Immortal Soul: Black Survival

Author: Boltrend Games

50,000+ install


Immortal Soul: Black Survival is a multiplayer horror survival game. Be the last one standing of 10 players on an unknown battleground. Join & Fight with a single [TAP]!

Survive by exploring what’s on a mysterious island that is separated into 22 areas, surrounded full of abandoned buildings, ravaged land, and hidden ingredients.
Keep running, searching, crafting and fighting by any means to protect yourself from the threat of powerful monsters.
Fight with the other 9 competitors and be the last one standing!

Over 45 characters in different styles that can be customized to fit your needs with over a multitude of outfits. Bring these loadouts into battle in Individual Match, Team Match, thrilling Ranked Game, and more.
Specialize in one or become a more versatile researcher by trying to master them all.

Hundreds of hidden ingredients on the battleroyale. All items such as weapons, gears, traps, foods, and drinks can be crafted during every battle.
Making good use of them, kill everything that dares to threaten your life!

Cross-platform support means you can play together with your friends and millions of other people on computers and mobile devices everywhere..
Taking the fun on the go!

*The game requires a stable internet connection.
* Recommended system requirements: a device with 2G RAM or more.

Dear researchers:
Thank you for accepting our invites and joining us here on Lumia Island. Here, your potential will be stretched to full and together, we will commence the next chapter of human history.

We know everything still sounds crazy: gene modifications, living subjects, lurking wild animals, endless testing rounds with other researchers… but “No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness.” and we promise that you will not have any boundary constraints and the choices are always yours.

For research updates:
Official Site:

To consult with other researchers:

Detailed info

File size: 63M
Update time: February 11, 2021
Current version: 9.1.02
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Boltrend Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

dollie heads

Can't even start the game. I used to play on mobile and then switched my account to pc before the name changed. I got a new phone and decided I would play on mobile again and went to transfer my account. it won't start on my phone or my laptop. tried reopening and restarting and still doesn't work. seems lots of others have the same issue. I used to love this game and now I can't even play...I just want to play again even if means starting my account over again... I would prefer not to though

Wilferine Co

Great game but I've been trying to join team match but I don't think anyone is playing it. Sad.

Kyociku Gaming

well tbh this game is the best game everrr... just need more advertising and maybe a tutorial because this game is a little bit complicated

Rachel Lim

This game let me have the survival mindset about food for stamina and health, weapon and protection equipment, different areas to be carful of, meeting others to kill or be killed, or to become friends. This game is eye opening and enjoyable. I strongly encourage to you all to download this game and help to kill of some of your free time.

Dicko Arya

Idiot game

Kier Cortez

Matchmaking takes forever.


Overall great game, you do need stable wifi connection and the game works fine but sometimes it reconnects even i was at full wifi connection, but really great game.


I downloaded a the data and after that tbe game crashed and still crashes in tbe splashart everytime I open it, unplayable

Nanaten Reytom

I downloaded a the data and after that tbe game crashed and still crashes in tbe splashart everytime I open it, unplayable


Okay, I fixed the previous problem, but please improve your matchmaking, not matching low rankers with those higher than them, that's a huge dissapointment because the game is good, just make the matchmaking fair and by rank.

hung bui manh

very disappointing. The game is very jerky and difficult to play. I'm a game fan. But games like this should be goodbye.

Kemal Kuncahyo

The dev is really cheap, you wont get a free skin or decoration. No unique event and the PC player can fight mobile player is too unfair.

Travis Wilson

Fun game, just not for me.

lewdwolf the third

The game wouldn't even open correctly was a huge fan of the game and was excited to get back into it tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it but it didn't fix it

Indiana Stone

My second review: now playing the game and winning a match is now impossible since the game still freezes but more than ever, blurred words less often and now kicks me out of the game completely once I engage in a fight. I also freeze the first time I encounter someone which almost had me die without countering back. The update didn't do much good, only made things worse.

hazwan shafiq

Always got issues connection to server terminated while in game. . Twice. So stop play already.

Erica Evangeline

When the rank reset? Everything getting harder now because my rank increased even if i lose, opponent getting harder to beat but i still like this game.Can you give us some freebies & other modes beside pvp? Love the crafting but sometimes luck is great game changer because sometimes i didn't get the items i need until my energies run out. Can you fix the connection issue, sometimes hard to log in because of this. That's all keep improving!

Wiguna R

i should've listen to reviews. constant lag, glitchy ui, freezing, bad network connection.

Lil Ron Ron

It was fun playing untill the app wouldn't open at all, after loading in it crashes, I cleared data, reinstalled and it still does the same thing

Bintang Kusumo Jati

wow, my account is lost from previous version of this game when this game launch... i cannot migrate or whatever you said on the website... my previous character using google account, and now it is lost forever eventhough i'm using the same google account

Art Kira

Constant crash when loading. Was never able to play. The Original was way better and i never had issues with that version.

Dante Vera

Ah it's good to be back to this old game. Here's an idea of you do add another update. social features like chat and guilds who want to be part of team battles or guild pvps. and if you can, please add a story mode in this game. Most of us are curious about the story of the game and want to learn character backgrounds. anyway I'm loving this game and can't wait for new features in this game

roberto villagomez

Needs to remove tutorial or add skip option

Toaster Bot

The constant lag and crashing makes the game unplayable

Aaryan Shah

It really has an amazing experience I really love it .I really love to thank the developer for creating such amazing game and for that I would like to give you five star 🌟

Ziione Rynear

1. Why i must complete tutourial every enter thr game?,, 2. Cant enter the match single or team or ai,,

Trong Tuong Pham

Totally disappointed with Bolttrend service. GIVE THE GAME BACK PLEASE

Memoree Adkins

I've tried 3 times to get the game to load and update. It does absolutely nothing!


Sunucularda ufak sıkıntılar var. Keske Türkiye sunucusu olsa. Cok turk oyuncu yok ama mukemmel olurdu.


OMG SAD. I thought this was eternal survival for a minute imagine my disappointment guess I will buy a pc

Yee Ling

Connection to server always lost while matching. Otherwise, it's a good game.

P.G. Cris Montemor

Wish they import the black Survival from PC to Android will be a great hit , it's new and fresh battle royale game


Can't start the game. It stucks in login.

Mad PhantomPixels

Well that was certainly a thing I clicked on, I wonder how I go about getting the last ten minutes of my life back.

Ryan fallowfield

Before I could even try the game it needed 150+ updates/patches and the combat is stupid you hit the enemy once and they pretty much run soo i would not suggest trying this game

andre zulkarnain

I play this game since the first version, but idk why team match mode is useless, i mean matchmaking until 2 hours and still not found any game thought, is there anyone playing this mode or is it just me,, so if you guys can pls fix this

Erfan HaRaRaT

Nice game ...

วงศ์ศา ทาโถม


Yadadamean Fool

Every good unique type game that's very f2p friendly a must try out of all the games in the app store

Bima Anggara

Wow this game had everything that I need well done and keep it up.. These game is almost perfect