Incredible Monster: Superhero Prison Escape Games

Author: Game Kraft Studios

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Incredible Monster: Superhero Prison Escape Games – Unleash mighty incredible beast to fight & smash the bad guys!

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File size: 113M
Update time: September 1, 2021
Current version: 5.5
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Game Kraft Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Baby Rogith


Sidra kai

Monster monster hero super escape game is very interesting and amazing application.

Harzi ZA

Monster hero very funny and amazing game

HA kharl KHYR

Monster hero escape game is wonderful very fun and enjoy to play this game

Mr manu Pradhan


Mental Ward 1309

Monster hero escape is very exciting and effective game

Roy Kaiya

Monster hero awesome game having good graphics and gameplay really impressive I like it.

MK Lena Martin

Monster hero this game is all level is new story which make the game in dragon

AZ Joliya Jeff

Very funny game

John Cena 2207

Monster Hero Escape is very important and interesting game to play

Fontaine104 . **

Crime movie in the jail and very superhero made

Shada Lofar Wah

Monster Hero Escape is very attractive and decent game of the google playstore

Atif Hira

Monster hero is very amazing this game

Seenu Pipal


Jawad Ali Kalwar

This is really super game...

Suresh Kumar

Sunny kumar

Janine Tabi

Master tobey

Sean Nixon Relox


madina abdi


Chung Zathang

Athawng 2200 Gs


Very nice and GOOD

Pasant Torky

بسنت تركى

Ng Siew Eng Rani


Ritika Rf


Rg Dawood68 .**

Monster hero rescue super game

Iram 277

Monster hero very interesting game. I like it very much ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

AZ Imran Khan

Monster hero prison escape Simulator in crime city escape game

HA Jaki Jin

Monster hero rescue in the game wonderful

Caitlyn FaceUU

This game is very good, it is interesting, the system of this game is very good, children play with great passion and enjoy a lot

furqanmadah furqan0505


Michael Rushbrook

I love the game so much it caut my eyes and everybody is giving it 5 stars

n sharma

Bhai to Indian ha

Jeff Bezos

Monster hero excellent game and lovely to play.

Zareen Saqib

Monster Hero Rescue super hero is a very good game this game is very fun to play and is very much liked

Rosezanna Phillips

i love hulk

Danielle Hine

G fiftieth

Prince Venee

Okay. It is not a bad game at all, but it could use a little work.

clarizza marie pontillano

Ples ang gan dasobra Im bts mimboro im jongkok

Yooshi Inu

Monster 💀 👹 hero rescue is fine and its combination is unique as compared to other games.

Aditya Chopra

Monster Hero Rescue Will Be Able To Maks In Being An Best Wayyy

Colling Wood

monster hero rescue game is very interesting and beautiful playing it makes my day better and it is very enjoyable game.

Javeria Sheikh

Monster Hero Are Really Happily Place Ever

Pepsi Coca

Monster Hero Rescue game is a good and mind blowing's download in very less.

Eloise Opal

Lot of addictive Games I've tried but this one is favorite monster hero Game. I like graphics and advanced levels of this 3d war Game. Thanks it!!

Rabiya Khan

These Monster Are Really Matters To Know All Such Way

Banna Betha

I play monster hero rescue game because it is very successful game.

ismail ali

Kavin Pitr

Monster hero rescue game is my favorite, playing it makes my day better and I am very happy to play it.

Shivangi Joshi

Monster Hero Are An Best As Always Man

NIght Work

Monster Hero game this is very important game for's graphics is very good.

Alex McCarty

This Easy To Played As We Can Really Seems As We Can See

Shahzad 9

I've tried many Game like action robot or satisfying toys Games but this monster Game have Soo much fun to play. I'm crazy to play this 3d Game

Dha Town

Monster hero game is a good and lovely game.this is my favorite game.

Muhammad Shah

Monster hero prison is amazing and wonderful game . This game is full of action and fun.

