Idle Space Business Tycoon

Author: Craft game world

100,000+ install


Idle Space Business Tycoon – Build your own space business, farm money and become an idle business tycoon!

Detailed info

File size: 76M
Update time: September 12, 2021
Current version: 2.0.40
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Craft game world
Price: Free
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Customer review

Vickie Thomas


Evelyn Tephana

I demand to be refunded for every cent I spent on this game, as I was signed in through both facebook and google play and it DID NOT retain my progress.

Julia Wade

It's an okay game. Though it would be very handy of having a timer as to when the game will roll over to the next day, because I've had my progress in the daily goal wasted more than once and it's impacting my enjoyment of the game.

Peace Oguoba

Very nice game and intriguing

David Murch

Not bad a bit slow which is good if your offline a lot but really bad if you occasionally want to get on and get stuff done.

Timothy Brandon Leigh McCarthy

It appears as if the citidel is already constructed.

Rosalinda Pami

This game is very amazing, in fact there is no bugs found in the game. Here at this game you gotta get some more ore and buy special upgrades to increase profits to unlock a business. And also this game has more options to see and that's how the game works

Urban Hermit

A different kind of Tycoon game, with a bit of crafting and some other little features.

Viktor Lantos

Crashes after 1v1 marble game

Hunter Moore

I love this game the mechanics there's no lag has amazing detail and graphics for my point of view it just takes a bit of time to learn it but it's easy a very good game

Louis Parkin

Great game apart from the selling does not work at all

jason duggan

Update..... Still loving this, but a request devs..... Can we have fleet management, control transport ships and freight ships to add a new dimension?

Nathan Scheesley

Great game do recommend.

Helia Abasi

خیلی خیلی زیاد بد بود😐😦😭😝😔👎👇

Miguel Fumanal San Marcos

Really enjoyable game, thanks

Exponent Exponenetship279

It's fun so far I am really enjoying it

Meme Jones

Good game

Melanie Ellis




Georgi Peychev

E excellent

Sarah Gleason

Slow paced but good game, some ads but not forced.

Rick Bening

Cool man 😎 like groovy

J1Ai Mi1A

I won't disagreed the ai mode doesn't really help much but point a path to get going the rest is up to you, improvement maybe reduce her like towards the user and more like into the program she is in translations more choice for to point out

Willow Leahy

Cute and also cheap. I love this game

Tony Howell

Boring. It's WAY too complicated and slow to be entertaining. Delete...

sollor stance

Good game, lots of stuff to do in it and easy to figure out

tan fırat eyüboğlu

Dont pay for this game it keeps reseting your progress

Marek Mozejko

boring game,I'm just tapping my phone screen making billions of creds & building stuff,no challenge,uninstalled.

The Slinker

Nice drop in and out game. If you don't like ads your loss, just chill put your device to the side and collect the bonuses as they play. The developers need money or we all lose as the game will not become great.

Balagapo, Janet C

The price of the shop items and the AI research and everything increases if you upgrade your factories or ai why? its for enternal suffering,you have 9trillion per second now,wow cool now u can buy a desk for 500bilion oh wait its now 100trilion

Jonaslim hs

great game it lets you run your own business and make it into a empire

Bogdan Transcendentov

Way too many distracting events and game mechanics introduced right at the beginning. Poor game design.

Jimmy Kelly

Very good. 👍

Grzegorz Grosiak


Oluchukwu Ifebi

The game is fun

Lemon 100

It's very addictive and fun


This is what I would imagine life would be like trying to start a business in a large Galactic Style game like Stellaris

Linda Pharris

didnt make since. didntlike it

Ragnorstation Ragnor Anchorage

Seems good so far

Ryland Matthews

Very good game, it has many things to do and keep you busy I highly recommend

Nicky Vaughn


jonathan scott

Keeps me busy

mike roper

Great game

Aaron C

Seemed okay, having to reject ads in the mail every 30s to a minute got annoying though.

Shaun Keaveney

Brilliant game a bit more than idle games normally are I don't spend money on games but a word of advice pay for the advert removal its worth its weight in gold speeds the game up

Jeff Johnson

it's a good game. The music and theme are alright.

Katie Reeves

Actually 0


They put a cooldown on the clicking part of the idle game mechanic, so you have to watch ads or pay...

karunawathee kandasamy

Love the music and the game ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Josh Kay

Good game

Stephen Zalen

What is there to say? Well, it's an idle game, and can amuse for a while. Productions can take a long time, so if you leave and come back your items will be waiting. Glitch: Sometimes the screen may back onto the previous screen or jump to another.

Nathan Marholz

I am reading this game so that I get some free gems within this game.

