Idle Zombie Superhero

Author: Iron Horse Games LLC

50,000+ install


Idle Zombie Superhero – Superheroes must save the world from hordes of zombies!

Detailed info

File size: 54M
Update time: August 18, 2021
Current version: 1.0
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Iron Horse Games LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Dwi Nugroho

When open this game, instanly force closed.

David Grealish

Good game straight forward game, enjoyable to play. The only problem I have is that you can't choose where your attack goes when tapping the screen, so if there's a big boss attacking one of your people and you tap the screen your attack will start hitting one of the little fellas that are no where near you and you'll end up loosing. Also the music is great, I would love a copy of it.

John Joseph Manuel P. Sagaran

Cool zombie killer

Elitebro YT

It feels slow to progress after a while. The art is very nice though! I find that after a certain stage it just feels slow , I think there should be more Heroes and different mechanisms to them.

Max Livitz

a good way to kill time

Morning Woodpecker

Crashed after I watched a add to get my idle rewards... Didn't get any rewards... Red flag failure of a game... Deserves zero stars if it was possible 😠

Kyle Picard

decent so far.

Novak Beljic

Not working

muhammad hafiz

nice game and simple

Victor Westphal

Grinds to a halt after a day or so if you don't pay

Tyler Klimo

it's okay far but it's incredibly p2w and not even cheap at that. only legendary hero available you have to buy for $25 and offers a ton of in-game permanent boosts. "first play purchase" hero is almost $10. cheapest pack is almost $10. don't waste money on games that do this, there's no reason an 8bit game should be charging these prices. further, there are no descriptions of the heroes abilities. they clearly have a cool down ability, why aren't those written out?

Gavin Young

Great game and good time waster I found a bug on one of the quests where it asks me to reach wave 26 although I am on wave 30 it doesn't register above wave 21.

Bouhraoua Abdelrahmen



Please add an option to disable tutorial / forced tap, super annoying when you can't do anything.


To complete the mission to go to the zone to the arrow that shows you where it is completely off and you can't click or do anything

Trent Murren

a really nice pixel game where you can get get different types of characters and kill zombies

Marquise Yushin Mascareñas

I love the game its is very fun to play i love the heroes i want more =)

Breno Dutra

fun idle to play


Mm, m

Dicoda Barrett

I like your game i like the look i like the shape every thing but plz put multiplayer on it this time ok


At first the game shows how the disaster happened i hoped that this game has a full story and we could control the characters I wish there's a nice awsome story and we could control the characters there should be veraitie of enemies and bosses and stages should have buildigs cars there would be some rescue missions I'm expecting so many things Please make a update I don't want a idle game i want to control those characters

Ollie R

Gets way too grindy too quickly, mainly a fault of how later levels need you to get lucky that your heroes will pop the right abilities at the right time against ranged zombies and purple bosses. So you will die over and over again, and have to wait ages for money and exp to progress.

Isaac Ellingson

game tries to frontload all its systems onto a forced tutorial before anyone cares about it. this is the worst way to convince people to keep playing your game.

Brian M

Is it possible to shove ads into you play space more intrusively? Yes, this game finds a way. BUY EVERYTHING. Fun =0

Sha Senorita

it's actually pretty good


Very very Underrated

Mel V.