Idle Squad

Author: MoMoGameStudio

100,000+ install


Idle Squad – an idle game that combines cards with stage clearing

Detailed info

File size: 116M
Update time: August 6, 2021
Current version: 1.4.1
Require Android: 5.1 and up
Developer: MoMoGameStudio
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ucup Dbatman

You should fix bug where some players can level up their heroes exceed max level...!!!

sam hedding

Is this a good game, absolutely. But the really amazing thing is their staff. I had a problem and in a matter of a couple days, they took care of it and helped me out. I can't say enough about how much I appreciate them! You all rock!

Michael Rodriguez

Dear game developer, the bug is still active. It was never fixed after the update. I'm still not receiving rewards for watching ads. I'm not going to spend money on a game if the game won't even give me rewards after watching an ad.

UwU Waifu

I like the game, but the developers are lazy. The same bugs that made me quit a few months ago are still in the game. Unable to claim bonus after reaching the specified number of chests opened. Screen blacks out when trying to watch ads to double rewards. Overall I think this is a nice game... if there weren't still so many bugs.

Dave H

This is a pretty decent idle RPG. The graphics are of the old 8-bit style, though I feel the head and body proportion could be improved, as it looks like a head sitting on a very squished body. If you enjoy games like AFK Arena, you should check this game out.

Donovan Loreman

This is a semi-idle game. And it has it's charm. But it is not good when every 5th ad you watch (not forced, but for extras) comes with a completely blank screen and you have no way to exit except to leave the game and reboot.


100 recommended from second account since it finally got a f update


It was great until the recent update, they just locked you out of more stuff.

Hanlet Escano

Installed the game, opened, first instruction was to tap on something. Tap on it. Ad came up. Uninstalled!

Mitch Romano

Buggy, feezes a lot. Cannot open the Character Gallery without it feezing.

Tobias Isaksson

It's okay. Found a bug in the hero detail page where it locks my game in place and I can't go back. Feels like a lot of the animations are too much (making the experience kind of slow). I feel like a lot of the game mechanics are also just made boring because of the huge amount of ads required to watch. Example being the 15 x 30 second ads you need to watch to get one 3 star hero for the day and then you can watch 1 video for 1 piece of gear, but it's not certain you get gear for heroes you own

William Ziegler

Easy to understand, interesting idle game. Only one issue. Can't collect the 100 gems in hero gallery when unlocking new heroes. Seems to get stuck as the back button on lower left don't work.

Joshua Sielitzsky

Only bad thing, the hero gallery doesn't work so you can't claim your gem reward for unlocking heros

Dragon ov

Love this game but I got a half star imperial soldier after I watch enough ads to get the 3 gold star????? And why is there SO MANY cards that u can't can't use at all


I like this game because I like the heroes abilities including Ares


dont stop playing for even a second if u want to keep your progress in this scam

Luxfi Ahmad

Nice game

lets plaE

Great time killer.any gift codes?

Andy Febrico Bintoro

Interesting, but boring fast. Need some social elements like guild and leaderboards. Also need Google play achievements.

James Kantor

Good game. Needs chat, guilds and leader boards though. 4 stars for lack of such.



James Reece

Pretty darn fun!


it's been a while since they had an update so i wish they would have another and not just dump the game. Overall its a good game

Sean Oneill

Great time killer.

Ryan H

Great game. The game it self is fun but the ads are endless. To get max reward you have to watch 30. I would be OK with 10 but 30. There is 15 mins of ads to get max reward. Like I said 5 mins would be fine. 10 ads per day is still a lot compared to big idle games. Where the most I watch per day is 4-7. One for 2x idle reward, one for 2x reward for 30 min, and normally a few for 10-15 mins worth of income.

Andrew Singh

This is one of the better apps I have played in awhile. You don't feel like you have to buy any premium content and it's more than possible to farm everyday to get everything. However, the game hasn't been updated in forever, the discord only has players (very helpful players) but we have no feedback as to what is coming. Additional the game sucks your phone battery like crazy, it lags with multiple enemies on screen and has alot of qol that could be done. Here is hoping the dev sees this.

Trio Ananda

Pretty nice for now

Yudhistira Ridwan

You have game in your ads

Dominick Pacileo


Brent Clark

Not really idle at all.


Let's start by saying I 100% recommend this S tier idle game. You don't have to worry about lvling up tge wrong heroes or wasting resources cause this game isn't playing you dirty. The ads are worth it, and its pretty addictive. I just wish they add more heroes, tower floors, lvls(though there are plenty of each one of the mentioned), gameplay hours count and some events that just make the game more perfect. The game that is just made for pure fun and one of my favourite pxl games, thank you.

