Island Craft: Building Block

Author: OAK Adventures Studio

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Island Craft: Building Block – You have participated in a hot air balloon tour that has been involved in an accident that falls into the mysterious land of dinosaur island,where everything is made of blocks.You must plan to find a way to survival island to return home from the dinosaur island in the block world

You no longer have time to wait to rest in the dino world. Let’s start now to master the skills of exploration, and mining unlimited resources for your craftsman.

Join the sanbox game now. Plan to go to home and survival in island ,dino hunter, building oil and meat factories. Expand the island together with other survivors to building island.

Become a lumberjack in the world block craft.Chop wood and hunt dinosaur meat ,gather up resources to construct new building island in the world survival.

You need to collect wood and meat then process through the island’s machinery system to expand your island. You need to collect enough materials to build simulator machinery and build island sanbox craft.

– Go to chop down trees and to make oil
– Exploiting raw materials to reward and improve manpower for island mining
– Hunt dinosaurs for meat and tame them to ride flying dinosaurs.
– Quarrying stones and crafting them for hot airships and redemption.

– Chop lumber and build simulator up for the island sanbox.
– Many woodworkers and machines support your work.
– Chop wood block for processing to oil .
– Survival mode: Fighting dinosaur,fish,…
– Riding a dinosaur transporting block wood.
– Crafting and building your own island block world.

Time is counting down. Let’s start right away to survive on the island and escape it back

Detailed info

File size: 52 MB
Update time: 2022-12-01T02:24:29.000Z
Current version: 0.3.6
Require Android: 5.0
Developer: OAK Adventures Studio
Price: $Free
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