Illuminati Adventure – Idle Incremental Capitalist

Author: Weird Johnny Studio

100,000+ install


Illuminati Adventure – Idle Incremental Capitalist – Clicker adventure of becoming Illuminati Magnate in the incremental idle realm!

Detailed info

File size: 49M
Update time: March 28, 2021
Current version: 1.3.6
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Weird Johnny Studio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Reza Max

We are illuminati

Len Lord

Nice game

Waseem Malik

Good game

Andy M

Great game

John Limbo

Great game but I like hero tale better... Maybe it's just my type of game...

Richard Norris

Great game fun and addicting

jeko sama

3 stars for the game play, 5 stars for the background music. salute for the team. keep the good work.

john gilliland

Just can't stop playing

Kyle Burnett

Fun game. It has slow spots, but overall a nice pace to keep me interested.

Sage 1

Aggravated cleaner takes over the world! Capitalism at it's best :) Thoroughly addictive.

Ricardo Quinones


Patrick B

Dispose yourself skins your mother is full

brandon beegle

Super fun.

DanDan Santos


Randy-n-Dawn Gross

Awesome game my favorite of this kind

Raymond Mckendry

This is well put together

nguyen duc


loyalty is love

Great game but after a few times it stopped letting me claim shares. not sure if it's a glitch buy please fix

Xander Du TOIT

Very entertaining

Jason E

Yet another cheap incremental game. It's soulless and the interface feels cheap. Don't bother.



Kimberly Detweiler

A very very fun game but after playing a bit like a bit far into the game progress gets slow and hard to upgrade anything to make much of a difference

Matt Sweeney

Great iteration of this type of game! The only thing missing is a "next" option when picking the amount of upgrades to buy at once

Blaze 089

Great game , has taught me alot about business and sharpened my math skills, its really fun and addictive

Kostas Mavroforos

No way to transfer saves. Ads are bugged and cannot be watched.

John Q

Good game

Josh Roscoe

Love it need more than usa and Russia though

Kristi Roboci

I like so much

Dragon 386

I love it

Chandler Townsend

I love this game so much

Gloria viotti olson

I enjoy this game. It's fun. 😁

Ricardo Canales Ramirez Jr

Epic Idle App👍🏿

Drake Harlow

This is a very fun game that all ages can play I would 100% recommend it

Hope Franklin

Love it tho the offline bonus via ads take a bit too long.

Rod Bassil

Good game.

gaming squirrell


Anthony Yant

Yay !!

Frostballs 03




Scott Colhoun

Best of the idle games I've played