Hyrulian Wolf

$10 a month for no ads? HARD PASS You can improve your "experience" by making it a one time fee ... Well? Are you just saying that or will you give me a time frame?

khinache abdenacer

Hey I can't get in (failde to connect to server)

Sherwin Madrid

Game is fun to start and has many sources of premium currency. But each action is bombarded with ADS. It is made to coerce you to purchase the remove ads option. I do not recommend buying the remove ads since it expires after 30 days. There is no new content in the game. It gets repetitive after a week. There are no more daily rewards after the 7th day. Devs also say you get a gem reward for joining the discord. Surprise! there is none. 2 stars for the soundtrack. Don't waste your money for it.

Space Cadet


Tracy Betchley

Decent game to pass time and have fun.

Pocholo Legaspi

Obnoxious unskippable tutorial for babies, yet no guide for evolving (which is what actually needs info since it's not clear what makes heroes suitable as evolve fodder). You also get pestered after EVERY stage about a battery.

Abyss Kappa

I just download this game and already max out hero? Either i forgot that i use to play this game or I just login to somebody else account.

Bitsy Le Cat Lover

This game really is heavy on ad rewards. The 10x money generator, the reward doubler, battery, and so on. Plus the magic dust reward should increase since grinding them in tower of betrayal takes forever.


Great art and animations. But needs a lot of work QoL and gameplay-wise. The plunder pop-up for batteries is extremely annoying. The ad free package should be clearly labelled as monthly without needing to tap the icon. The free packages in the shop always have the red notification. There needs to be a 'next stage' button so you can continue fighting after a battle. There needs to be less taps to access some features; ToB, artifacts, etc. Fun overall, but I hope some improvements are made.

Kukir Zuk

game progress is so slow and too much grind able (watch ads)

Piotr Lenartowicz

Ad Simulator. I get it that somehow you have to make money, but come on.

GuusGeluk 2012

Becomes boring really fast

Gavin WOrland


Brandon Henry

This game appears to be a deck building, not so idle, money grabber. These attributes seem to inhibit progression, and require a lot of video watching (more money). I may not have given the game enough time ... However, the attributes lend towards myself quickly uninstalling.

Jo Hautea

Pretty good

Yi Jun Tan

Finished 600+ stage, theres no way you can push it further lol. I've maxed out everything and the monster are still crazy tank with ridiculous damage. Best heroes for me are Nooba, Paco and Chloe. Choose Chloe after recruited 90 heroes, she is the best DPS. Don't go for berserkers, they will get 1 strike and die in late game. Shop wise must buy Orange Oil and White Star everyday. Hopefully game developers can release higher level for heroes and more stage on tower of betrayal.

David Kephart

The games very fun worth a play

duc quang nguyen

great game


Fun simple game


honestly, this is the best game i played in a while. casual, simple, no overcomplicated combos, nice gameplay, and best of all: it's not p2p. one thing i would suggest is making a performance setting that turns off some animations, other than that, i love it



Gie El

Put some daily quest to have an alternative way to get other rewards. and put daily login so that player can look forward to new things.

Blindbully 3426

Its good i have only played it for a hour and i have all rare characters so easy but good

Drew Kun


David Marriott


Matheus Oliveira

You put a freaking ad in the tutorial. Really?

dendy ma

I like it but it could be better. The graphic are okay, gameplay also okay but it's quite repetitive and the number of party member need to be bigger (for me at least), also there's so many unnecessary effects that slow down the game.

Lyndon Shasteen

I cant collect either of the Legendary cards after "90" Hero draws. Which took hours so I am extremely displeased with your game.

Miko Rabago

Can we have a sync feature, please? 😊 Edit: Thanks! 😁

T Wulf (Thunder Roller)

I didn't know about this app until I saw that I'd somehow bought a 100$ diamond pack without even installing the game. At this point, I gotta say, don't trust this company.

William Young


Felipe Fernandes

thw best of the best <3 luv it

Camilo RC

No recibí doble recompensa después de comerme la publicidad.

How ya doin today Barb

Please do something about equipment duplicates, there's a lot of duplicates in chest that can't be used. Bad game design. There's no event whatsoever after the 7 days login gift. It's just grinding.


