to start actually playing the game and the game crashes and quits

Jovan Gajic

Crashes on start

udin dermawan


Prince Dirky Salvedia Alfante

Very nice 👍🏻🙂

Viktor Brown

X you

Heilika Soodla

The consept is good but theres so many bugs and Ive been googling past 72 hours how to progress to next city because there is no tutorial or guide how to get those stars. Im considering the uninstall at this point...

Shonola-Shoyinka Bukonla

Great game


Its good