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Infinite Cultivation is based on genres of eastern fantasy literature (wuxia/xantian), an ‘idle’, tick-based MUD(multi-user dungeon; the precursor to the MMORPG) that returns to the core of MMORPGs.

This is a huge world of immortal cultivation. A powerful, story-driven, multi-player world that you are constantly improving yourself and progressing. As a main character of cultivation novel, you own sect and family, you can decorate your home, keep pets in human form… … It’s like a cultivation novel that you can play with! No more annoying clicks, not having to constantly smash keys all day long. But you can experience the most free life of immortality. Just pick up your phone at anywhere, at anytime, and turn it on! Hear that they beat out J.K. Rowling’s publishing speed, you will never feel boring there!

So, which kind of cultivation do you want?

【Game Features】

Infinite Cultivation is a fantastic social Idle game about cultivation, where you can alchemy, plant trees, build and decorate your home. All the friends of the game are talented and enthusiastic, we invite you to enter the path of immortality! let’s enjoy the cultivation life together!

1. Casual&Idle
You can get a lot of cultivation and resources by hanging, and the operation is also simple and convenient, use your small pockets of time and play more easily!

The path of cultivation is against the nature, break through the self and challenge the inner demons! The heavenly tribulation, thunder drowning, let you experience an extraordinary life. It says, to be free from the shackles of the body and to soar freely between heaven and earth is the meaning of cultivation.

3. Treasure&Alchemy
The world of immortality cultivation is full of great treasures. Here you can pick herbs, dig spirit mines, refine elixirs and forge divine weapons. Make the path of immortality cultivation easier by your efforts

4. Sects&KungFu skills
The martial arts world is ever-changing.There are many sects with thousands of skills, and you can join more than just one sect. Here you can leave one of them at any time, and join a new one to learn the strengths of a hundred sects. Even more create your own skills.

5. Fortune&Adventure
How can the path of cultivation be without chance? There are all kinds of strange encounters and relics to be explored; you can meet immortals to show you the way, and meet valuable people to help you. Unthinkable opportunities await you!

6. Partner&Pet
Immortal, demon and Taoist, experience the love of immortality and find your partner for life. Enjoy your cultivation path! At the same time, you can also tame spirit animals and ride them around the universe.

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Update time: Jun 1, 2022
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Customer review

Paolo Flores

Update: the app is finally stable. However, I don't know how long this would last. After all, before I also thought it was completely fixed then suddenly... Randon app Freeze.

Dwi Nugroho


Fraz yeboah

This game is real good

Dale Howard Booth

Love the game it has been a great idle game so much so i bought superviser position but its been two days now and it still hasnt kicked in i even updated the game and it still doesnt show still great game.

Jeremy Yiu

Uninstalling and reinstalling helped as well as implemented a lot of ui changes, but crashing issues remains. Translations and localizations could still use a lot of work, and the text are misaligned in the bubbles.

Someloseronline 04


LS Flo

I played in NA-S14 for a few months, but now after the recent update I can't play without it freezing. Unplayable at the moment for me. Please fix it.


..idk man it's ok

Liam Nankervis

I love the game Something I personally would add is a roadmap for the assentions

Timothy Lehmann

It's stopped freezing. And I'm once again loving at full capacity.

shawn madness

Phone screen freezes most of the time whenever I open it, so I wasted most of my time restarting the game. This is really irritating and annoying.



Justin Park

It's like Immortal Taoists, but with a lot more opportunities for f2p players. Ads give a lot of resources and are daily refreshable, while paid memberships in this game are actually permanent, if you do decide to purchase something. One really frustrating aspect is not being able to log in without wifi. Connecting over data (with good ping and jitter) just hangs on loading after signing in.


Was great at first, best translated cultivation game ive seen on Android. But recently (about a month) has been unplayable for more than 30sec, crashes anytime it has to query the server including when the game starts. If you can into the game about half of the systems you need to manage, crash the game.

