Idle Transformation


1,000,000+ install


Get ready to make a change – play now to reach your ultimate hero!

In every scene, you will simulate a transformation from human to your next evolution choice: Werewolf, Yeti, Alien, Mummy, and things you only imagined.

Beware, it is not always what you expected.

The Transformation Begins now!

Detailed info

File size: 75M
Update time: March 12, 2021
Current version: 1.2.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Price: Free
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Customer review

Randy Kennedy

Excellent 😊👍

Wyatt Crane

Best game ever

Lou Boyce

Quite good

Frank Jackson



Five stars this is the best game on the app store (In reality this game sucks)


For me the only problem is the Prestieg because it doesn't work

Jesse Hernandez

All you have to do is press buttons And it transforms.

Karen Sanchez

😀👹 the game is so easy to fly all you need to do is not doing anything

Black Arnor1442

Bad or life workmen 🥰😍😔😌😠

Luis Diosdado

Cool game

lesley collins


Kylan Wilk

Amazing tell thinknoodels to play this 5 stars

Carolina Lopez

I like how transform into a lot of stuff :)

Jaxon Moretich

I love how you can make people look like more realistic too like animals

Markas Warren

Will not boot past dev screen

Marcus Charette


Cole Opalenik

😊 best game

Janet England

My favorite

Buddy Gonzalez

It's a good game but the transformation is slow.

Chris Whiteoak

Very good

Jacob Craig

Game won't load

Micah Hoffecker


Teresa Florence

Why it take so long to download i sat for like 2 hours and it still wasnt done downloading

Lois Pope

Fun but I want to choose first transformation


It's ok

Raju Bhattacharjee

Please help me I can play with game

Alondra Hernandez

This is so cool

Janie Valero

Gooooood fun WuW

Dillon Smith

Game freezes at opening screen

Nicky Weise

App dose not even open

Lynn wilson

Apparently the no ads purchase means just as many adds as before the purchase.

Nathan Lignell

Won't even let me in the app


Fun so nice details

Pediboy Murray


Bryce Ritchey

This game is cool

Jose Miguel Hernandez

It good

Thomas Hines

it's awesome!!!! 😁

Sam Gallery

An exelent game i love it thanks idle for this amazing game(3

Albert & Kristie Ellison

really cool game, most realistic transformation progress I've ever seen. lots of people don't like sitting there for a while making slow progress, so it would be cool if y'all could ad a sandbox, where you wouldn't have to gain money to be able to transform, just finish the creature instantly! people say that the graphics aren't great, but in my opinion it's good. I mean how good can graphics get on a phone? but still some of the best graphics I've seen on a phone.

Avonte Mays

Very good game

Naomi Lee Azucena

So cooooooooooooooool 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

Sharlyn Salazar

I can't log in.

Logan Osborn


Andy Febrico Bintoro

The loading take forever. I'm still not playing anything here.

Madeleine Augustin


Majed AlAli

This game is so fun I can play this game for so long

Dale Anderson

It's is what you would think just a little heavy with the ads

Donald Oulundsen

I cant get the app to open

Jennifer Demonde

I can't play cause it blocks me at moonee funcell games srceen can someone fix this game?

Lila Cancel-Maldonado

This game is the best when I downloaded this it was so much fun I never deleted it it's the best game ever you should download

Sel Gehrman

Literally unplayable on my device for some reason

Cassie Caldwell


Eugene Sungu


Samuel Parker

I did it because that i luvvvvvve you game

Creative Kitty

I have played this game before multiple times.However now even when i try to load it up it stays on the starting screen,making it completely unplayable.

Jaxson Rose

I'm trying to play the game And it's taking too long

Giovanni Martinez


Samuel Lake

It takes too long to load and it won't load tell me what's wrong with it or can someone tell me how to fix it and in the future when you update this game can you update it so it does not take like 50,000 years to load wait did I say years I meant hours dyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Fix-It game Bye

Doris Kreke

It is a good of a game but it takes too much time but I want to get it done quick this game is the worst too many ads ammonia rated you cannot do it a do it later

Troy Wilkerson



It was the best game ever I played it is so fun and I love it is just the best game

shequilla hinkson

It is great but it took me 50 minutes to finish one character when I last had this game my problem is that it's takes to long to to finish and the ads you have to remove that from the game that's and those are my problems

Jose Aceves

Best game ever

Javen Taeza

When I download it won't even let me in the game

CorDarious Young

This is a good game

Zaman Ahmad

bad game

Andre Furman


Dominik Radtke

Really fun

jacob walker

Could not get past loading screen to play.

Adina Chifu

It's a making human game I like it

Jenie Latorre

no no no bad

Alyssa Frasier


Robert Maxwell

Horrible I can't idle transformation it just won't let me play and I had to wait a long time isn't working can you fix it😔




This game won't load on my phone

Robert Camacho

This game is terrible

Daniel Schuh

Cool concept but takes a (ridiculously) long time to load (especially for the first time Actually I'm still waiting on it to load 🙁😕☹️😟😩😮‍💨

Francis Goodhew

Good good good.

Billy whitehead101


Thane Seifried

One of the best games I've ever played

Da group cLan


Stephanie Dodson


Debora DT


Rayshawna Collins

It is good you earn money for more parts

cristina martinez

I can't play it just shows who made the game

Victoria lane

hi very sorry to give this game 1 star but the game won't even go on to the game for me it's just staying on the very first bit it shows you if this is resolved I'll reinstall the game as I would like to play it but till I can actually play it I'll be uninstalling it for now

Josh miller

won't even let me play it glitches then kicks me

Damien Swink

Just amazing

Rebekah Dance

Can no longer get into the app, only shows the company or people that made it, can you please fix it?

Joshua Loven

It's broken and just gets stuck on the loading screen. No idea why but needs to be fixed.

Alex Gregg

It is fun I love it

shahzad amir

I did not like the game because I can't even pot a wolf hand

Haoyang Wang

I saw it and downloaded it, but It just freeze in the starting screen, no matter how long I waited. I even tried to re-download, but it still don't work. Can someone tell me how to fix it?

Oretha Nupolu

I love the game

Jane Kelly

The winky Wonky Donkey


I couldn't even play the game because it wouldn't load

Gabriel Black


Tracy Howery

The best

Ewan Eaves

I think it is fun to make and transform people in to monsters👍

James and Thomas memes Harrison

Game won't load fix it it is my fav game pls fix it