Idle Trading Empire

Author: Bling Bling Games GmbH

50,000+ install


Idle Trading Empire – Produce and sell goods, establish new trade routes and build a trading empire!

Detailed info

File size: 90M
Update time: September 9, 2021
Current version: 1.2.5
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Bling Bling Games GmbH
Price: Free
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Customer review

Josh Glover

Good idle time clicker

Michael Watts

So far so good, progress seems slow and daily reward requiring advert kind of sucks

Daniel Arias

Not a game. Just another sequence of dull, repetitive tasks that lead to more of the same. Neither it provides a challenge, nor you run the risk of failure, neither your choices (if there is any) make an impact. A waste of 10 minutes of my life (I got more reward out of writing this review than of trying out the app). Postnote: The developer's automated, non specific response was issue over a month later. It goes to show "how dedicated" this team is to their products.

Charles Mottern

Is pretty good

Clint Muse

ok slow

ManCaveWargamer Dawes

Good game

Ashish Agarwal

Really Good

Jerry Waller


Adam Smith

Easy going game

Aamir Ghaffar

Its good and time pass game

Fridae Hagler

Nice and easy

Tariq Aziz

Good games

Kyle Smith


Raju Rokka

नोत बद

Mikey McLachlan


Anmol Jivan

I like this game ever

Ananya Mohapatra

It's good, 😊

Matti Westzeit

I downloaded it 2 times an it doesn't open. I cant play it. Why?

Sabas Martinez


Amerea Ryder

Pretty decent idler so far, controls are simple and the game runs very smoothly. I'll add a bit more feedback when I've played a little longer. :)

C Cain


Arez Kusuma


Bad Pretender

simple and easy to understand

Zane Zorn


Scott Schickram

Fun game

Michael Thomas

Good game

Azis Khaakim

demi gems gw riview

Ross Taylor


Chris Jaumol


A Google user

So far very straightforward. Like the offline income so you don't have to be logged in permanently. Good time waster

L Scorpio

Very basic clicker. Nothing to really "see". Played for about a week now, and I've not seen any way to get more guild members. It's okay to kill some time, but nothing to really "get into".



Florald Kukaj

It was 5 stars but when i tried to rebuild so i can get mor incam it stuck every time i tried and the game just stop working.the only way i coud 0lay again was to delite the stored infofmation on the setingd.

David Timms


Americo Michael

It is good to spend time without internet connection


Nice play until few restarts game frozen and not able do anything even I restarted it few times.

amit arora


Angus Steele

Ads aren't in your face, mechanics are easy to understand and upgrading is very well paced, overall I thoroughly enjoy the game so far and look forward to future updates 👍🏼

John B

Need to see goods on hand. Otherwise good game

David Williams

Fun new game really enjoyed it

Anette Strydom

Great game to pass time

Kibanda Tv

Nice game

Micheal Murphy

Good so fair only started playing it

Harley Wicks

Not a bad game.

Afsh Sggsbs

great game fun 2 play hope this game grow well

Eric Bisson

The game is easy and you can jump right in without any trouble. Some adds

Richard Allen

Great game

Adrien DJ

Every boost needs an ad to run... kinda exhausting if you want to progress. However it is a cute game.

Andrew Clare


Pin Point

Cool game.

Josef Andersson

I just started so can't give more than 3 stars. Okay it's awesome!

stavros dias


Hamran Marman

It's a really, really horrible game, if you're looking for the meaning of life. If you're just here to play video game; and like an incremental, idle-games; and don't mind the outdated (but still beautiful) graphics; and don't mind occasional rewarding ads; and don't mind a little IAP (or a f2p player), then it's a great game.

Chhunga Kawlni

pu zoramthanga in hria em..

Nasir Ch Nasir Ch

Good game

Nay Lynn

Excellent game

Shawn Menard

Time passer gray

Simple enjoyable game. Some of the negative reviews don't make sense. I like the art and music of the game.