Mohit Tudu

It is nice .If only combat part could be little better!

Blake Weldon

Ye Gud innit bruv

Michael Angelo Vicerra

Its ok now 👍

Soonni Tran

Since the new update I have been unable to play the game. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the game since. Game automatically freezes then kicks me out once I enter.

Knilore Bardus

Overwhelmed by the amount of stuff and the poor translation meaning I have to guess at about half of the descriptions and tutorials. We'll see if it's interesting enough or just microtransaction nightmares.

Jin Z.

So buggy lately it crash all the time now multiple reopen. Not sure if it's a server issue. My phone a 22ultra

Wojciech Sak

Its ok

MDeshawn Dunn

Game crashes immediately at start

Tortilla Chips

Enjoying it so far, but am a little confused on what all to do


So far so good

Donald Johnston

Tons to do idle game

yashika sharma

Engaging nd fun.

anime 2.5

This game good

Andy Files

After login cannot enter game, tried multiple servers over several hours.

Joshua Santillan

Good time killer

Gray Man

It's alright

Aziz Abubacar

i will make it 5 star please Do something about the ad i cant watch it.

Amit Singh

Awesome game

Gentleman West

Hard to understand as the English isn't making sense, but very interesting. Clarity would definitely make it more intriguing.

Jeffrey Bulliner

Fantastic semi idle game! Great fun, 6/5 stars.

Icyman 89

Same BUG ever, let me list it for you: 1. Character face changing/hair color turned black each time changing clothes,mask etc in closet. 2. Need pressing multiple times for ads to play, even after giving 1 minute waiting between each ads. 3 sometime Black Screen/error/touch no response occur even with full connection after ads played. Don't just asking us to give you screenshot, while you not even care about our report. Admin here only need you to spending more money and no complain.

Satsui sama

It's really good for a cultivation game,The only lacking is the combat but overall is quite enjoyable


It is a great game very easy to learn fun to play good progress if u put a little time in some cool mechanics can spend money but don't have too

Dehaza Solomon

Not bad

Simon Liang

Great game!

Full Bring

One of the Greatest! Cultivation idle game, have plenty of content and a great community to trade knowledge with 5starz

Kate McKenzie

Crashes repeatedly.

Emir Zekic

Unbelievable how long I spent time on this game and how much I spent only for everything to be lost. The game kept freezing nonstop no matter what I did, restarting phone or game. I finally tried uninstalling and reinstalling it, only to find that when I log back in with my Gmail that it's a brand new account. Now I have nothing and no motivation to play this game ever again, horrible. I wish I could get a refund for all the time and money spent for nothing.

Joseph The

Nice game

Vongola Primo

So far so good

Cryptic Stone

Ah so this is what it feels like to be an mc in a novel :)

Petra R

Pretty, and seems like it might be fun, but too complicated for me

jaswanth chakravarthi

I love this shame and I just wish the game has an instruction manual so I can go there and read in free time and I'm enjoying the game and I wish I have played this sooner and the rewards are good and I can't wait to get my hands on some pets and the partners and there are some places I don't know how to proceed and I wish it was clear and overall it's a good game for me

Rei Zen

It was good 'cause you will not worry spending gems because there is an ads. It's just that breaking through was really easy in the first but if you got to severance it was hard cause the need to breakthrough was high. It just that after I got into severance I got bored and it would be better if there's an story line. It was good but I hope it will keep improving. This game is really simple and easy to play I really recommend it if you like casual game.

GrAy essential

Fun game haven't had any problems!

Mohamed Kamal

pay2win and when u try to compete with just watch add u face a lot of bugs when play add

Michael Gilbert

I like it. Sometimes ads are a pain but it is an interesting game.

