Idle Tower Miner

Author: Pixel Keep

1,000,000+ install


Your mission is to mine down into the depths and gather stone to build the tallest tower on earth. And because that’s not enough, you can earn more money with every floor you build and become richer than a tycoon!

How much stone will you gather and how tall will your tower be? The use of rare and legendary pickaxes can help you!

In Idle Tower Miner you can manage your workers so they will build and mine more while you are idling and not playing!
Unlock new abilities to constantly improve!

This miner simulator combines clicker and idle elements, so you can be productive while playing and while NOT playing.

☆ Build a tower into space and unlock new maps and chests that contain pickaxes
☆ Discover unique areas on the map with new resources
☆ Open rare chests and unveil items that help you on your mining adventure quest
☆ Hard working workers are rewarded with chests, equip yourself and your workers with rare legendary pickaxes and profit even more
☆ Unlock abilities that are improving while you’re idle
☆ Upgrade your buildings and automate your profit
☆ Every 10 levels the rank of your floors increases and your basic income is boosted massively
☆ Even when you’re offline your workers will work for you and build your tower

☆ Lots of epic and legendary pickaxes to unlock
☆ Lots of abilities to unlock
☆ Lots of money to gather (it just won’t end)
☆ Lots of floors to build (you could build into space)
☆ Lots of stone to mine
☆ Lots of workers to manage

So what are you waiting for? Play Idle Tower Miner now, the tower and miner game of 2020 and become the best builder!

Detailed info

File size: 62M
Update time: May 2, 2021
Current version: 1.63
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Pixel Keep
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jennifer Proctor


Ty Wilson

Telled me to

Jody Svensson

1000 star 🌟 🤩 ✨ 😍 ♥ 💖 🌟 🤩 ✨ 😍 ♥

Duncan Terry

This game is a lot of fun despite its very hostile pricing. What's unacceptable is how much the app crashes, freezes, and fails to recognize when you've watched an Ad. You get lots of goodies and speedups for watching ads, cool fine and normal, but I want to say every 1 in 5 ads play, but the game fails to recognize that I did it, so I don't get the benefit of watching it. If you want me to watch an ad for in game money, sold. If you want me to watch an ad for a chance at in game money, NO.

David Dodge

It's a solid game all around keep up the good work

nonya business

I loveeee this game so muchhhh it is sooooooo muchhhhhh funnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jonathan Morales

Nice game

James Berto

Absolute garbage. Update removed all bonuses (including real money paid). Fix didn't return any progress or cash shop items. No word from dev.

Tribal Echo

Their new "update" wiped all my purchases as progress ... EDIT: the game is fully up-to-date and my purchases are still not there... UPDATE: The game is fully up-to-date and my purchases still can't be restored... UPDATE: Deleting and reinstalling has no resolved the issue...

Perry Greenefae

There any particular reason why I bought the "no ads" thing but still got ads when using the wheel of fortune? Edit 5/26-> not just did the update not fix that for me, instead it - reset *all* of my progress - is giving me all advertisments and not actually "restoring purchases" when I tell it to do so... :/.

Cody Ward

(Update) After updating, uninstalling and reinstalling my progress has returned back to normal. Still disappointed this happened, but at least it's fixed for now

Ken R

Was a 5 star game, now it started bring up setting on start up and has reset ALL my progress, not happy about that. Not sure I cam be bothered to grind through it again. Update, it's just reset itself again, fist loss I was on floor 24 and second loss was on floor 8. Don't think I will bother anymore. Third update; developer has responded really quick and fixed the bug(and gave me a bonus) so back up to 5 stars!


The game is great, a nice time killer

ToppingCoyote 17

Don't get me wrong its a good game but every time I exit the game and want to start it back up again it make me reset all of my progress. Please fix this problem for me.

Nick Garland

I was having fun about to hit floor 25 and your stupid update completely restarted my game. Super lame

Payam Jabbari

Why did the game return to the settings of the first day?

Maurice Jones

DO NOT BUY ANYTHING, DON'T EVEN BOTHER DOWNLOADING. All progress lost, purchases gone. My review got deleted so I'm trying again. Stay away until devs fix the game

Corbin Kelnhofer

Your last update erased my progress. Not happy about this. Glad I've never spent real money on this game. If you can't fix this, I'll uninstall this game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gerson Torres

Was a good game, til i lost all my progress and had to start new again after the game asked me for my age… B.S. im pissed

Ssabor Does

Sadly just a waste of time. The game is quite fun and time killer. The problems are the price of everything in the shop which isn't a game killer but it does detter. The other issue is just losing ALL progress is the game. All your diamonds, gold ,and pick axes. Including all the premium ones and you grinded multiple tournaments to get. With no way to get anything back it's a wasted time for nothing.

overdrive studios

All of my progress was gone when i reopened the game

علي الحجار

Make it easier please

Patricia Pauline Surrey

Once you get past the learning curve it's addictive


I feel like the prestige multiplier doesn't work

Sebastian Woodroof


Tj Nordby

I played this game for 5 minutes and felt like I saw everything this game has to offer. Don't play this game, it really isn't worth your time at all.


