Investment Run


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Investment Run – Become rich and climb the social ladder !

Start from rags and get to the moon by making the right investments!

Walk your way to the finish line by collecting money and avoiding obstacles!

Beware of the gold diggers, they try to take all your money away from you!

Will you reach your private helicopter and create your own empire on it?

Will you become the new Jeff Bezos / Warren Buffet / Elon Musk?

Simple and intuitive game for everybody to become rich and stay away from poverty!
Controls are easy, you will love it!

Detailed info

File size: 102M
Update time: October 18, 2021
Current version: 1.0.8
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: HOMA GAMES
Price: Free
7 votes

Customer review

Hansika Negi

Best game

Manoj Kumar S

The app is not working

Its_me Tiger02

Worst game ever

ydsahu 8387


Daksha Mota

Only black screen is showing

Jadav Shyam


Kaylon C

I wish I can give this 0 stars but This game is getting on my nerves every time I load it it's a black screen also it takes long and it has so many dang ads like lowers the ads please and I got stuck on the ad and it wouldn't let me play the game so I'm going to uninstall this TRASHY GAME.

Santosh Sharma

Bad game ever not opening we are not mad to waste our mb.

Santosh Singh

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Manerani Das

Bad game i sgeste your not play theis game

Laxmareddy Laxma reddy

This is a very nice game.This games is about mind invest


op game

Hi Good day

hd I feogdkrt3dkfh

Tyhg1231 YT

It's just so boring

Adrian Rabiee

عالی بود

Vrushali321 Mali

I hate this game😡

Apple Crop Science

Good game but need some more improvement

Jessie biswas

Too much add every 2 min playing 40 to 100 sec adds

Tamanna Rani


Tiger Kashyap


Syamacharan Gupta


voke fn

it wouldn't load and it was a black screen

Tina Adkins

way too many adds!!!!! I've thought about uninstalling it few times n still am

A Google user

آ لی



Pratik Padhiyar

This game is not opening

Nicole Hughes

Its a really great game to play this game is the best game what i have played yet for now it's still a good idea of a game but theres one thing there's to many ads and it's a good game any more it was good game a few years ago when I first played it when I first played it there was no ads in the way and it was a great game and a great idea for a game but now it's a bad game it's so boring nowadays but it's just a bad and a good game but anyway it's still a good game 🎮 just to many ads and it's

Ali Abbas

this is not open black screen

Riyad Hassan

Not open this game l🙄

Kids Newcome

It's the worst game I have ever played!!!!!

Ayush shaw

Nice investing 🎮🎮🎮

Jamie Francis

Good appp just turn ur internet off

Rohit Rajput

game is not open

Gloria Icuspit


Movies NetwORk

Its a noob game and very bore to play and too many ad content

Ashik Islam


Malaysia Reward

Don't download this game because adds issues 🖕🖕🖕

pamila Neema

The game is nit working

Michelle Legg

Keep trying to install and play but isn't supported by my phone gameplay doesn't Start

Anandan Anand