Kathryn Spencer

This is a fun game. Customer service is great too.

Philip Cullingworth

Having bought the "No Ads" I am enjoying this game. I think it would probably be a bit slow for me without the purchase though. Plenty of options regarding where you want to focus your efforts

Chiagoziem Onyemobi

Its a grate game

Eric Werndahl

The devs removed my review, so ill give another 1 star rating. If it was possible to give 0 stars, i would. Just because they removed it.

Matthew Lee


Dreck Braely

No point continuing the game after I realised the market prices and upgrades are scaling costs with my profit increases. Therefore there isnt any point in increasing profits. Its like a self hyper-inflation loop.

Bob Smothers

Stop interrupting this "game" to beg me for a review. Once you get an AI the game sort of plays itself. This app is all over the place. Most of the elements seem to just offer more p2w opportunities rather than actually add more value or "fun". It's better than most P2W ad services in that it doesn't force ads. (Still though, I hate when devs keep interrupting my experience to solicit a review. Thus I would rate this zero stars if I could. ...You get what you fudging deserve.)

Suranga Indrajith

i really like this app

Marcedric Kirby


Dizastor Kinesis

The game kept asking for a rating and would not allow me to not be reminded. So here you go.

NW 420chef

Great game but pricey

Joshua Stevens

Good for passing time

Luis Duran

Way to fun

Rik Jones

Very surprised, as i don't have to pay to play, ace game 😉

Ruben Gene Dangpilen

Just started so nothing concrete but it's simple enough. *Edit* : Been playing for awhile now like a few weeks now. Its fun and don't really need to pay in game additions, it helps but not necessary to advance. Will add more later.


It's a great game so far no trouble


Complete waste of time. They just want money. Game has basically no content.

grim reaper

I would like to have the ability for crafting notifications (like to be notified when all crafts are complete)


This is very good click/idle game IF you bought addsfree in store. With ads it is unplayable. Which is fair.

Jason Stuehmer

Great game

John Brito

Long drawn out slow monotonous game. BORING!

Mary Anne Coleman

Wonderful game.

Michael Scott

Good game so far. However, I purchased one of the one time offers that was supposed to give me 300 gems along with 10 gems daily for 30 days. I received the latter but not the 300 gems. Would really appreciate if something could be sorted to help with that, and would happily add another star here if so. Till then ima have to call it a 4/5

Eugene Arrindell

Beautiful game.... I LOVE IT.. kinda teaches you to become a tycoon!!!

Big Squish

Good, keeps me busy

A Google user

Good graphics. Fun to play.

Lavan Smith

I'm making so much money in this game. 💯

raven Carpenter


Na'Ni Meshan

Actually an idle game. I'm not bombarded with adds. Its smooth fun and doesnt have limits on how long you can be away from game. If you've got space. It keeps working


Really liking it so far

black horse

Wow. Amazing. Without annoying adds. Finally something fresh among idle games. You can get extra resources for watching adds. 10*

Falsik Maxix

Brilliant, when you think you're done with a challenge, a next level appears. It has a nice balance between repetitive tasks and new ones. What it bothers me is: 1. The need to watch too many ads (I just turn the phone face down for 30 seconds and I am playing on mute), to progress faster and 2. The ads are really aggressive to the point they open the market play themselves (I have apkpure as well), which I am totally against! And they are cheeky- 25-30 seconds the ad plus 5 on next screen.

talismon winx club time 3

This game is funny

Partar Gaiper


Daniel Wise

One of my favorite games.

logan Freeman

I can't reply to developer questions but I can't remember which ad I watched. 546.33K - 910.56K I should received from ad watching and I got just 226.86K. I took those screenshot on Nov 16 2021 by 2:15pm and 2:16pm my time live in MB,canada.if this helps.thanks for the fast reply. For that 5stars.

Russell Flynn


Bobby Stowe

If you like to beat a dead horse, play this game...

Chris Moyer-Grice

Pretty fun idle game. English translation is understandable enough but in some cases there is room for improvement. Example: when there is a request for "putting in a good word" with a corporation, the option "I would like to talk about something, but I have already changed my mind" is confusing as it appears as if it would cancel the request, but it's functionally identical to "Nothing. Goodbye." when picked.

Soe Thandar

Wonderful Experience indeed!

Deidre S

Been playing for awhile. Enjoy the production aspect. Always feel challenged to keep upgrading.

Philly B

Good play, realism.

Thomas Johnskon

Smooth game play

Lee Dunbar

Too complex for my tastes.

TJ Davis

Clean, enjoyable, fun,

Timothy Alexander

Fun time

Gamer God

A little complicated but overall very enjoyable

Chandly Xavier

Just like in my dreams.