Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense

Author: Skizze Games

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Island Defense: Offline Tower Defense – Modern Islands Defense is FREE today

Detailed info

File size: 101M
Update time: January 27, 2021
Current version: 20.32.571
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: Skizze Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

chan boonkeat


Sammy Minalang

Nice game

Sanjana Dulal

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Harvey Dent


Edd Benavente

Easy to play.

Sagar Ray

Very nice game

Maya Alvarez

I love this game so far....

Jack Manger

It's a decent game

George Reedy

Great game low ads. Well done

Jean Marc Williams

Level 5.10 does not exist!...what's up with that!?

Steingimur Thorbjarnarson

This is so good game of defendendink

David Munroe

I love itilove the game

Sugar Begar

Bad bad game 0 star

Alireza Maleki

I dont have one of missions(5-10)and dont know its politic or a bug:( If someone knows what should i do pls tell me

Lonnie Sides

Pay to play.

Charles Maia

Addictive game. Love it

KU Vui Chung

So good

Okoroka Patrick


Logan Drawdy


Anthony B

Fun game, can be challenging. Is league 21 the highest you can go in the arena? It won't allow me to go past that stage even though I beat the best time.

have a good day

Guys I m giving 5 ...but needs improvement s to be settled.... Try to do it like the game ..Kingdom Rush....and u ll not regret it

Rigo Rigin

This game is a copy from another game called steampunk defense

The Sum

Graphics are from 1980... Bad game

Amber Bidgood

This game is just like steampunk TD copied pixel by pixel

Al Johni

Bug in 3.1 & 3.3 and havent lvl 5.10😡

Corie Holloway


Yee khan seng


Muharem Bekjiri

Good game

Bla Bla


Benjamin Samongga

Ang ganda

Md Mukit

Amazing towers

James Estes

Good game

kenny mayberry


Ken Lalic


neo david

The app tends to stop working will I play almost all the time which can be boring at times.

sam minalang

Nice game

Evan Hutchinson


Michael gordon


Vanessa Elnar


Adam jerome white

Great game and it can pass the time away I don't enjoy many games like this but this one is a must

Dan Evans Hinton79


Michael Woodlief

Whisky tango foxtrot

Mondo Pinon


Tim D

Fun cool game

Evangelos Theocharous

P2W ALERT. After a couple of stages enemies become very strong and you can't progress unless you buy stuff. there are a ton of things to upgrade so you can become relevant the currency though is not enough. You get 80g per stage and 0-800 per 5 stages (if lucky most probably 50-100) and one upgrade costs like 400 g. Meaning you need to win 5 stages for an upgrade. You need 10 upgrades to win next stage so you have to play again same stages. Pour attempt for cash grab

Clyde Kent Depra

Yeah, its a good game , good graphics too. I like it

Rebekah Mujica

Great game

Percy Sagun

More cute boooms

Rabboni Saipudin


Omid Valadkhani


Jesus J Villanueva

All of my purchases for the game are gone and there's no way to download them without paying again.

Baran Moghimi

سلام، این بازی رو من قبلاً بازی کردم ولی پاک شد و خیلی دنبالش می گشتم و این بازی خیلی خوبیه 👌

Conrad Kozawa

Easy and fun with a puzzle like element

Andrew Turner

Fun td game. Great time killer

Travis Landon

Great fun

Philip Tamanui Houia

Good 😊

Tim Snow

Fix the ad freezing. Developer fixed freeze ups quick, works good now. Fun game.

Chris Kettles

Twice I've had the same thing happened first time I sent and email and my game was reset second time same thing its not letting me complete 5.10 and onwards to claim towers and heros bit sucky

nghiquan nguyen


Wai Phyo


Gul Jani

A good game

Farshid Shahvali

Goog game

Cllaahi Ahmed


mario carter


Jenn and Danny

Creative and exciting

Larry Lajeunesse

Fun game very user friendly


Good game. Downside being towers don't unlock after completion of the required level.

افلاطون قریزی

Very good and useful

Jason Hyde

Fun game can really get lost in it

Matthew Burdette

Its fairly well rounded graphics are fair game play is typical tower defense good time killer but extremely repetitive. Then theres the missing 5.10 lvl just isnt on the map anywhere and the reaching tower unlocks to find out how much they cost very dissapointing i ve seen complaints about the missing lvl in multiple reviews and ive only played a few days and that was the first thing yhat frustrated me as i thought maybe beat them all on hard no no go either.


Adds you can't avoid save your effort

ranjith kumarathunga

it is very good game and I like it so much

Mubzi's Motoring Videos

Update June 2021: Completed every level and waited a long time for new levels. There are many new ones but they're just not engaging or challenging and there is no reward. There's no purpose to the coins and additional purchases. The game just feels repetitive and pointless, it needs a new dimension adding to it!


I love this game. I have faced an issue as i couldn't get 5.10 level to play.. i dont see any where in the map.can you please help me out wirh my issue.

Nin Xin

Prob the best tower defense game so far. Latter part of game isnt engaging.

Merasol Apolinares


برترینهای وب

Great game

Zaw Ni Zaw

Great game....

Capricorn 1

Help! I paid for in app purchase, but nothing happened! Is this a regular problem with this game?? I have send a email to your team for help! Pls refusnd the amount in case you can't fix the issue.

Manuela Poole

So far so good

Naveed Shahzad


Farshid Beigverdi

Good game but it is a little boring sometimes

rofu oscar4u

Great game!!!


Troop spam at its finest.... if you enjoy 700 troops running to your defences that this is for you.

Jose Jesus Clemen

Nice game very relaxing

Adam Allfree


Dennis Pavia

Nice game


Needs endless mode

Michael Strickland

How do I restore my purchases? Had to reinstall and my packs are gone.

Chand Basha Mcb

Sorry, avoid install

Kuts c

Whats happened to level 5.10? it's not appearing

Terry Gnatek

I enjoy playing the game it's all right if I wouldn't be playing it I wouldn't have fun

Kaisar Prabowo


Ydawood nazari


Ravinder Sangha

It appears the developers lost interest with the hard levels since they are easier than the normal levels. A reasonable distraction, additionally it is perfectly possible to complete the game without any of the in-game purchases which is a bonus. I've played every level in both easy and hard modes.

Stoneage Revolt


Yehtet Khing

so good

Jill Thomas

Just a Big Ol meme.Just a literal copy of steampunk defense,And the Devs couldnt even be bothered to change the background music!!So lazy,go play steampunk defense,its same,but they actually deserve the credit.

Rahul Man

Cool its incridible with lots of love its fantasticit doesnt suitable pn my phonewe will send you feed back soon if we make it.

Arash Doost Mohammadi

Not bad