Idle Seafood Tycoon

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Idle Seafood Tycoon – Are you ready to take over the seafood factory and become a seafood tycoon?
Manage your factory to produce quality seafood and make a fortune!
Start from a small factory and transform a humble factory into one that not only produces quality seafood, but can also discover incredible underwater treasures.
Manage processor, packer and maintenance, avoid plant downtime due to breakdowns, expand production and keep your workers happy by creating a clean and hygienic work environment. Every detail is important, including the coffee machine in the living room. Remember to invest wisely.
Know what the workers want
Take care of the mood of each worker to prevent them from going on strike. Upgrade the break and cleaning room to improve employee comfort. Keep your employees in a good mood by providing a high quality work environment. Improve the break room by providing better meals and keeping the workplace clean.
Workers and Managers
Highly productive workers needed. According to your current demand and development strategy, fire and hire for the following positions: processor, packer, manager, cleaner and administrator. Each department does its part to keep the plant running. Optimize each department to increase productivity. Manage teams properly and earn as much income as possible.
Invest in your factory
Renovate the electrical distribution room, office, reception area, cleaning room and rest room to improve working conditions according to your company vision. Renovate the staff workplace, unloading area and sales area. Maintain the power supply to avoid energy-related downtime and keep the plant running on track.
Fulfill order
Ensure products are manufactured in a timely and efficient manner and delivered correctly to buyers. Manage customer orders wisely and create production schedules to satisfy customers. Pay attention to equipment maintenance and choose excellent processors. Get great customer rewards.
Expand Your Business
You will amass a handsome fortune and become famous for your excellent management! It is possible that you can handle some larger fish farms. Go deeper into the sea and show us your talent!
If you like management and simulation games, Idle Seafood Tycoon is for you! It’s an easy-to-use game where you have to make strategic decisions to grow your factory with profitable results. Starting from a humble plant, it takes hard work to grow it and reach higher achievements. Make it the world’s top fish factory and become the best seafood manager!

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