Idle Research is an addictive, resource management, incremental game with both idle and active playstyles. Research and craft colorful Flasks, Tubes, and Cylinders to earn as much Energy as possible! Big numbers guaranteed!

Idle Research is the most satisfying incremental game with lots of fun things to do!

Cute Art – Lots of colorful and fun items!
Modern UI – A very simplistic, beautiful, modern, and colorful UI that’s pleasing to look at!
Massive Numbers – Up to the e100000s is guaranteed!
Lots of Content – Lots of places to unlock that make numbers grow!
Cloud Saving – Transfer your saves to any device with just one login!
Made With Love – This game is being worked on by a solo developer who is very passionate!

Research – Research and unlock up to 18 different and colorful items!
Crafting – Craft items that unlock tons of features and make numbers grow!
Accelerators – Speed up the game with up to 62 different Accelerators!
Automation – There are a ton of ways to automate the game and let it play for you!
Mastery – Improve your Research speed by mastering your items!
Prestige – Reset some aspects of the game to speed things up even more!
Adventure – Fight enemies in 7 different zones and infinite stages!
Skilling – Access up to 70 different skills that boost tons of stuff!
Potions – Brew up to 12 different potions!
Simulations – Start simulations for your adventure zones and earn fragments! Buy up to 17 different upgrades!

Play Idle Research today for FREE!!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Aug 13, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: CryptoGrounds Games LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

James Salter

Pretty awesome! I am yet to reach the "ice age" part of the game, so I'm looking forward to it. Prestiges feel borderline broken with the insane boost you get, then later you can remove the need to prestige by auto-generating prestige points! Genius. The game features multipliers on top of multipliers so you'll be cranking out those big numbers in no time. My only minor issue is that some of the explanations and UI elements could use some cleaning up (the juice section had me pretty confused).

max griffin

exactly what you want in an idle game.


Flasks layer is quite fun. Tubes layer is not fun at all. There's no meaningful offline progress because potions don't brew and stages don't progress. You can't afk because it won't keep your phone awake, but there's nothing to do actively. Even when you finally unlock a kill count upgrade you're immediately presented with the screeching halt that is the simulations double unlock, where you have to slowly backtrack through dozens of stages with useless fractions of resource rewards. It's brutal.


Great idle game, no intrusive ads 10/10 would recommend if you want to relax while doing Something and watching numbers go up.

Civil Writer

Amazing game, played for countless hours.

Geert Osseweijer

Amazing game, have been stuck to it for two weeks but now I can't go any further because of the cap on ice. Hoping for a new update soon!

Korkrag Steelblood

I wish I liked this. The developer sounds very friendly, but the game is extremely confusing. So many different systems, each more complicated than the last. It's a good game by a good dev, but I am not smart enough, I really did try. Also, please, for different flasks. Keep the font colour the same. Some aren't readable. Black on black should stay in Bauhaus. I have a pretty big screen, but mine is not big enough for this game. There's just too much going on, too much to scroll.

Dab Cat

good, though it can be a bit boring waiting around for something to finish or to get enough energy to buy something

Hmm Mmmm

Very good, i really like it, it reminds me of NGU idle, i am exited for updates


this game has been a great time passer so far. the prestige is very nice and it feels good to continue. it doesn't feel like you're getting stuck at all. it had plenty of features and feels more than just a copy pasta game template

Kevin Lee

I spent money the game because I was enjoying did not realize how much of a grueling process it was going to be in order to play with the combat (Still not there).

Taylor Sinatra

Fun game, very reminiscent of NGU.

Island guy Thing

Sheesh such a addicting game!

Gerard Barrett

good fun so far

Max Kotasek

Fun incremental game. Looking forward to additional updates as the alternative game modes kept things fresh.

Steven Meyer

Nice incremental



Joshua Aldridge

Great on Steam. On here though, every ad, prestige, or new item unlocked it crashes to home screen. On LG Stylo 5. But, i do get my ad rewards when i come back. Thus a 4. Will be a 5 once these issuea are resolved.


If you like Idle skilling type games, games where other than upgrading occasionally you can allow idle reward accrual to do most of the work, this is for you. BUT WAIT. Maybe you like to actively push for awhile, guess what, this game is for you too. The only real constraint, the game is mostly limited to a few menus early on, with daily chances at a bonus game for premium currency in the form of Solitaire card game. 100% f2p, worth a download. If you like it, then feel free to show some love

Bruh 1999

great game, I love incremental games and idle games so this is a perfect mix of both.

James Twedt

Honestly it's a pretty solid game. I like the upgrading system and I enjoy the small developer commentary throughout too. Your bundles are very reasonably priced (except I think you need to add a few more different ones ngl). And I enjoy how the game works with each flask you have and what you want to do with them. Overall this is one of my favorites to play.