Great time killer!

waxen the goose

Tried claiming my daily reward and it gave me nothing, :(, still gonna play it tho, nice game and concept

Tomasz Stasik

Love the game. But this thing after every mission. "Plunger" info about battery. Anoyying. Fix this and it will be 5 stars


Edit: Still haven't fixed a single issue I pointed out. Charging monthly for no ads, is already a trash business practice, especially on such a simple game with so little content. I like it's basic and easy, but won't watch the huge number of ads. You want more than the cost of a netflix subscription for no ads on a very simple game. Back down to 2 stars for greed, lack of content, and failure to fix badly displayed text.Kinda sad bc I think the games cute an good as a once a day distraction

Levi Dewitt

This game is really fun I feel like it's missing a few things like for instance there could be a lot more characters , could also be a lot more things to do in game

pandas and penguins

I think this game could benefit from an auto progress button so instead of having to go back to the start after each level you can choose to just keep going to the next level other than that I love this game it's simple and easy but also takes a little time but the levels arent too hard and the loot is definitely sizable that makes leveling up and recruiting easy. Love that it doesn't have add and has the option of removing them definitely a recommended game if you like these kinds of games.

andrew beran

Pls add more heroes and maybe create achivement rewards for players that are already far off the game ill give 5 star if you add more heroes

Christian Charles Caldwell III



Couldn't get past the first loading scene into the game

John Pillay (Diabolical)

Pretty interesting for passing time

Jay Ratliff

Played for 30 seconds, then ran into a bug preventing me from upgrading the character to level 2. The tutorial refuses to let me do anything else until I level the character to level 5. Closed the game, reopened, bug persists.


Thanks for being able to skip the tutorial

WL Pang

Cannot login suddenly. Keep showing login error Quick response and fix the bug. Waiting for the next update.


Need to fix an auto evolve feature..It takes way to long to evolve heroes

Michael Johnson

It's a fun game but I'm having problems with getting the free items from the 20/20 equipment and the 90/90 characters summons.


It was fun then a few hours in all the buttons stopped working. Like some mutator method just broke, or my profile is corrupt, or the database info is screwy, something like that I imagine.

Bob Boobbb

This game is a Scam and never ment to played longer than a week! The proof is the login rewards stop after 7 days! Additionaly, you can only summon the top teir units after 100 pulls, and this only happens one time EVER. The count never resets and sits there broken Next up, the enemys are all repeats after the first 100 floors. The entire depth of the game is maybe 20 enemy unit types, and 5 daily dungeons, which are the exact same thing just scaled up every 50 floors.


Boring. The only viable units in all things are Tanks and Berserkers. Get Ares as soon as you pull 90 units and just max out Tanks (Andy or Bobo or both). Make sure you get all of their equipments lvld up to 10 so you can just steamroll any stages. You can throw in a healer or two if you're that insecure or aren't a fan of going 2 tanks 1 berserker. Pref Paco and GuLoo/Fanny. Or just Paco/Fanny. 36th hour installed and I'm at stage 170, ToB 170 and can still push further. Edit: uninstalled

Tuan Khongminh

fun game, keep watching ads and chill

Joshua Sampson

Quite a few bugs. Can't get the free things from recruit tabs is o e of the main things I see currently. I mean it's the stuff from the bar underneath the picture that you fill up and it has a picture at the end with an arrow saying get

Andres Mendez

nice so far

Justin Sheeley (Rellikspy)

In app purchases leaving attention notifications that you can't get rid of without spending money so it looks like you haven't completed the free daily things.

Sebastian Barycza

Game is unplayable. You will need to spend HOURS daily to evolve your heroes. It takes a lot of time (clicking, picking up, waiting for animation etc). All other similar games have Auto Evolve option which is mandatory. Unexperienced Idle Squad dews failed here and loose with competitors. Sory but uninstall.


Had a terrible forced tutorial that wouldn't let me actually play the game. Awful.


It is fun, most games of this type get boring in 2 days or so, this is still good. Something about how they laid it out, even for F2P.


I like the game so far, but I've recently collected my last hero (Ares) and it won't appear in the hero gallery. Please fix this.

Mason Pritchard

Love this game but there's a glitch where it won't load to fight but instead gets stuck on afk gains...main story attack... I couldn't get past lvl 17 plz fix

Nicholas Mettner

Dope as hell

Sticky D

Please fix the bug. When ever I collect gold when I return to the game, I never got the amount I'm supposed to. I was supposed to receive 30mil but I ended receiving nothing instead, so please fix the bug and add PvP arena. Cheers

Marcus Wong

Very fun idle game, would be better if there is more legendary characters, but it is still a fun game

Phat Luu



Needs cloud backup but overall rly cool

Stefan “Tobita” Ghita

Fun game

Joseph Craft

Don't throw up the buy me buttons so fast. Decent game.

Peachie Dude

Game is cool but payment not working?! Gosh.. Junior devs? I saw previous comments, apparently the game has lots of bugs.. it's kinda cool and enjoying but ... Meh... Not worth spending a time