Idle Ocean Cleaner – Plastic Recycle

Author: FERA Games

100,000+ install


Idle Ocean Cleaner – Plastic Recycle – Idle clicker game of garbage cleaning. Be an ocean explorer to save the world.

Detailed info

File size: 60M
Update time: August 30, 2021
Current version: 1.8.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: FERA Games
Price: Free
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Customer review


yoooooooooooooooo do not try dis game the noobs will play dis game

Aliraja Ali

I am enjoy this game

Katie Kenney

Great game

Kheizy gail Tagiunod

I love this game



Sougata Nandi

Don't know why the new percentage of cleaning isn't working. Still in zero . Any ideas? Thanks a lot for your reply. It's ok after I started new.


Let your powers combine!


Fun little time waster.

Schalk Pretorius

Very nice.

Monica Runge

I Love 💕 this please 🥺 keep this game

David Lehman

Good game bit of a tuff start but gets progressively better and more fun.


I really enjoy the game but it constantly crashes and I can't promote anyone now. I'm at a point where everything is so expensive I do one upgrade and have to wait a couple days before I can afford another one. Edit as of 6/17/2022. The promotion aspect has been fixed.


This game is AWESOME! I love playing it on matter where I am

Mary Claybourn

Player level 14 and now my whole phone is lagging when the game is open. If I play more than 5 minutes then everything gets slow. And sometimes it doesn't respond at all. Please fix this.

Karim Shaloh

There's a bug in the game. It won't allow me to upgrade my crew members.


Cool game.

B820 Vno

Night shift not available after update

Steven Opperman

Fun game for a few hours, but crew promotions seem broken? I selected the ones I wanted to combine, but the screen kept popping up that they are either working, or higher levels, which wasn't the case. The screen kept appearing and disappearing until I closed the promotion window

Alijsha Nati


Zheng Quan

Nice game but I hope this game developers would go partner with The Ocean Cleanup company. Don't just make this a useless game but to remind ppl to protect ocean also. Reply me when you guys had became partner ☺️

Dj Amit kumar


Swamp Queen

Enjoying the game but the promotion of crew feature is bugging out and I cannot promote my garbage hoarding boatmen.

Tomasz Stasik

Can't move my save game to new device

nathan miller

Not bad wish the no ads price was a little lower.

David A Christman

It's a peacefully game, plain and simple.

Bryan Ras

Great game

Snowing Ashes

It's surprisingly entertaining for being just an idle game. I find myself checking in whenever I have a few moments to sell resources and stock up on printed stuff.

Callme beta

very good game

Nazeeh Yauqoob

This game fulfill an itch I have for a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time when it comes to games. Since I'm not physically be at the oceans to clean them up(due to a lot of personal reasons) this game is the best game to scratch that itch. Also the game plays itself.

Miracle Anderson

Keep in mind that it is an idle game. I enjoy that it's unique, in the sense of "I haven't played a save the ocean kind of idle game before. I like how you can uphrade each station and it tells you how to make it more efficient. There is a lot of different things you can do on it. Usually in an idle game I get bored of it in like 10 minutes, but so far it has been a long while and I am still finding it entertaining. It could use some fun/random facts about pollution to teach people things.

Sergio Estevez Perez

Game is fun, and I enjoy that they give you plenty of free stuff to speed up your progress, but for a game that relies so heavily on ads you'd think it wouldn't crash every 2 ads. On top of that, the crew upgrade function must be broke. Every time I try to go to the next start tier with a crew member I just get a pop-up that keeps me from clicking anything. Would have been 4-5 stars otherwise.

Jeandre Goosen

Like this game no ads

Chauntea Wooster

Fun idle game! great time killer!

Jessica Shaw

Love this game

Chief Architect


Rebecca Lowndes

Really great game but I think there's a couple of bugs. I can't promote people ( it just requests I click on three people and then won't let me continue). And I can't return to a previous ocean, it just keeps making me sell it. Unless I'm completely misunderstanding. Will change to five stars when cleared up!

Michael Combrink

Lot of fun, a little tricky getting started but good progression,

Jacob Ray

It's a fun little game to play around in, not pay to win nor forced ads which I love Edit: happy to hear so, not a common thing now.

Gaby Borg

Fun game! Lots of stuff to do and I can guarantee that you'll never get bored. I've rated it 4 starts and not 5 because I feel like it could be a tiny bit overwhelming at the beginning and that progress could be a bit slow at the first beach, but this game is definetly worth a download.

Valenzia D

Nice game

Viter Lim

Nice to play .

Ken Goll


Seainin Watters


Yoni Therese Villamor

I like that it doesn't force you to watch ads

Jamie Bainbridge

Good game for an idle clicker


Ok so far


New review, similar story. I like the new update, and it does add a lot of balance changes, but it still isn't completely there, as would be expected of a new update. For balance changes, I would fix the order of the challenges. I've had to make billions already, and collect over 7 million toys (as challenges, but I've collected way more), however I've only recently gotten the challenge for unlocking the toy bundle recipe. The unlock is really cheap, and this challenge should come earlier.

Grahame Gould

Awful, but I'll give you two stars for not ignoring my review. Answer: I hate the extended tutorial process that never seems to end. How about let me start playing and if I get stuck provide hints. Or just let me find help when I want. And I hate the bouncing arrows which are like they are nagging me "now Now NOW!!!"