Rajan Bista

Best game ever

XiELEd 4377

It might need some more natural english, but I like it

Anna Hoover

I only like half understand what's going on but I think that's mostly my fault and I'm still having a lot of fun so...

yash K

Perfect. Not that addicting

Derek Prawitz

Cant say much

Edquavion Pete

It's a good game


Nice game

Shivam Gupta

It's a really nice game. Definitely worth giving a try. I enjoy playing it. There is a discord group where you can get to know like minded people and share game experience. A fantastic game even if it is your first cultivation game.

Justin R

It's a fun game but starting out got me a little lost so I had to look through everything to figure it out

razor claw

Its great, game and i loved it, but its no longer responding for and isnt opening

hoobadooba master

Pretty decent game if it wasnt for the fact that i lost my old account

uno reverse card

Didn't work

Elizabeth De los santos

I really like this game

David Allen Chandler


Kitti Lumpo

nice simple idle game, all of the writing is translated very literally, without using context, from the original language so a lot of words dont make sense where they are - for example i stead of "give up" during battles the button says "inspiration" which can get confusing

regit gaming

This is a good one

Brandon Twomey

Casual and interesting

Jesse Mouser

Love it Like the game love the fact I can live life after life ist like reading a books love it

Kaileb Lane

Fun and easy

Ian Wong

Crashes now everytime I switch to a different thing(?)(home, demon diety screen, ect)

Jessica Williams

I like this game a lot and play it everyday

Mirou Hanaki

It's a very calming game.

Noah Morada

This is a really good game for f2p players

jack williams

I like it so far

Loc Huynh

Good game, more langue would be nice

lina Kein

Don't install it, it's crushing 90% of the time.

Deandre Moore

I loooove it❤❤❤❤❤

Summer Carroll


Criz Mar Castro

Needs work on the translation but it's quite good and a nice game to play

Michael Marino


Ahmed Muhammad

The app is very addictive and fun to play, it gives you a reason to always log in to claim bountiful rewards. I really enjoy it.

David Watland

Fun game for casual players

Tre Brown

Love it!

Qi Yang

pretty good. if your new you might not get used to the controls and get overwhelmed/confused but you can always join the official discord server to gain help or access the ingame chat to ask for help. I always like cultivation genre so I jist read novels of it until I came across this. F2p can compete with f2p on a newly server if you know the mechanics and using the event rewards wisely

Limuel Abuel

I actually dont like playing that is not a rhythm game I only play a game that invovles music and dance or some fashion but since I like reading novel too I had the urge to play this game 'Infinite Cultivation' and Im glad I did because this game is addictive in a good way and it not cause money too much well you can recharge more if you want to ascend faster. I met a few friend here ij Deity Aliance and Local Service.The bad thing is the Trabslation but I think the company will fix it.

Vivencio Dacles

its fun to play

Bob Kazoot

The eyes are spaced too far apart. It seems like the people have eyes on the sides or their heads. The character making screen was so creepy that it gave me a panic attack. This is a great example of uncanny valley and nightmare fuel, but not a good game.


Takes quite a bit of time for it to do ad queueing so you can watch the ads. I have to spam all ad wqtxh buttons that give rewards 3 or 4 times before it registers my action. It never registers first presses, sometimes not even second presses so I think your system is lagged out or something. Tried not only bluestacks but also my android 11 phone. Not a problem on my end, half a gig connection that is stable and fast.

Yuane Castillo

Game keeps crashing in the loading screen and won't even let me play.

Aien Blaike

Need a little more optimization and ui improvement. If you can adjust the prices more user friendly for other countries it would be good. Overall Enjoyable.

Christopher Walker


Norberto Navarro


Cody O'Connor

So far so good.

kason clement

This game is very fun and relaxing

Love Instead

I really liked this game, but I can't get it to launch anymore, I tried troubleshooting it and it's still broken. I hope it will work again someday. but as of now I can't recommend it.



taylor lange

Nice art, nice music, little hard to get the basics down though.

Dated Prune

Good just a few spelling errors

Ace Dragon

So far starting into the game it's fine but they give you a big info dump at the start though not as much as other cultivation games still a lot