Idle Panzer

Author: Idle Games OU

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Idle Panzer – Build your very own fleet of historic WWII tanks!

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File size: 106M
Update time: May 28, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Idle Games OU
Price: Free
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Customer review

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Nice games

Johnnyboy Hulit

cool game wasnt expecting this kind of idle game. I like it

Wesley Ware

Enjoyable, passes time, kinda wish i didnt have to deal with the ads all the time, outside of that good game

chris jones


Michael Hicks

Really Fun Game. I found myself playing it more often then some of the other games I have been playing for awhile now. Great Game hrs of fun .thnx

whitephoenix 372

Really cool game and a great time killer, great concept, and one thing i recommend adding is a tutorial at the start, because i see many people get confused and uninstall the game, definitely reccomending to install

Joe Warner

very fun I like the idea that you can use the tank in a campaign

Layton Sparks

Very addictive game

Bankrupt Ham

Everytime I play for more than 15 mins it shuts down itself. I want to play longer. Please fix this bug!! It's very irritating 😒

U Nann Oo

good game

TRL 999

A ton of effort And helped me feel better :D

Michael Juquiana

not bad game


Great game

Milo Sveum

a fun game no problems so far if you like tank and/or war games download this one

Russell Wright

great game

Marc Not


Sebastian Nelson

this game is super fun because it shows you everything about tanks

josh smith


Jennifer Whitesinger

We need a lot of money to go to a nother tank

Thomas Fisher

I have not one complaint so far

Josiah Sage

Looks fun but wont download campaign mode. Broken for now

Benjerman Vanderburg

I like the 3d build really educational for that part. one thing I might suggest is as for the build of a tank. optional part experimentation add on for turrets add sights for gun barrels such. for game play have it where maybe simulation on battles both al and on line tank view .

Edwin McLarry

a fun offline and online short time play

Rob Sonnekalb

enjoying it so far. super extra realism. lol

hessam safari


warthunder player 808

very fun

Marcus Crassus

from what I've played all you need to put into this game is your time! Very fun & engaging.

Nitrox 457

it's a good game I also think they should put tje part build order in a more practical way like sart with the chassis and then the axles then the motor and add more vehicles would be cool but other than that it's a good game I'd recomend


pretty good though a Tiger l isn't a medium a panther is tho

Ramon Rodriguez

good game

Matthew Andrade

Too many ads, let people play a little

Rupert Pembot

Couldn't buy new tanks

Cory Rubin

the game is great but the second tier campain is impossible to progress everything is on shot instant kill on my tanks

Michael Dabrowski

enjoyable game to burn time

Axel Hederstedt

Nice game! However I'd love to see an option to opt out of ads, please add one in the store :)

Ramos Tambunan

is thist good game 🤩🤩

Rocky Payne

I enjoy it

Dev man

fun game can't stop playing

Antony Wood

I don't normal like idle games but this one has kept me entertained. I love the detail of the tanks I would love to see more British tanks added like the Churchill or Cromwell. The ads are annoying but I've learnt to deal with them


This game is really good but why am I forced to upgrade by watching ads?!?!??? 😭