Idle Tramp – Bum Simulator

Author: Little Bit Games

100,000+ install


Do you wanna feel like a homeless guy?
Now you can try it in this simulation game. Start as a poor bum on the street, earn money, improve yourself to become rich. You can open new skills, buy new clothes and equipment and improve personal qualities.
Just click on energy button and strangers will give you some alms. Then upgrade skills and click more. Try to become the richest bum on the world!

Detailed info

File size: 58M
Update time: April 14, 2021
Current version: 0.92
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Little Bit Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

الهه مهربانی



I dance all mid-evily.


I'm cool w/ watching ads for bonuses; but when I decide to NOT watch an ad for a bonus, yet and forced to watch an ad anyway for no bonus, I can not get to the uninstall button fast enough.

Joseph Streng



If you exit the game and go back in and try to exit the welcome back area it wouldn't let you play the game it would just keep giving you money and even if you just log out the game and go back and I'll do the same thing so you only can play the game for a couple minutes and if you press level up it does the same thing

Thomas Maynard

Forced ads, crashing just poorly executed and gets dull fast



Matthew Hamilton

Forced ads, even when you opt not to take a "benefit" via watching an ad. Trash.

Charnae Leigh


Wafiq Minecraft


Big poppa Stoner

Damn good game

Aiden Chong.

I Like This Game

Rick Arnold

Everytime you level up which is very often you have to watch a ad even though you dont click the watch ad option for more coins. I got rid of it, it's so annoying.

Damon Bunce


david bott

Love it

Gena Brouhard

It cool no bugs at start

Jahir Melendez

Best game ever

Tawon Ar

ก็โอเค เล่นแก้เบื่อ มีโฆษณานานๆมาที

Jeffrey Eldridge

My eyes are on fire



Ashley Anne Armbruster

The game so fun!

Daniel Scott

So far it's not a bad game

Sito Berry


Zachary Swords

It's great honestly no bugs I like the ads its great should be on the for you

เรไร รวงทอง มาดามพี่ขวัญ

This gsme is good

Clara Nasriddinova

10/10 Отличноя Игра.

Syudi Fynaz

i like this game you made So incredible! i think theres no ads

Yea im gamer.

Crash on launch

Amanda Garza

Rose gay

Jeff.7 Schulz

The best game ever

Ty Wilson

It telled me to

Martina Williams

So funny by the reactions

Maka Sesitashvili

this game is no bad

samantha u

The 'x' buttons do not work, which forces you to watch the ad to close the box that covers the entire screen.

ka chan


Edward Schmucker

I like this game wot to play more

Levi Tilbury

I love it so much 😍

Misdemeanor Felony

Good game

Deion Hobbs


Benjamin Hansen

This game is good

Yash Tiwari


Mohd Zim Ismail

So good

Angyixunpro in roblox AngYiXun1223

Now I kinda like this guys 5 star

Cheronne Senior Social Corner

I list like it because it is fun

Jocelyn Choo

The game is good

Tessa Surber

Really great game

Nat Shepherd

There is an uncountable amount of ads

SamsulAffendi Rusdi

I like this game

A Google user

This game is REALLY good, and I started it like 15 seconds ago!! I LOVE THIS APP PLEASE GIVE THIS APP THE BEST GAME REWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyberious Ottele

Oppressed the Homeless

Ducks unlimited

It's amazing

Jacob Wayhoff


josefina mendoza

I can't download this 🥺😭

A Google user


Bobby Sweeney

i love this game and you the guy who made this game

Yana Husni

😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡rewed ya Susa nah tekan x ye

mirvat fawaz


A Google user

I like taping

ralex pukk

It is the best ever

Mase P

It's sad because theys a homeless person

Jb Jb

love it!!!!

jakotah Lasee

I likes this bro

Jerri baird

Great game

Debra Stewart

Its fun

Syamin Irfan

bes lq


an exercise in watching ads, weak game play and long gap j to get last tier. I ain't got time for that.

Willow Claxton

OMG like 👍and the way 😍

Lin Aelin

This geme so fun

Sara gurung

Its fun!

Tamara King

It's fun

HDR Gaming

Ini game seru bangat baru main udah seru

Omar Mahyub

I like this game it so cool

Chelsea Salazar

This game is about I can tell you about a homeless person I can tell you a story about it homeless persons at the money so they can get rich that's what this game's about stuff you want to try that do not try it cuz if you're already which they're going to know so please don't try it if you're rich but if you're homeless then you can try it this is about a homeless person that's about a homeless person you don't just give them money and just say by just say bless your heart if she's asleep next

lance raven tamboong

This is awesome 😎😎😎😎😎

Sarah Loh

Game is so koul

Don Oconnell

Osum but it would be nice if it didn't have ads

Dustin Stiltner

This is a very really Awesome game 🎮💯

Alex Cheung

urjhxih7doai has a good time 🌃⏲️😌👌☺😊🌃⏲️😌👌☺😊🌃⏲️😌👌☺😊🌃⏲️😌👌☺😊🌃⏲️😌👌☺😊🌃⏲️😌👌☺😊🌃⏲️😌👌☺😊🌃⏲️😌👌☺😊🌃⏲️the only way that you zoom out in a different is a bit 7uucjfzr.4zzrtuudzdzfuif9d92iezt88tue9e98ufororufhhhtjgjgjgjfjfjfjfjhfhcnchhfhfhfjfjfjdooeiie9owk2o8rhthjdjrjfjjfj82 irupj.knz3zzte2z and e7z544

Sheri Davis

Love the game 💖

K MacD

I would give it 0 stars if possible. Every time you open the app all your progress resets. AND it closes and freezes repeatedly. If there was a reward for the worst game, this would get two of them. Edit: I have just discovered there are fake 5 star reviews and I hate this game more now.



Zomboss Zom


Andrew Simpson

None of the videos actually give me money so I waste 30 seconds of my life for nothing. There's no idle money when you log back in. And you can't really tell what's going on with your income I.e. no way to see what you actually earn. It's also pretty slow going and limited upgrading for your character. Definitely fun for a little bit tho.

Ashlynn Keep

Nice man.


This app is cool I like it But there is 1 problem the ads is annoying me



Sharen Romero

Lm. Rich. Yay. It so. Fun


Very good game

Walter Smith

good game p

Mr Blue

Ignore the fake 5 star reviews, this is an ad spammer.


Best game world fames


Not even enjoyable

Donovan Davis


Jose Fuentes

This game is the best Dumb wit now you become a millionaire

Jayann marie

Keep it up! :) I love the game pls update more

Cameel habib habab




Victoria Ellis

I love it

Muskan Sain

Good game

Yana Chan