Julie Stevens

I love this game but I don't understand the latest update. I have sold the company but nothing is happening with the Oceans how do I change ocean? Thank you, got my first badge 😁

Cody Lee

I like this game, but the last 2 updates have severely delayed my progress. Before the last update, I was printing a ton of tools to upgrade an island. Then I updated the game, and tools were no longer needed to upgrade the island, now I need containers. So I have to start all over, grinding out containers, and now tools are the easiest thing to print on the 3d printer.

John Christopher

It was better before the update. *In reply to developer comment.* Pre-update, I had nearly maxed out the tech tree. I was on the last research things when they changed all the crafting recipes and recycling speeds. I played until after three IRL days of constant checking, I still had not crafted enough to finish the lightest of the research. It is now a grind and slog to do anything and needs babysitting for an "idle" game.

John B. D'Ambrosio

I had to reduce to 1 star. 1. The cost to get recycling and product items into screen went up substantially! This is now a "pay to play" game. 2. Training boater hands did not improve from getting it from rafts! Not enough. 3. The order guy Josh, shouldn't even be part of game, takes away from what your goals are! HELLO. 4. Game goals are extremely reductive.

Steakncheese VS Emerald

Nifty idle game. If you've played idle planet miner, this is a better version of that game, with a better theme, but it's the exact same game. Ads thankfully only last 3-5 seconds for me with some exceptions.

Paul Aja

Not getting any progress on challenges fo far. Thank you for the help :)

Ian Paternoster

Rubbish uninstalled.

Deanna Sketcher

The game itself was great! Absolutely loved it. But it crashed litteraly every single time I watched an add. I didn't get my rewards, and I had to wait E ery time for the game to re-load.

Margot Carroll

Addictive, people should be more appealing w even 1 star, like look like they have hobbies or something

Vaimoana Smith


niharika K D

I am playing in north Atlantic Ocean but still the progress is zero. I can see only two options back and browse When I am clicking to browse I am able to see new resources but nothing else


Fun game, little bit complicated at start but i'm enjoying the game

Klein Hardhen Cerico

Its so good

Nathanael Vetters

I love this game, I've been hooked on it for a while and I love the concept too. I don't give 5 stars to just anything. That said, I feel like it could be quite a bit more realistic without sacrificing gameplay. When making products, they can only be made with specific types of trash (bottles, straws...) but this is separate from types of plastic filament (ABS, PET, PEEK). Even weirder, the 3D printers seem to use everything but the actual filament. Also they make metal parts out of plastic...

Sean Brockest

Uninstalled because of the amount of nagging the app does when I don't play it

Bob Romberger

OK game until the latest update. Now it's overly complicated, visually unappealing. Uninstalled. Mine someone else for money.

kiwicat42 kiwicat42

Was a really good game until the newest update way to many changes at once been playing for over 2 months and gone thru 4 times hate the new items and layout Also can't find this "legacy version" looked all over the app and here

Justice Francis

Solid gameplay loop. Nice to play a few with a positive idea too!

Danny Short

This is a great game.


Everything was find until I found that after selling the company, all research instead of remaining there.

Lily S

I enjoyed the game. Good to teach us to live clean.

shawn guasp

Honestly? I'm pretty early in this game and so far it's really good. 👌

Gangsta Leene

I Love the concept, game is interesting, give it a try. Ads for rewards option killed it for me though, I know it's a necessary evil, but it's evil none the less.

Ariel Winsmann-Rivera

I love how it helps me understand the cleaning and recycling process. Totally sucks me in ♻❤♻

Darin Fornof

So far. Good game


Very fun, easy going game.

Nicole Grow

I really do want to play this game but it crashes every 20 seconds after opening the game.

Jesse Dread

Good to see a good decent game

max malaka

this is good, need more improvement on item to be collected

Katarzyna Gorska

Superb game. No forced adds. It is not only fun but you learn about pollution in oceans. Good job guys.


Addicting idle game that I can play offline. I have no quarrel with it. Thank you!!


Great app! Ads are useful but not necessary to excel in the game. Love the environmental aspects :)

Daniel Sadeh

Terrible. Ad farm

Amanda Cristofol

I love this game!!!!!

Richard Hagan

Honestly it's super dull and the UI is awful, particularly the research tab. There are far superior idle games out there.

Turkey San

Recycling counter is broken. Counts to 1 or 2 then 0, can not produce anything with 3D printing. Please fix it's been happening for weeks.

Fernando Corchado


Mohammadsaead Saeadi


Fernando Sian

Super fun

Toni Combs

It's fun

Andyjr Galarza

1. I love oceans 2. This game is just amazing 3. #TEAMSEAS🌊

Emma O'Brien

Enjoyed the game a lot, but over the 2 days of playing it reset itself twice and lost all my progress. Took me back to the tutorial. :(

Tea Wrecks

Was enjoying the game but for some reason items in the inventory keep glitching and resetting, making any research impossible.

Chris Laster

I ate my son plates help I call 944 butt they did not lean

Gold Ribbon

It is a good game. But I'm wondering where's the workshop of the game?

Glenn Calsado


Ronnick Caroro


Adam Maslin

I like this game because it is the same of label planet miner

Liam Duchene

A rip off from 'idle planet miner', the mechanics, everything down to all the prices, it's all exactly the same, except this game is about trash and idle planet miner is about trzveling to planets

Jaclyn B

Been a favorite game of mine. Updates been making it even better.

Andrew Coward

Enjoyable. Not interrupted all the times with adds. But you watch to get things, so that works out.


Bad iap