Idle Transformation


1,000,000+ install


Get ready to make a change – play now to reach your ultimate hero!

In every scene, you will simulate a transformation from human to your next evolution choice: Werewolf, Yeti, Alien, Mummy, and things you only imagined.

Beware, it is not always what you expected.

The Transformation Begins now!

Detailed info

File size: 75M
Update time: March 12, 2021
Current version: 1.2.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Quaa fuqua

This is so cool


I can't explain how much I like this game and it is an amazing game but can you please update it and add a vampire as one of the monsters.

Michael Garcia

232454 Aisd0827

Adavis Parent

Ok I give it 4 stars because it should be a offline game,.

Kids Rule

It is very fun but also very difficult

Shania Johnson

Its so cooool and so realistic

Erik Bowers

It's really fun

Josiah Boyd

I love this game. Next time put vampire in pick a beast thingy btw I don't think a female is a beast?

Zara Bonilla

Omg werewolf hahahahaha

Julia Rosales

This game is so cool it's very better than everything

Buck Yanits

Best game ever

Jose Sepeda

It cool

Isisah G

This game is satifying

Robert Pitts Jr

SUCKS, way to many unneeded ads....

Matthew Thomas

Really it really sent the humor

Felix The Folf

I live how realistic this is execpt from the ability to remove the text at the bottom to get a Better perspective at the legs and missing clothing feature to see if they would rip. Again love the app and would love to see more creatures: like marine aninals, dinos and much more.

Braylin Chambers

This game is amazing

Bruce Baldwin

NO ONE KNOWS... that if you use an auto clicker on this game... YOU CAN COMPLETE ALL TRANSFORMATIONS IN ONE DAY!!! And I will never tell any of you where I got this auto clicker from. NEVER!

Eli Cooper

This game is really fun I like it so much you guys should make more games like this it's my favorite game I love this game so much I played everyday it's just so 😊😊😊☺️

Jason Piscitelli

I love werewolfs

Irene Ndunda

Its fun game

SMOCKY JOE (Wolfenwing)

really good game. but i do wish you caould add muscle mass to add to your transformations or something. and the prestige up takes too long

F4DE NEO 0_0

Cool, fun and interesting game.

Adrian Rader

I can't even open it. They updated the game so now I love it 😀.

Steven Davis

Its likemake so many things


Boring game I would of gave it 0 star's.

Rebekah Dance

Can no longer get into the app, only shows the company or people that made it, can you please fix it?

Sahira Rocillo

Soo cool this is realy coool i like my ware wolf

Sun Ray

Fun classy

Michael Taylor

Amazing give me 200000000 coins

James Guthrie

This is good

Kalen Ainscough

Ok I like the game but there is just one bug I found and it is when I have 5 ruby's and I level up I try to use them but It says not enough ruby's and it cost the 5 ruby's for the 6x so if you can will you please fix it and if you do well thank you well not ruby's it's diamonds also if you make it where you can reset your beast that would be nice also please make it where on the custom monster you can put mermaid and females parts and have it where if you reset your beast you can change it

Wojtasek COOL

Pretty cool game but I want more beast's

Luke Grismore


Karina Brazzi

It's awesome

Shayne Shalla

I have a suggestion, how about a centaur half human on top, half horse on bottom

kyran gallagher


Aalok Chaki

OP pro game good

Traci Owens

Super fun and I love it


It is good

Hayden Heath


Karen Williams

Very cool that I am able to "make" my own strength of creature in this game! Looking forward to seeing the Outcome!

Tammy Caswell

So satisfying


It's a nice tapping game.

Renee Lamirande




Nathan Farney



Good game really simple

James McNamara


Ega Ntshabele

It's a great game but I wish there were more beastd like vsmpires

Jacob Pate

Nothing much about the game and fun!!!

Ronardo Jean

Fun Lots of adds

Jennifer Drabwell


Michael Ferry

Oh my place is games this is the best game

James Wyndham

I do not know anything about this game just started to download it today look like it's a pretty cool game I'm going to give it a try see if I like it

Logan Southam


davids big adventures (timber818)


Mason Agostini


gamingwith jayden


Ashton Smells

I love this freaking game

Elijah Miller

Kind of weird and kind of fun at the same time because you have to make them a monster but you don't make them kill people though but still fun like Roblox and fortnite everybody plays that game but this is fun I used to play it but it made me frustrated so I deleted it but now I'm back

Eduardo Alvarez

I love this

Vicki Anderson

It's pretty good and I don't think I have ever played a game like it

Brandon Rice

So cool I like it because I mean I'm 9 and I didn't understand transformation until this game

Alosh Alosh

Did you get the electricity 🔌

Jim Choate

I love it

Ashley Noel

I downloaded this app twice and I haven't even been able to play. It forces the app to close every time. I would love to play this game but unfortunately it still will not load so I can!


It is fun

Melissa Williamson

I love this game but it doesn't really have any guns but it's still pretty cool and it's fun to play

Nicholas Stringfellow


Yonna Cleveland

Great 👌👌 game 🎮 the the graphics are the best like I said the best best game I'm on I'm on three transformations

Reza Moayedi


Matthew Williams

its a good game but they need more monsters add more monster's please and thank you for your time

Dylan Coghan

It's amazing there are so many animals and people that you can merge into

Melissa Renfro

We're wolf 🐺

Kolbe Troxel

Get bored and if restart the mister back to a human start lower money again!!!!!!

JuJu Smith Schuster

Best transformation game ever I'm addicted foreal bruh

Benjamin Schallert


Lyle Allbritton

Even if you decline to watch an ad for a bonus, you still get a full length ad. That's really not a good sign.

Bill Tepper


Jaxon Tuttle

It is so much fun.

Chris Loftus

Too many ads that do not allow you to exit when their done, cause you to exit the game then go back in....

ChrisSrDhaMemphisPrince Walker

Great game

Wayne Stephensen

It's a shame it cost so much for one arm it's taken a week and the arm still not done Too slow a waste of space on the phone I will be getting rid of this app

aqua nats


Deathazon Killis

Good game

Wyatt Goins

It's actually very fun but the stuff is pretty expensive

Matthew Daniel

It takes soooo long😠

Jeanette Stewart

The music is really calming.

Jayden Verdes

Scary i want become yettttttiiiii I do

Doris Wilkins


Keiran Johnson

Love game but needs more transformation can we get a aging character one

Lukas Ellegood

It's pretty good so far other people don't really like it but I think it's a good game

Charyse Wilkerson

it's my favorite game

Randy Kennedy

Excellent 😊👍

Wyatt Crane

Best game ever

Lou Boyce

Quite good

Frank Jackson



Five stars this is the best game on the app store (In reality this game sucks)


For me the only problem is the Prestieg because it doesn't work