Impossible Date: Tricky Riddle

Author: Matchingham Games

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Welcome to the world of Impossible Date, where you can find solutions for helpless lovers!

Impossible Date is a riddle game in which you try to solve the troubles in male-female relations by completing the puzzles you encounter. This new fun game gives you the chance to solve new challenges of brain teasers!

All the riddles will challenge your attention and improve your thinking skills! You will see each level has a scenario that you will need to use your brain to solve all problems between the lovers. Only the smartest people will be able to solve these IQ tests!

Impossible Date has various brain teasers, puzzles, IQ tests and mind games where you can solve the issues between couples. To solve these riddles, you need to brainstorm and think well! If you act wisely, you can quickly move to the next level and improve your intelligence!

Impossible Date is a simple and fluid game where you can use drawing, erasing, tapping, swiping, clicking, dragging, x-ray options. In this game, you can correct misunderstandings between couples and save couples’ relationships, introduce the love of his life to the man who always lost his chance in love and you can make famous people into a couple!

You have to find solutions for all the seemingly impossible dates and ensure that the couples reach their happy ending. While accomplishing this goal, you will encounter riddles full of challenging obstacles, and you will find yourself in challenges to complete puzzles, brain teasers, thinking games and IQ tests.

You have to find the clues hidden inside the game and solve the riddles faster. As you get faster, the difficulty of the challenges will increase and you will improve your brain. You should continue to improve your way of thinking by playing thinking games!

Feature of the Game:

– Simple to learn and fun to play!
– Hundreds of puzzles and IQ tests to solve!
– Relax, find missing clues and solve all puzzles!
– Challenging mind games full of various obstacles!
– Improve your thinking skills by playing thinking games!
– Quick thinking and smart moves in various tricky riddles!
– Challenge your brain with thousands of fun brain teasers!

You can keep the couple together or break them up. Their fate is in your hands! The choice is yours! Test your brain’s limits!

If you want them to live a happy life together, help them out!

Enjoy the Impossible Date!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Matchingham Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Keiara Miller

It's an ok game but the ads are annoying. Like every 2 to 4 rounds there is an ad. It gets annoying and ruins the fun

paula brown

Its fun so when you need to dress you can do the same

Anisha Koli

i am really enjoying the way of this game ☺️

LaDonna Deloney Nelson

Don't get me wrong, it's a cool game. After playing it for awhile I discovered something about it that made me feel the creator of the game Don't like Over weight couple's. It just seems a lil judgmental to me. And yes I'm a big woman.

Kat 27

Too many ads

Purnshree Kudtadkar

This game is bakwas why would I say this this game is amazing

Itz Sarayah

No bait advert

Shane Yun

Worst game ever

Devin Sanford

Like it


I'm only on level 3 but it's really easy and super funny unlike some other games like this, I recommend getting it

Kaitlyn Franklin

uses same puzzles overall boring and I hate it

dog trainot


Chandan Singh


Benedict DeJesus

yassss love it hilarius

Renato Manuel

Is so pretty much games😘♥️♥️♥️

Heather Tibbott

Great game, but once you get to Level 450, they start repeating themselves and you complete the same tasks over and over. I uninstalled as I was so bored of doing tasks I'd already done!

Claire Purdy


Wa3y -وعي

Didnt support arabic language

Rosina Faith

This game is good but the problem its the ads that always come

Freddy Thabethe

It's so fun

Lian Santiago

This game is so fatphobic and actually promotes weird sense of idea to girls that they're ugly if theyre fat

Kouekado Dopeu

All it did was literally glitch on the first level and now I can never play it again cuz it keeps on glitching. Maybe another time I'll check this game and if it is not glitching anymore then I will play it again and I will change my review.

Google Playgames

So many people complaining about ads hahahaha just turn off your data/wifi then ur good to go,common sense. Great game tho

Zareen Khan

👍 ok ok

Hiralba Chudasama

Good game

Chera Aka

I finished the game but the same level is restart 😶

Christine G

Repetitive and boring.. nothing like the ad

Hritik Vats

Game is fun but ads are annoying, another game I have to dump because of so many ads.

Naughty Brothers

Ad is annoying


Very good experience

Ashu Mushu


Tawon Ar

สนุกดี แนะนำให้ปิดเน็ตเล่นจะได้ไม่มีโฆษณามาขัดจังหวะ

Paris Eslick

Eh Not for me

Alison D

The game is good but sometimes its super repetitive n it gets too boring I did pay for skip the ad no big deal about the price I hope they put more new puzzles but sadly I end of deleting this app I was very surprised I didn't have to pay a month this game i applauding for it

Addy Wendel

I deleted it

Amy Stokes

After you do a couple of levels the levels start to repeat so your doing the same thing over and over

M Adnan Shabir

Good offline game, same as advertised


it's good , fun

Azhar Mughal

Very useless game time waste

Kamryn Lilly

not good so many ads

Pradeep Singh

This is very bad

Zamiyah Henderson



Game was so simple and had no challenge. Pretty much just rinse and repeat.

Kristine Baldwin

It was so easy it was annoying

Samke Sam


I'm Sorry

Addictive, but the ads are annoying as well as being forced to enable the internet in order to get a hint. There's various other apps like this and I find that a nuisance. 😟

Gaming GuyG

Fun ad game, ads after every 2-3 levels, forced ads can be skipped after about 3-5sec which make it much more bearable, levels are never hard and are sometimes funny, but is a good time waster game.

