Idle Tower Kingdom

Author: Myrolit Studios

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Idle Tower Kingdom – Who doesn’t dream about being a truly powerful king in a fantasy world full of magic towers? Arise as the ruler you were always meant to be, build elemental towers with idle defense mechanisms, protect your kingdom with magic spells and runes, and loot heaps of gold as you progress!

Build up your empire of automated towers and boost your defense with alchemical potions of might and luck. Mine additional resources to upgrade and expand your kingdom as you keep up with the challenge of incoming enemies and their bosses. Optimize your strategy through tower placement and skill selection to progress as many waves as possible – even offline with the help of your commander! Be completely idle and let your towers do the work or support them through active tapping in this TD kingdom simulator.

Idle Tower Kingdom is a medieval fantasy tower defense game that mixes clicker mechanics with casual idle play to maximize action and fun. Defend the castle walls of your kingdom from incoming waves of enemy invaders and automatically loot all of their gold. Build magic towers with unique elemental abilities and unleash their full idle potential with powerful upgrades. Each wave spawns a boss and increases the strength of your enemies, letting you loot more and more gold when you defeat them.

Hoard gold like a king and invest in the right tower strategy to demonstrate your power. Enhance their abilities with magical runes and artifacts for even greater might. Like in other online clicker games you can use the Prestige function, turn back time and condense your progress into permanent rune stones to become richer and more powerful with each new round.

Don’t lose time! Take your rightful place as king and defend your empire from the invaders!

◆ Strategy and action of TD combined with the fun of idle and clicker games!
◆ Defend the castle of your kingdom against the endless waves of enemies with angry peasants, tough soldiers, and sneaky mercenaries!
◆ Build up to 6 towers like the classic bow and arrow tower or towers with mighty magic like fire, frost, lightning, earth, or shadow!
◆ Defeat the various boss enemies with their special set of skills like the fast-moving berserker, the healing druid, or the resurrecting necromancer!
◆ Optimize your strategy: Level up your towers and increase their power by investing points in their talent trees with 10 unique talents and an ultimate talent!
◆ Tap to support your towers and shoot mighty spells against your enemies or use your 2 magic skills to overcome the challenge of defending your kingdom!
◆ Earn idle gold and progress waves offline or online: Continue the defense of your kingdom even when you are offline!
◆ Forge up to 50 runes at the smith and unlock 20 unique mythical runes to automate the defense of your kingdom or speed up your wave progress!
◆ Brew 6 powerful potions and poisons at the alchemist for more gold income, automated tapping, or to defeat whole waves of enemies!
◆ Tap to catch the magical fairy to earn free gold and other precious loot like herbs, runestones, materials, and jewels.
◆ Raise your nobility rank to unlock and upgrade your 3 production buildings for even more loot: A king like you should be richt at least!
◆ Battle through the 4 seasons in this medieval fantasy TD simulator with a fun comic-style!
◆ Ascend your kingdom and earn more than 100 epic rewards!
◆ Optimized for smartphones and tablets!

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Detailed info

File size: 70M
Update time: March 12, 2021
Current version: 1.1.1
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Myrolit Studios
Price: Free
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Customer review

Thi Võ

trò chơi hay, dễ gây nghiện, đồ họa đẹp


Good Apps

Emad Alhalabi

Very fun and addictive tower defender game and cool graphics


great game, frequent updates. You can tell the creators care about the game, will definitely be a really big game one day!

Sevy Epan

Fun and addictive tower defense game.

Navam Gupta

I love games like these, tower defence. A well made fun and addictive idle game. love it!

Shahadot Hossain

Best tower defence and addictive gameplay. I love to play this game. Graphics are awesome and easy to play. I love it.

WP FireBase

It's really fun to play this game, it offers you really great time, has great functions with really good graphics, highly recommended.

Saadi Solutions

Very nice fun idle game with cool tower defense and clicker addictive game.

Modise Kemelo

The best tower defense game, so addictive and loads of fun playing it.

Srečko Levačič

Its fun idle game. Nice graphics and colors. Fast fingers needed :)

NAK Technology

Nice game to play very intersting game to play movment and Kingdom than you play this game and enjoy free time


Very fun tower defense game with goog animations and art. Fun to tap the screen too for shooting at the enemies.


Great game. Very challenging and addictive tower defense game. Love it

Youssef Mossoba

This game offers a great fun time. The tower is cool, every aspect of the game is well designed.

Sadekul Islam

Very addictive and interesting tower defence game. Graphics awesome. 5 *****. Highly recommended

Za S4active

Wow, thanks for quick reply. And a fix, of course. I am thrilled with you guys. Updating right now. 🙂

Sheldon Armstrong

A good game but the constant facebook login as well as opening facebook is an extreme turn off, I don't want to add my facebook but it halts all gaming, rather make it in game under a settings option otherwise 4 stars. Edit: The gameplay slows down considerably when you reach a certain stage where it's near impossible to continue without resetting

Derek Bodle

Good game. But the stage progression slow after a certain point

James Anderson

Idle tower defense game is awesome game. I use to kill my time with this.

Dr Mico

Very good tap tap game for time pass I like it very much.

Annika Jain

Super fun game. Been addicted to it. I think this is one of the best tower defense games out there. Great job!

Aishik kirtaniya

nice and fun idle tower defence game, lots of levels but need a change in difficulty

Kagiso Seekoei

This addictive game hooks me every hour of the day.

Artyom Grigoryan

Very addictive and interesting tower defense game with attractive graphics. 5 starts!

Rajat Singh

Its is very cool tower defense game. My son loves it playing. This is his favourite game. Nice.

Kushi Labisto

Good game. Can you make that prestige cover at least 10% of covered run? Overall user friendly game!

sujan basnet

Tower kingdom is very good game. I played many times and I like this game a lot. Amazing game very smooth performance

DEhai FU


Khawajgan Basti

Worst game ever that I have played


Very cool game , fun to play it

Hadiz Studio

Wow. Fantastic game .very addictive game.Love to play idle tower kingdom. And thanks for free coins.

The Viral Game

Very fun and addictive gameplay...

Hussam Sy

Amazing app, UI is very attractive. I recommend to all!


It's Very Nice Gaming App and you can use Cool Tower Defence and Very Easy to use.

Phil Nelson

Kind of fun but it throws a lot of concepts at you all at once so it's hard to build. Also there are talents that effect attributes that aren't clear: I can reduce my miss chance by 5% but I don't know what my miss chance is. Flame tower is similar with its mysterious overheat mechanic.

Paul Hornsby

It was a good game but now I cannot get any ads for rewards or watch the ad to get more idle rewards when logging back in. This makes the game so hard to play. I have tried restarting my phone, deleting and redownloading the game and clearing my phones cache but nothing works. This started not long after the galaxy s10 update. EDIT 2 It's fixed now, the update turned off Android webview in the settings. Re-enabling this and restarting phone fixes it. Advise this if others suffer the same problem

Ryan H

Why have you capped the game at like 20fps? It's giving me a headache even playing this game lol. Give me the option to remove the frame rate cap, I'm not trying to go blind. Good potential but actually unplayable in this state. It's 2021 guys.

Ted Brosby

Fun idle game, cool tower defense, quite made me addicted... Worth playing

harry Mwatoki

a very fun and addicting game that you can play while doing something else and furiously tap every once in a while and then go back to what you were doing before. 😍😍Loved it