Idle Robot- Build Your Own Mecha

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Have you ever thought about build and put together a robot model but don’t know how to get start? Or don’t have much time to DIY?

In Idle Robot, you could choose MK-2, Free Zeros and other different kinds of robots and start to build your own robot. We give you a unique chance to discover and merge various parts including armor, weapons, powers of a robot right from sketch.

Most Intriguing Idle Game
Coolest 3D Robot idle Game
1st Mecha Building Simulation Game

Discovery the amazing internal structure in which a robot unravels starting from the very first part leading to the weapon system and power system and at the end finish up a complete mobility robot.


– Tap the part of robot you want to build 

– Collect power to upgrade and unlock new parts
– Use time travel and 2X speed to accelerate your power collection
– Display real-time robot building status on screen

– Get awesome rewards from the prize wheel! 

– Finish your robot and share it with your friends

Motive, easy and engaging gameplay. Fun and Easy to play, tap and tap to build up your robot; play anywhere and anytime; get the most fun out of your breaks! If you are a fan of Robots, DROID COMBAT, MechWarrior, you are going to enjoy this fun idle game with no doubt.

✊ Play Idle Robot! Build your own Mecha!
✊ Be patience! Collect all Robots!

Enjoy the 3D idle robot building game totally for free!
Have a super fun gaming experience with Idle Robot!
Download now!
**Please Note: This robot idle game is suitable for kids and adults, and it is completely free to play but some optional in-game items will require payment.

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Customer review

cole neeley

Essentially a cookie clicker, and a particularly bad one at that.

Brimnesha Berry

Give a update that we as players can go on multiplayer and fight as a team or make a pvp mode or a TDM for a fact just make the game a little more fun for the players 😁


We started me there's nothing good about the game these people flipping restarting me for no reason I thought it was something good it was like oh I'll pay for the rest of the stuff and then you just have to do that because I had so much progress and I was almost done with the skeleton and then it restarted me for no weapon reason so I give the place a zero-star review

Bald Guy

One of the best idle games out there

Arya Sewwandi

Supra game


This game is awesome because you get to build your own Mech it's just amazing also I'm really sad because and I was going to evolve in this game I had a really cool robot and when I hit the Evolve button it took away my awesome robot

Anthony Garland

This game is okay design wise but it freezes to much to where I have to fight with it just get my phone to close the app there are way to many ads in it they pop up at random on top of having each videos every time you try to a reward

4A-Nevan Ryonen


Neha Shukla

It is very good game

Prince AL-Hazrie


Jason Martin

It awesome because you can build multiple robots and upgrade.

the llama

This game is badass I love it

Chancis Smith

And I thought it was an RPG game... [L.O.L]


Puppet games your FAT

Joshua Jones

Dear God the ads never stop!! Felt like every minute there was an ad. For the 20min of having this app open I got to experience maybe 5 min of the game...

Geetika Rishi

This game is amazing


this game takes too long, to be quite simple its just booty cheeks😕

Rashid ali

this was good then i expected!!!


what literally is this? Is this a game or a app where you can only watch adds sorry to say but this game need a lot of improvement and need to report to.

Nhung Thu

Game rất hay nhưng làm gundam lâu

Adrian Gonzalez

I really love the game even though it gets expensive but I love it I hope y'all will add Gundam oo to thank you


This game is so good, I used to play it on my previous phone until my phone was taken away forever

Dragon Fire

Bruh this is a fake of gundam just go play the real game its called gundam battle: gunpla warfare

Kamen Knight

While the mechs look good, that's basically the most good thing I can say about this game. As it takes a whole day to complete making the skeleton that puts on the armour and ads are constantly interrupting you chipping away to completing one mech (even when you pay to remove the ads!!!!!)

Amrun Akmal


edward sarmiento

hi guys pls dont play this game on this is not a safe game is an anivirus pls dont play this game its ok guys sorry game cus is an a antivirus ok


ต้องดูโฆษณาแทบทุก 5 วิ เพื่ออัพเกรดพาร์ท ไปตายซะ ไม่ดูเล่นไม่ได้ ค.ว.ย. นะครับ

blake baxter

Not a good game

Macoh Warner

I love gundam thats why i download it and its a fun game!!!🙂🙂🙂😁😁😁😀😁👍👍👍insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bernardo Garcia


Justina Jeras

It is relly fun for me

max farmer


Michael Elston

Its ok not much to do but build. Their way. No choices at least yet

Keesha Anderson

It great and it's a challenge

Maricel Durano


Paul Calhoun

Paid for no ads. Next click I get an ad.

Bryan Noel

Love this game so much!

Jay Harman

Not english!Takes over an hour to do just 1 robot!

Tony Guel


Art Reyes

I had paid for the no adds function and it continues to play adds.