Idle Sea Park

Author: Playstack

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Welcome to Idle Sea Park! Build a fish-tastic sea world brimming with aquatic life and reel in the money!

• Start small & expand on a bigger scale
Start with a small park where visitors can see the fish and other species in your collection and use their donations to improve your dream business!

• Attract guests
Guests keep the world going round, decorate and improve your Sea Park. Feed those animals and improve your paradise, keeping both your animals and customers happy means more progress!

• Bigger Animals – Orcas, Turtles, Sharks!
Develop your Sea Park and host a wide range of species for customers to enjoy. Otters, penguins or lobsters and even dolphins! Your customers will appreciate the variety and in return will spend more money!

• Improve Your Park Rating & Upgrade tanks
Buy new attractions and improve the existing ones so that you can accommodate even more aquatic life. Making customers even happier on their visit translates into more donations!

Take your Sea Park to the next level and become rich!

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Update time: Jul 8, 2022
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Developer: Playstack
Price: Free
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Customer review

Ricardo Vaz Pereira

Cool game. Needs perfecting. On one of my researches i got two fish for the tropical tank that ended up frozen in the dolphin show and are still there😁

Jasonhardy131313 Hardy

Sucks, I paid for no adds 18 dollars, I still get the adds once in a while, my one tank I said I have fish you can't see any, try to make a nother complaint nope they take that ability away from you. Don't buy anything from them. It's a rip off job, good luck to you. I won't buy anything else that's for damn sure.🤬

Steve Wall

If only you idiots could put out a game that actually people can play. 100k downloads means nothing if the game is uplayable. And no rating? How can someone rate a game if they can't even start playing it. This is a scam

Gary Hawes

forced ads 1 star