I have diamonds but can't turn them into flasks or tubes. Also, What is the storyline here? What are we doing? Idiocracy?

Bartu Arın Oba

Gameplay is one thing sure (which also seems nice, dont get me wrong) but my guys made the best tutorial ever, congrats on that.

Bence le fou

Love tha game need more updates


Very nice game, but u start running out of things to do and it doesn't really feel idle.

Andre Carvalho

Good but too many stuff gets you confused

Heather Hamdan

I'm black


As someone else said, it's nice to see familiar idle concepts used in fresh ways. Really enjoying everything so far.

nic harison

bit to soon to tell but middle of the road when asked to rate

Boon Gaming

Hey Devs! My game is broken. It only shows the energy growing. Could you please fix it?

John Beasley

I am liking it so far. However, the fact that every time I open the game it crashes Audible and Messenger, it's really annoying.

Mr Ali

So far good hope getting more content

Gregory Becker

Way more fun than I anticipated it might be, and I'm eagerly waiting for the update so there's more to do.

Cabbage Rat


Michael Ore

crashes a lot. especially on the ads (not pop up ads but for rewards) fun but new. Will updated rating when fixed


Great game, but it keeps crashing while playing solitaire, which made me lose a lot of diamonds

April Gilliard

I actually find this entertaining. chill music too

Mohamad Hanif

when i have auto prestige for every 5 secs, there is no point to watch an ads to double the gold. it just not worth it. maybe change it into a duration buff instead.

Andy Williams

very cool, I also wanted to say thank you to the Creator for even bringing up free to play can be done and testing that way. as a parent I don't have too much money on my own so it is awesome when a game is not pay to win

Farzana Riyaz

If a flask hasn't been made yet, then a Void flask has a 1% chance to be successfully crafted. They can be crafted using presets that have non-zero parameters corresponding to flasks you haven't researched yet. Because they are considered this rare, they give a 2x boost to all other flasks/types of flasks and thier effects while unspent. And speaking of leaving things unspent, void upgrades are unlocked at 1e1000 energy. You can buy a boost booster that boosts void boost, and a void gen.

Ryan Graiziger

Excellent idle game, can't wait for more content

Carol Hoffpauer

This game unfolds with many different challenges, it is a favorite for me.

Tyran Howard

Great game for sure I havent unlocked anything yet but I'm just having a hard time understanding how the oranges increases the reds because I started making loads of orange and no reds just to see if there was any difference and there wasn't any that I could see.


Simply awesome. Classic idle game yet not a boring one. I really enjoyed it

Karoline Kristoffersen

the game is good, but it keeps crashing over and over again, especially after watching ads, but just in general it crashes way too much.

John Sutherland

My research on white and black flasks suddenly got very very slow even though, moments before, I was flying through them.

Jim Joe

Muy Bien


I keep breaking the energy and stalling. I end up having to reset and slowly upgrade to a specific point and just sit there.

Julian Maier

10.000 UDc crafter not appearing. How many Crafters should one have after activating the 10.000UDc crafter? Because I have the impression it didn't appear after purchase.

Shawn Hill


Elizabeth Fox

Great idle game; the mechanics are really good and it scales well into different layers of content. Progress is really fast so far (maybe too fast in some points), and some of the features are a bit confusing, but overall one of the best idle games I've played

Peter Michálek

I haven't played much of this game as of writing this, but it seems very interesting and more importantly: this is one of the few games ive ever played for which you can actually tell the developers are making it for customer experience and not revenue. Congrats, 100% recommend.

Forrest Millard

no gameplay

Marc (Xiro)

⇨ I am not very far into the game yet, but I am going to offer a tentative review. ⇨ The introduction to the game could be written more clearly, in the other end of things I am unlocking entirely new mechanics that are not explicitly defined either. ⇨ Good idler and definitely a fun one, once you have a better grasp of the game. ⇨ Bland visuals, very utilitarian and given the theme this may be intentional.


What 12 yr old came up with this UI design?

Benjamin May

This is the best idle game I have ever played. The game dev clearly wants people to enjoy, and creates layers and layers of good content. It is amazing. Cant wait for what will come out next!

Niki Matsui

I wish I could love this game. It was fun until I hit the point where the only way to advance is the diamonds. Unfortunately the way to get diamonds is the solitaire game. I usually love solitaire. But this is the original where win rate is ~25% with no undo. And there seems to be a lovely bug where it just gives the unwinnable games back to back for an extended period, e.g. board is all 5's and 7's and deck doesn't have a single 6 or A-4. Once you complete flasks stop and uninstall the game.

Jeff V

a bit tightly packed but a good idle incremental game

Sidiqullah Ansari

yeah I know I can

Kirsten Andrews

So addicting! Been playing for a few days now and unlocked tubes, so worth it! Thank you for such an awesome game, I can't imagine how much time was put into making this.