LP compatible, wouldn't be fun otherwise

Claudia Blackstone

NEW ISLAND!!!!!! !!!!!!!

nobody knows

Very good piece of work

Derobb Family

I'm going to give five stars for right now I'm liking this game I feel like you might be missing something not completely sure what it is but I'm liking the game add events and more fun to it maybe a little bit of Greek comedy somehow in here I don't know

lil WebToe

Quite nice

Bro Aroma

Fun game.. to many ads

MD Ediirruyfret


Adnan Shabbir

Best game

Chris Hatten


Evan Sandwith

Very good

tracy atkin

Fun and great

Caetani Brothers

i love this game

toroo toroo


Christian Wilkinson

I love this game

zachary Ingemansen

Super fun and have been playing for 2 or so hours straight

Jay Carpenter

A slog to get through espically when you're nearing the first prestige. 1 reason is that your production when you're not playing the game is like 1/100 th of your production in game. Also the crane thing that takes your stone to build the tower doesn't go down to my lowest mine.

Steve Rose

I love this game but I wish there were more areas to explore and visual diagrams that show all the available pick axes and how to get them. Or just daily missions that unlock one of a kind items.

Robert Lillis



Boring, very boring

OTL Otter

A hidden gem. Entirely free to play with affordable packages for convenience. Can be played offline, and online only seems to add completely optional advertisements, and the cash store. Participating in tournaments is important! I'd like to see different difficulty levels for tournaments, right now you'll only lose if you don't play. It looks nice, and responds quickly. Prestiging(Reseting progress for certain boosts to overall stats.) is actually a challenge that you will have to work for.

David May

Fun idler, easy navigation & straightforward gameplay!

brad garrison

I love the game decause there is no adds and it is just a really fun game 😀 😄 👍 😁

Debra Holmes

So mych fun and excited to level up

Jake Carcopa

Fun game I really enjoy it!

Jonathan Baer

Lots of clicky fun so far. Kinda like adventure capatalist

Sahid Hussain



Fine right up until it flashes a massive full screen "buy now" option while you are in the middle of tapping a tap heavy idle game

No Really

Pretty fun game, fairly basic but enjoyable and i keep coming back everyday. I would rate five stars, my only minor complaint is the daily rewards don't ever reset...

Jessica Upson

Whenever I open the game it brings up the settings for the game in my phone phone settings. I can close that and continue playing. But it's an issue I thought you might want to know about Another issue I have encountered is when I started the new tournament it reset my main tower to match the progress of my new tournament tower

Robert Ely

Will give 5 stars if problem is fixed. When I login after hrs of not playing I don't get my offline gold.

dan cruz

Why would you put the upgrade thru diamond there where you tap and mine. Even if you have sure. It will surelly be accidentally clicked??? Ive just wasted precious diamonds just to upgrade 1. And it takes too long for first prestige. As an idle casual game, you could have given the first prestige easy to achieve.

Wai Ho Cheung

Slow and boring.

Mike Bystrom

Six months since the complaint on the tournament resetting everything and nothing has changed. Obvious shovelware with no actual fixes.

Taylor Carter

$15 to double your income and speed! Which they could do for free. $120 premium currency as your best deal!! $6 to remove some ads! (not all of them though) $12+ pickaxe, which you need three of to upgrade. Constant pushing of buying new stuff. Prestige mode to force extra purchases constantly. Basic unity assets. This is worse than supporting NFTs.

Jocelyn Baslot

Haha hahaha hahaha I'm mine


Tournaments are bugged to hell. Doing one resets your main game progression to the very start, tutorial and all.

Chris JC

I lost a year and a half of progress this month! It was a nice time killer game, but to lose everything with one update??, no thanks! Buh bye

Tom Chatfield

Solid idle game!

Sian King


damien bartolozzi

It's refreshing to play a game without forced ads. A+

Eliya Mmm

good game 😻😻

David Booker

Can't stop playing it 😂

James Ouellette

This is a pretty good game not going to lie. I was expecting the same old but it has new aspects I enjoy. Worth a try. ☺️

Ricky Vroubel

The abilities dont actually work...

Tim Journey

I love this game, Keep it up!

Zygimantas Skatikas

Like it

CC Solos

Pretty good game

Co G

Good for the first 1 hour and then it is the same game with no new content. 100% repetition game with no additional content or life to it.

Soheil Yakuza

the best in the world

Alex B


Muhamad rebwar

بەڕاستی یاریەکی خۆشە

Maryanne Briese

Good game


Get a new phone and now I lost all my upgrade can't find the way to log back with my account.

Joel Recla

A pretty simple and fun game.

Good Baby


Andy Febrico Bintoro

Need cloud save and google play achievements. The gameplay was like idle miner.



Darren Seiler

Digging up your money

Harpal Singh

Nice ❤️

Heather Calkins

A good offline game overall

Noah Grable

It's ok

Alpa Bhatt


Ramon Villa

Very fun


Pretty good game 👌🏼

Allison Twigg

Not acually a idle game the game has to be open to gain progress


It's great game other than the ads not working to give you double rewards or the ads you can watch in the store to gain diamonds or gold the ads either don't load and you need to restart your game or they do load and you get to the end but there is no way to exit them other than restarting your game and before I rated this problem i even tried pressing the back button witch always exits you to your game if the add has no x either this is a coding problem or someone who don't understand marketing

Doug Stiltner

Great idle Tower miner game

Suzzette Acibar

Im so happy

Quake Ev

1437 hours played Its ok, progress gets stagnant though

Classy Mobiles

This game is fun and all but sometimes it lages

Philip Hess


Banana Joe

Ghuzfhhg..... something like that!

husen77 husen77


Dexter Sample