Idle Panzer

Author: Clickwork Games

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Idle Panzer – Build your very own fleet of historic WWII tanks!

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File size: 107M
Update time: July 19, 2021
Current version:
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: Clickwork Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Robert LaBonte


Ronald ron ron

Great game, just need more updates

Dennis Berry

playability is great, upgrades are a little slow but all in all lots of fun

JR Felkins

Tutorial could be better, but great game so far.

Shaun Towers

Great game but price for new tanks have too much of a leap and cause me to grind for ages with max max level tanks. Fix for 5 stars.

Phil Hansen

Came back on after a few hours to -10billion. Not sure why, uninstalled.

Our House

fun entrtaning

Rick Cook

Game is okay.

Fetus KillDat

I like the game my ? Is why does it kick me out of the game every 10 to 15 mins it will go to a blank screen then i gotta reload everytime gets annoying

guy mitchell

quietly runs in background nice time waster

Lincoln Meyers

Really nioce it's good 👍 ✌️

Rovel B

great game addictive but I like it a lot

Kenneth Schmidt

I just got it seems to be fun I'll let you know

joe snowing

great idea game

Frank Galban

Great game. Plenty to do and easy to continually level up.

Jim Scott

It's a good game you can play without having to buy anything, you can buy if you want but you don't have to to play

Mark Realy

Fun, idle Gam

Lisa Pawley

nice game

Rut & Tristan Jonasdottir

Delete ads when like people are done with building like hull,guns, exterior

Michael Lee

so far it's interesting. research has been done into the design of tanks.

Gannusab Nadaf


Audrey spence


John Smith

I had given this 5 stars. Then i played all the way through to lvl49...and it reset all my progress to lvl1! Glitch? I played all through again and it did it again!! Emailed support - no reply. So 1 star until i get at least a reply from support as to why all my progress was lost TWICE.

Kevin Skomsvold

Nope. Battles make no sense. Hidden upgrade trees, ad driven. Had potential but once you hit the wall where EVERY upgrade requires an ad, forget it. Deleted.

Nick szucs

Standard "idle/incremental" game. After a few days it slows down to the point of being completely boring, although you can pay a bunch of money to get dopamine pumped into your brain. Adds nothing new to this boring genre. 2 stars because it works well and could be much worse.

Philip Ruehlmann

great game, good way to pass time

Scott Peters

I uninstalled game, watched add to double my off line income. and it put a 30 second add after that. Not happening by.

Skylar Francis

it is a good game you can build your tanks even destroy anything else

joe bailey

are you get in the game the more ad you get and you also get the screen blacking out and not rolling over to the ads

Hawkeye Michael

It is a rather addictive, as you start playing the game as you are constantly being challenged.

Maire Moss

Watch to play game, you may be able to upgrade a few times the. Spams you with adds evey time to upgrade, no choice to upgrade with in game currency just through watching ads

Lee Ward

I will give the full 5 star but I really recommend the tap button that gives you 100 each tap I think should be around 250 each tap apart from that cool game.

Nanda Kishor

good game

Kevin Gregory

Game sucks. Crashes when loading battle scene. Uninstalled, kept crashing.

Vipul Patel

OK good

Jeremy Taylor

so far super fun

Jim Pickett

The only complaint I have is it takes so long to build your tank.

Seymour Fields

Game keeps crashing.. Unlocked campaign and every time I try to open it, game crashes.

Millard Asuncion

Game is easy to play

Danny wright


Javier Fuentes

l like the game take some time to build your tank but in the end is worthy

john richards

love it


Laggy on older phones. Would otherwise be a good game if it weren't for the fact that you also need to watch an unskippable ad every 5 upgrades, and you upgrade very often. If those ads are removed, I'd instantly give this game 5 stars. It's been nearly 5 months, and still no change.

Terry Nevil


George T

I can't even get onto the game it's that bad!


very good game

Mahendra sethi


Damon Hatley

not bad just a little hard I battle mode

Train Driver Bart

Twice I've watched an ad to double the offline income and twice I did NOT get the bonus. Feels like a scam.

Bear Co. Property maintenance

Super buggy!


What kind of game is this just a simple clicker

Rainbird 78

Downloader beware app is harmful to your device developers don't care. Do not download!!!

Pankaj Rajput

mast meri🙏🙏🙏🙏

dinesh garg

Time waste

Leemar Amar


Shawn Hall

lot's of fun 😊

Nehumi Mafi

awesome game

Glenn LaCedra

it is the best

Eh Thaw

really good

Paul O'Hare

Adverts, Adverts, Adverts. A wee bit of game then more adverts. I'd like to say the game is fun but I couldnt tell for all the ruddy adverts.

Rajawasthi Rajawasthi

Very good

Deepak Agarwal

Worst worst game chodu game chodu. Game

Badshah vikash Panday

nice gem

Greg Louder

Not too shabby so far! Not an over-abundance of forced ads which is nice!

Hanmant Wannalwad

Worst playing experience

Hrapou David


Sanasam Sunilkumar


A Google user

the best nonstop action game I have ever played

Dave Beverly

good time waster

Marc Aoun

Bad. Extremely slow to finalize building the very 1st tank!! Extremely boring!!!!

Adarsh Parmar

So much loading and very bpring game

Max Pro

Don't download this game. You're phone will be struck. This game broke may phone

Mathias Petersen

I Just downgraded it since the battle is too slow. Takes forever and it is not idle at All. Improve this and will give 5. :)

Don Goyer

I enjoy games that have details. This one has got a lot to offer. Also I don't like being bogged down in one situation for a long time. I like a game that has good pacing.

John Abbas

Very bad and time waste game


Awesome Idle game, I recommend to anyone who loves history or tanks. Only downfalls are that the Campaign mode the tanks move very slow to advance unless you constantly keep playing, clicking to go to the next level. Also campaign is very glitchy but if you spend 15 minutes of constantly leveling up in campaign the rest of the game goes at a fast pace.

Dharamdas Surin

idle panzer is really a great game i really like keep it up

Jerry Fishlock


Bobby Fantomas

like two sides of battle/building

John Chuckie


Parisha Chauhan


Ashutosh Singh


eric escue

awesome great way to kill the border at work

Rajesh Riporte

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jaydeep patel


Aleksandar Nastic

nice game

Cameron White

Braindead and includes some of the most iconic tanks in the world

Steven Bolton

great game love this

Gray Fox

Very boring! You make a tank piecemeal at a time. No actual fighting at all. Just a tank scrolling along shooting. UNINSTALL.

Timofee Couwenberg

Battle campaign doesn't load after the first 50 levels...shame as I have spent ages building tanks and can't use them...

Sachin Rao

Got 3 adds before I even start the game... game Doesn't work without internet

Siraj Ahmad

Bad bad bad boring game

chris miller

game will not let me battle showing as if I am building

Maqsood Alam

nice function nd graphics

SaNdEsH JaIn

Bakvas game

pradeep mohanan

I love the game but it makes my mobile slower and more heated.playing is nice.its intresting

mark craig

Ja. Das is ver goot. would like to custom color my tanks.

derle paxton

Can't get the battle screen to work..stays on the build screen

Christopher Olson

easy fun idle

Sandip ji ecar ka ghar