Bradley Vugrin

Can't wait for Cyclinders!

robert carey

Would say the game is great over all I did like the concept of the game would keep playing., but glitch out on me now were everything disappeared can not do anything but close the app

Co Mail

A well designed, entertaining, user friendly and generally friendly idle game. I really wanna congratulate the developers. I install and delete games a lot but I'm keeping this one.


Really a good game ... some balancing issues, but a nice game. I only gave it 4 as I've leaone. Through discord that a feature listed in the game as coming has been shut down so I'm out. Its a shame as I really liked this one..


So confusing

William Casey (Wolfe)

Great game so far, can't wait to see what comes next

Leonie Brok

Pretty addictive but is also relatively easy to reach the end of. Can't wait for next update with more content

Jason Weiss

Really needs to be set to always on so the screen doesn't time-out. And before the dev replies that I can set my phone to always on, no, I can't. For some reason the A11 has a max timer of 30min (or an hour l, can't remember) with no ability to set it to always on. Yes, I know the dev option to always on when plugged in, but not the point I'm raising LOL


Constantly crashing making the game unplayable.

Mister Armstrong

Fap. Fap. Fap.

Roberto jr Ruiz


cab kevn

Very slow paced. Nothing to do. Other idle games are way better. Good tutorial tho

Gamer Tronky

Great game but shows me white bar and can't remove it. I'm have huawei.

George Shuklin

It's marvelous. First time since a/d I feel someone capturing the essence of idle/incremental games. It's fun, and it's not sticking into weeks waiting as most games does. There is always a plot twist, or if there is no progress, you missed something. Love it.

Kurdt Xavier

+⭐ for ads not being needed to play, but I still basically "beat" the game (white ice tubes) in three days (while I had COVID) as it's not really an idle game; you have to have it running to progress. The only truly important resource is Fire, so just let it run auto-prestiging and check in every hour or so and boom!

Justin Chow

Crashes alot

Ian Burt

The game is a lot of fun, and every time you think you're nearing the end of what's available, something new unlocks and opens up so much more. I have actually reached the end of the currently available content, and just waiting for the cylinders update, but I'm hoping it's coming soon!

Lark Napier

top notch

jevil someJERK

This game has some great potential in the future

Oliver Bishop

Game kept closing after launching the save from new install.


Needs balancing, the midgame flies by so fast that it doesn't feel satisfying. Also, definitely not a fan of the tubes thing. A prompt that said part 1 of 68 appeared when i started it... why would i want to take such a long tutorial so far into a game? Just keep things intuitive.

Fin o'Flaherty

good game. ads are unobtrusive

Enigmatic Archer

One of the best idle games I have played. No pushy ads. No pushy freemium currency. It's free, but it's worth a few dollars.

Altaïr ACU

Very good, the developer's is clearly aiming towards the direction of us having fun rather than him making money, which really shows as he uses the money to make the game experience better. Very rarely you can download a game which isn't about ads and in-app purchases. This game is tottaly playable without you having to spend anything. I really like this. Also, it's offline!

Rehan Muhammad Dani

have fun :)

Zander Jaeger

Fun idle game, needs more content fast, maybe an overall prestige system for the map or something

Lumi Foxtail

Nice layers.

Timothy S

love the game but the Tubes are very annoying that prestiges reset your progress of unlocking the next level. for example it takes 110 kills to beat the boss and move to the next level, if you prestige before you get all 110 it resets to zero. making it hard to prestige and making auto prestige useless because the only good time to prestige is right after unlocking the next level. please make it so prestige doesn't reset kill progress to unlock next level on the Tubes map


To be honest, this is one of the biggest incremental other than AD on Google Play. 3 different stages, multiple prestige layers, etc. This game is only great, but productivity is slowly lost at high levels. It's my favorite as of now, and I really hope big updates are coming in soon!


I've enjoyed what I've played so far. Lots of fun content and good progression speed.

Sean Mckenzie

one of the few idle games clearly made by people who care about their game a lot of fun with a bunch of content

Josh Burleigh

Good game!

Carlos Arias


Sean Henry

Great game


Great game but , please let us change the displayed character in arena mode. I dont particularly like the shield appearance, and wish i hadnt bought it so i could see the tubes instead. Also cosmetics would be great , like a cool hat or a different sword we could change around


This is the cream of the crop as far as mobile games. Its rare to see a developer incoorperate ads in a way where you never "have to" watch them I like my x2 boosts though.

Joe Fischer

Nice game so far no bugs found but 1 thing is you should make it to where we can get Dimond from ads or something

Adam Dietrich

Nobody expects the tubes.

Robert Lee

Very basic ui not to overwhelming. Nice simple but also gets complex as you go. No forced ads. Very well laid out so far I would love to see where it all goes

Ian D

Love it