Lolyi Pop

Monster hero prison game is played by my friends because playing it gives satisfaction to the heart..

Kalpana Shruti

Monster Hero Prison Are Having Great Graphics

Class Favorite

model hero prison game is very interesting and beautiful i enjoy playing it a lot .

Rashid Khan

Monster Hero prison Are To Best

Railly Multan

I play monster hero robot game because playing it makes my day better .

Sohrt Piter

Monster hero prison game is awesome. All its features are so interesting and challenging. It is full of adventure. I like this game

Pawan Raj

good game

Jackson Jackie

Monster Hero Prison Is To Cool

Munna Turki

I play monster hero prison game because it is different from other mouths .


This one prison hero is the most easier to play and good animations Game. Each levels are unique as well

Swati Maheshwari

Monster Hero Are To Waoh

Dinko Bahi

monster hero prison game is very interesting and beautiful it is played by my friends a lot and enjoy playing .

Asma Yaseen

Monster hero prison game is very amazing and interesting. I will enjoy to play this game. I like it very much.

Kabeer Sheikh

They Are Really Good Way

Saqib Raza

Monster hero is one of the best game. It plays very well. I really enjoyed this game so much to play for time pass.

Mrs. A S H I E

I'm playing this big monster Game fight as a criminal, Mafia & police gangster. I like HD animations as well as background sounds effects

Parveen Ahmed

Monster Hero Prison Are Always an Kind and good works

Asli Hero

monster hero prison game is very interesting game to play enjoy a lot.

Аяжан Бибаева


Joey Shaw

This MOnster Are Beings So Clearly Beings To It

Preeti Aggarwal

This Game Is An More Speciall To Me As Well Yeah

Real King

Monster hero prison game it is very wonderful game.many people keep it in their mobile.

iftier ahmed


Ramzan Sir

Monster hero prison game is very beautiful and best in us my friends play it a lot and keep it in mobile .

Rio 22

Monster Hero Prison Are Being Really Matters Its all So Cool Man


Monster 👹💀👹💀 hero is a superb and have great thinking with mission

Sumaira Maqbool

Monster Hero Prison Are So Speciall To Gets An All Offered To Know

Ajmal Ali

Monster hero prison is an absolutely fantastic game. t is the game of modern era, Its gameplay is fantastic. Its controls are very nice.


Soo Beautiful pixels display &free new modes gives us relaxation as well as makes us addictive to this incredible hero Game 2021

Revathi Vijaykumar


Nashy Mann

People play this game easily and sit in their mobile, it is very good to play it has been released on the world.😯

Arsaad Khan

This English Works Are Well Good Way Of Happiness That Can Ever Havee

Thomas Arnold

These Levels Are Just A Outstandinh Ohoo So Marvellous

Young Teacher

Monster Hero prison game it's very important game for me because i play it alot.

Micheal Yup

Monster hero prison is such a cool game . It shows gaint plaful monster . It is easy to play . Osm game ever🌹🎮

Snooker Game

I play monster hero prison game because people like it very much and it is very beautiful game .

Marie Celeste

Monster hero prison Are Literally Loving And More Acast To Being Saying Be Like In Mnay Wayy

Richard Smith

These Levels Are Being So Important To Having Wanna Be There

Next Coca

Monster hero prison game it is nice and good game.i play it and not feel boring by playing it.

Ali Hamza

Monster 👹💀 hero prison escape is no doubt 🧐 best game 🎯🤩😂🎯 with its features and graphics are good

Faso Bahi

Monster Hero prison I play very much and it is very interesting game it is very easy to play.


As comparison of others action Game this hero prison is the best ever I've Played due to Graphics & lot of missions!!

Lakshya Singh

This is the very best game

Safe Moon

Monster 👹💀 hero prison escape is horrible and scary game 🎯 with new design and characters

Qudrat Khan

This is cool game for me.

Adelaide Arabella

All is literally cool.