A LeagueOfLaura

Don't waste your time. Ads are too frequent, the levels are so easy a toddler could do them (I played till level 50 to see if they got harder - they do not), and the game just dumps on anyone who doesn't fit the societal beauty standard. Waste of time

ChrysD Ddiva

This game shouldn't be allowed on here! There is a gender reveal but she's not pregnant it's a teddy bear. There is so much negativity in this game that I'm dumbfounded that it hasn't been removed. Play Store needs to do better SMDH!

Sally Silva

funny and entertaining

Natalia Gehenna

Incredibly sexist and fatphobic! It is interesting how there are answers to a bunch of reviews, mostly positive ones, and none (that I saw) to the ones that call them out on how they're promoting discrimination and harmful societal standards. I'm challenging you to reply to all those comments as well, I'm curious to see what you have to say about that, and what in your mind made you think it was a good idea to include such content. It's baffling. Awful, wish I could do 0 stars.

maryam moradi

Very bad and unpleasant

Andrew Aram

To many ads. Every 3 levels there's an ad way to many then to remove ads it's 3 pound something

Michele Talbot

What is wrong with women having a bit of a tummy. Also making out money makes you fall in love it's wrong. It's a bad game and it upset me.


It's a pretty weird and funny game. I didn't have much trouble with the levels (sometimes too easy). Ads would appear after you pass a few levels, but once I reached level 381 the game began repeating the same levels it started me off with. Lost interest after that.

HUMSS1_Ailyn Galope

Too many ads

Clara Beaven

Repeats same seminaries. Paid to stop adverts but waste of money as it repeats itself so boring.

Santiago McCollam

Terrible, boring game. Its just an ad cash grab, any good rebiews are bot accounts because this game is actully the most boring thing ive ever played

A Google user

So lagging and to long ads

Emma Heart

I don't know what sexist pig made this but this literally makes me sick.

Victor Vargas


Shadow the Hedgehog

Could be better if a drop-down menu was added to allow levels to be repeated at will.

Ana Lesath

This game is absolutely disgusting i wish i could give it 0 stars

Shriyam Saikia

Seriously bs

Phoebe Stirler

If I could give this 0 stars, I would. The amount of sexualization, fatphobia and how its telling young people (and young girls especially) that having natural body hair, and being chubby is appalling. This app disgusts me and I am never playing this again

Misty Tharp

This game truly sucks I couldn't download it. All you do is easy puzzles then you have to watch an ad every 2 minutes it's really bad. I had a horrible time with this game and it's body shaming girls like it will have you shave there legs or make then not fat. Fix it

Cathy Florence

Too many ads

ali smith

Not challenging a 2 year old can play this

Chandana Biswas

Very very very bad.

Siddiqa Mohammed

I liked it ....not so hard very easy....but there are too many ads.. which is very irritating...mand after level 350.... everything is just repeating... that's Soo boring....😒

Summer Selman

I think it a good time passer but I don't like the depiction that every man runs from a bigger sizes woman or the other way around and some of the puzzles make no sense

Alexander Sutherland

Funny XD

Debi Billman

The game is alright, but the amount of sexualizing woman, fatphobia, and ads are terrible. Like, did anyone else notice how often it was revealing the woman had leg hair and the guy ran off? It's basically the same puzzles over and over too.

Pournima Shimpi


Chandra Sonowal


Francesca Girau


Alana Pardon

Too easy to be "tricky"

Asha Pawar

This game is ok ok 👍

Elle craft

It's telling people that if you have muscles you can attract girls (life anit like that), and if you don't shave yr ugly or if yr fat and if I could I would rate 0

Alani I Coote

To much camercals

Katrina Creason

It's really fun whoever Design This is really smart

Raman Thappa


crystal buckner


Marissa Orosco


Yanliz Novas

It's good but is it saying that women need to have nice body's and that men have to have alot of money to make the relationship work? Jesus..

Jeni Prasanth

Nice app

Alita Wolf

I give it a three because it is kind of funny but for me to many ads it's bAd


not bad tho the ads do make me rage a lil

Jenna Pierce

Extremely innane and pointless "puzzles", not hard by any stretch of the imagination. Most of them are either "catch the cheater" or "ruin the relationship", and they all just send a terrible message of story.


Good game to waste or pass time. But the levels keep repeating and its very annoying 😒 🙄. I would not recommend this game.

Beckey Gonzalez

1. Not many freaking levels 2. Cant redo Levels 3. to many FREAKING ADDS 4. Like it lagges and gitchs alot 5. IT GETS FREAKING STUCK I CANT LEAVE THE GAME!!!!! PLZZZZ FIX THE BUGS AND ADD MORE LEVELS PLZZZ😭😭😭👎👎

Memory Tiyiselani

I love it

Dimitri El hage



Not a bad game but I didnt play for a day and it reset my progress. Not to mention the ungodly amount of adds.


Well first the ads were to much and a day after not opening the app it restarted all of my progress

Sakshi Jamdhade

Worst game

Stefany Gonzalez

This game is awful, an add showed up and it said (skip add) so I tried to click it but it opened the add by itself. Also it made my phone go slow.

LaToya Williams

Runs slow. Kind of boring. Too many ads that glitches

sirajuddin saifi



i just watched a greasy little blonde throw up all over a buff guy in a suit no💀