Immortal Destiny: Darkness Origin

Author: UnlockGame

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Role Playing


Immortal Destiny: Darkness Origin – Classic return! New sequel of , Immortal Destiny: Darkness Origin is coming!
First 3D Vertical Open World MMORPG with 360 Degree Free Perspectives.
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– New mode to play, one-hand operation.
– Dark or Light? Choose your side and multiple secret identities.
– Abundant boss hunting and PVP are allowed on all maps.
– Customized fashion, cool mounts & wings.
– Real & Romantic social experience. Wedding, trading system and so on.

[Game Features] ▶ 360 Degree Free Perspectives◀
– See the world from a 360 degree perspective, enjoy the splendid scenes in game. Tap to switch the perspectives as you like.

▶ Secret Identity: Dark or Light◀
– Multiple Secret Identities reveal at Lv.70.
– Choose Dark or Light. Each side has four kinds of secret identities.
– Different secret identities grant you different abilities.

▶ Abundant Gameplay & Fierce PVP ◀
– PvP is allowed on all maps. Unlimited PK in the grand open map and enjoy the excitement in massive PVP. Defeat red-name raider player will have a chance to get ultimate equipment. Seize your chance!
– Cross-server PK system will allow you to chase for the Top position with players from different servers. Just show your power!
– High drop rate of BOSS. Grab rich resources from fierce BOSS while you should take care of assaults from other players.

▶ Real & Romantic Social Experience ◀
– Sweet wedding. Easy to meet someone you love in the game. Play together and grow together, hand in hand to the romantic wedding ceremony. Special wedding fashion attire and powerful wedding rings. Exclusive couple dungeon for you to explore!

▶ Free Trade System ◀
– Earn profits everyday! In the trade market, you can sell all the items you don’t need or extra gear you obtained from killing bosses or other quests. None of your items or time shall be wasted.

▶ Customized Looks: Cool Mounts & Wings ◀
– Flying mount, really cool and useful. Dozens of cool mounts including Phoenix, flying rocket Kuma bear and so on. Accompany you to travel across the grand open world .
– Abundant wings will make you stand out of the ordinary. Will you be the angel goddess and save the era of chaos ?
– Customized fashion attires make you the fashion icon.

▶ Rich Welfare & Resources ◀
– “Fair play” proceeds fast growing and level up with plenty of resources needed for growth by doing daily quests, killing bosses and unlimited PK & events.
– With the high rate investment plan, you can gain 88800 diamonds for free easily!
– Offline autoplay system helps you to upgrade and gain resources easily. 24h non-stop to be the top player. Fast grow and level up!

Grand map, free to explore, enjoy unlimited fun!

Detailed info

File size: 43M
Update time: January 15, 2021
Current version: 4.4 and up
Require Android: Everyone 10+Fantasy Violence, Mild Blood, Mild LanguageLearn more
Developer: UnlockGame
Price: Free
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Customer review

Alan Bedwell

Gonna give it a try

Heidi Holmquist

fun game!


This game is glitched or something is wrong and you need to fix it I like this game but one time when I was in the dungion the monsters hd isn't going down, and in an xserver enternal battlefield I killed the jagernaut by myself l would have got 250 points but l don't get any point even after I did some damage in the turrent.

Kathy M. Cutler

this truly a beautiful game

Muharram Elroby

good game

ioan cristian cotorobai

lags a lot sometimes. otherwise nice gamr


Degen developer cash grab of the year

karl ureta

so far so good

William Mccolpin

so far so good

Rosson Rhaincaller

Just another spend 30 min clearing all the BS adds and money grabs then, 5min your lvl 60. Really no different then the other 75+mobile rpgs. Really wish they would just make a game with depth and playability instead of afk and money grabs in the guise of games.

Vernon Diwa

Very bad game sorry

Robert Jose

This game is a scam, made an in game purchase and after few minutes it went back to my previous level, dias and everything.

Ernest Johnson

Is very good

Fvcking Brain

loved it ,first sight love

Modified Senpai

love it

Jia Gora

it's nice game

Jolly-Ace Marie Maraggun

I try to play this game because I'm a new player

frozt ozzrock

nice game

Travis Noble

really fun game

Irfat Sajal

it's a really good game 😍🤩


the game is pretty good play style wise but it definitely is p2w.. i have played multiple games mmorpg themed and desktop games as well so maybe i had a high expectation.. The nomal dia sometimes is used up instead of the due to which the top up goes to waste ..the instructions on how to buy s certain item arent detailed..other than these fixes the games pretty gud.. it would be even more appealing if more player events are included.. if not for these i would've given the game a 5..

Jerome Janapin


aaron t taylor

Keeps crashing wen loading up fed up with it didnt even get chance to redeem code games a scam

Jagie Boy

ok ra

joshua walters

needs more explanation

Qiang Jiale

I find it fun but when i was playing, i got stuck there. So, i tried to teleport, yet they said that we are not able to teleport in a battle.

muhammad ihsan mohd ghaus

I got many illegal character name warning. All i did was use the random name generator. If i can't even get pass the name input at the beginning, i don't think the rest of the game will be great and bug free.

Christopher Magaritz

Hello this is my first time doing a rating but unfortunately your game crashes as soon as it downloads the required files and if you go back into the app it shuts down after it's close to finished loading into the game. Sorry for the low rating :(

Sree Menon

Wasn't able to play even one time due to server issue.


I'll give it 4 stars because I really WANT to love this game, but the dialogue is impossible to follow. Translation feels like it was done using Google Translate rather than a professional interpreter, and the flow is really weird. The story makes absolutely no sense in English. Sorry, but I simply cannot follow along, and good RPG's require good stories.

Clement Irite

This game is awesome

Justin Thrush


ling hing

I don't recommend any unlock game if you are not spender because you gonna feels lag after that and unable to play but you check your line is on good status.

Singh Asish

Please give me some cheaters new year

Saravana Kumar

Lot of visual bugs. My character went black lol. Might play in the future if it gets popular.

Konstantine Abashidze

An "amazing" game that doesn't even start... simply crashes at the loading phase

Johnver Ortega

nice game dev

Bench Carter


Aung Khit

cool game it will better if we possible to play landscape

Fitz warren Bagnol

Why I can't open the game, I think it's got cracked I'm finish the download step , then when I open it so I can start and see if your game is good when I try to lunch it then going to patch and then it's auto close. It's always close to the screen .. black color