Preeti Jain

Op game

Phillip Petty

Visually, not as appealing as other games I have enjoyed playing, and could use some improvements on the overall UI, but otherwise I am really enjoying the game and mechanics. Could be my new time sink.

Blue Light

A good unique, relaxing game.

Shana Tull Photography


Devin Phillips

Artwork is really nice but more ingame information would be nice. Gameplay is smooth but slow. Music starts off as being nice but will get old if you play for too long in one sitting. I noticed several times my $ per second drop for no reason. I had to quit when I was earning less than 20k per second and I completed a goal without being able to afford the first quarry upgrade (I believe it was around 17M). Maybe worth trying if you're going to play for a few minutes every few days.

Emily Jo

Slow game

safwat abo elsaoud

Good game

mark beckner

Good game 👍

Siddharth Desai

Nice game

Andy Llaneta

It's good and the graphics is nice

Mahendra Ilag


Manish R Damor



Fun but feels incomplete and super slow. Latest event seems to break cloud saves too. Removing ads is rediculously expensive. Hopefully the devs fix a lot of the issues. Great to waste 5min every few days but not much beyond that.

Gavin WOrland


Sibi Kuttan tv


Brian King

bad: Ads are 29$ to remove; Advertisements make me think the developer doesn't like his game...since all ads try to make you leave. This "clicker" is midgrade high for things to do. Grade: B Good: lovely graphics. simple (too simple?) Needs: summary page. this is brainless clicking without being able to clarify which item is making the most $ Needs: more music. :-) Summary: wonderful clicker to see other games in the genre. Their adcertisement AI is very good. The graphics are very good. Don't commit to 29$ if the developer doesn't commit to you staying. Also: one of the better clickers i have seen for graphics, simplicity, stability, low storage requirement, good music... smoothness. clapping. It is nice for what it is. It is a ad bot.

Hanzo Kazama


Joseph Smits

Game is a good time waster. Everytime I log out, though, it seems to reset my progress. Kind of frustrating.

shujeet sarker


Si Harvey

Simple but catchy trading game. Love it

Steve Roach

Fun game

RaKeril's Gaming

Honestly, it is... A mix of decent and just boring. Not what I was expecting. Main reason for the 3 stars is that it is built well and the music is good.

Deni Yuniar


Les Pearsall

Good way to waste time. I'd give a higher rating if there were instructions or hints on how to do some things. Been using the guild members since they arrived and still no experience. Not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Khandaker Shahriar Shamit

Good Game.

Jacob Letsclick

A good time killer. Keep up the good work.

Brendan Boyer

great game

Salvatore Puleio

Funny game i recommend it to pass the time.

omar nabwani


Adam Schlachter

Very fun so far!

Britt Britt

I gave it 3 stars for gave some trouble before and I'm watching to see how it goes..and if it meets my expectations I will change the ratings.

Michael Smith

Sigh. Efforts lost multiple times. Failed to save to cloud - check your internet. Which I assure you is fine. Googling gives nothing. Bye.

Nick Stubbs

So far so good

Keanu Bramwell

Very different to other idler increment games. Very enjoyable too. Trading posts and different regions. Only on my first region so far so I'm curious to see what new elements inter region trading brings. The point of the game is to dominate trading routes. If you like Europa Universalis and similar games you'll enjoy this one.

Sahil Ch


Taqdees Ali Syed


shoaib ansary Shovon


chris chukwu

I like the concept but earnings are usually low and upgrades are outrageous.

Lionel Low

Zero gameplay and lots of ads watching

Dan Duke

Can't open the free guild chest,I've restarted the app several times,I click open and nothing happens. The game itself is ok but I'm going to have to uninstall it as it's draining my phone battery at an alarming rate.

Gerard Brazeau

Cool quick tutorials...and good game pace action.

Mahmudul Hasan

quite good till now..will see in future