Idle Ocean Cleaner – Plastic Recycle

Author: FERA Games

100,000+ install


Idle Ocean Cleaner – Plastic Recycle – Idle clicker game of garbage cleaning. Be an ocean explorer to save the world.

Detailed info

File size: 60M
Update time: August 30, 2021
Current version: 1.8.0
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: FERA Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

James Pisarzewski

Not much more than watching ads here.

Shannon Winger

It's cute ☺

Shahrazed Cook

I really like this game.

Mike Gerritsen

Very fun game and no pushy ads in my face.

Robert Wilson

Probably the best idle game for eco friendly folks. If not an eco friendly folk it may just even make you a little bit more keen to your waste or recycling methods. The only thing I may say is that their shop is the ridden with ridiculous clout in power to their thought that they deserve so much money for such a game. Don't buy shop items... Just keep grinding. That's the point of idle games anyway. But it is a great game. I have been playing for about a month now and love the unlocks.

Aimee Lord

It's really fun. I enjoy playing it

haze beats


Sean Evans

Just started to play this game and already enjoying it easy and simple to play

Krisztián Campianu

I recommend it strongly, it's a great game! It's more creative than it's competetors and has an overall better interface with interesting parts like the 3D printing which keeps you hooked on the game. However there's one thing I slightly dislike which is the prestige option. I find it too hard to get to the point where the game lets you to sell your business, 20 lasers seem to much compared to the time that it takes to get to the point to even research the lasers, let alone make 20.

Micaela Gilson

Calming and I love the message

John Ward

Fantastic addictive idle game

Cameron Hole

really clean design, rather relaxing to play

Melissa Ann Wood-Searcy

IAF + Educational

Margot Carroll

Addictive, people should be more appealing w even 1 star, like look like they have hobbies or something

Graham Sowden

Great game just waiting for the next update

Raymond Barbee

All reserach has its pro's & cons..should we learn to control self & those around us to understand how to distribute the powerful resources or better understand how outside forces play a part in maintaining self needs/wants.. privacy or share the pressure of love & hate relationship..brake up to makeup?!! Give back to mother earth & father time!! Or be one with nature?!!

Robertson McNaughton

Decent clone of idle planet miner with a good message. Can't wait too see it get polished

Goroio Wluilgi

Need some more music

Rich Brown

The game is a good waste of time. But when you upgrade your level after hitting level 50 you have to buy the eco pass again. There is no warning of this and surely once its purchased that's it

Udit Joshi

This Game Is Addictive. This Game Is Entertaining. This Game Is A 5/5 Star Rating Program. I Play This Game Every Day. This Game Can Be A 1 billion download game. Improvement : Gameplay Needs More Regular Improvement + New Enhancement. This Game Can Be Made Much Much Better. Kindly Add Feature Of Making Money In More Relevant + Relative + More New Money Making Ideas . 4/9/21 I updated. Within next 30 minutes I uninstalled. ll SOS ll 6/9/21 Change New Updates ; Collecting Rate + Cargo Loading


Very calming and quite enjoyable. No ads surprising

Jamie Hurst

Keeping me nice and content, really enjoying it

Brittany Stein

This is one of my favorite games. I love the wide variety of tasks

Philip Kruger

This great, different and challenging

Jan Folprecht

Nice game with great idea. I love this kind of "calculator" game. But there is practically one way to get through. Add some different upgrade trees and get more parallel options.


Good game. Just wish I didn't have to pay for no adds.

Aamir haslo



Tutorial is far too long, instantly deleted.

Joshua Bunyard

Great game, i like the premise, and I rather enjoy the rate which you can level up. the developers listen to things they could do better and little to no ads which is always appreciated.

Ethan Walker


Cassie Fischer

Fun. Good game. Proactively doing my

Kim Woodbury

Love it so far, please add options to refund an unlock or start over. I accidentally unlocked the wrong thing a moment ago when I meant to unlock lasers, and I either need a way to undo that or I need to make another 100k quickly lol

Nick Ruedig

Fun incremental game with a solarpunk theme. Able to progress without too much pay to win, active friendly dev with a nice discord. Still in development, but very responsive and excellent.

Ciara Sheehan

It's a good game but the levels only stop at 50 and the rewards could be better otherwise I like it

Christina Masterson

Well built fun easy to learn game. Seems to be well planned and designed. Graphics are smooth, seamless and gaming flows flawlessly.

Terra Nova Rubacha

This game doesn't make donations to help clean real oceans but it would be cool if it did. What it does have, is an interesting tech tree that sets it apart from other idle games. The graphics are pretty simple but in a nice way. I'm getting so tired of the jitter and flash that most games lure people with

Pinak Paul Wildlife

Nice time pass, recent update was good, the things that I am missing is the option to sell all collected plastic together button, sell all recycled items button and a way to recycle or sell unused crew members, which may be exchanged with fewer droplets.


I've been playing this game for a week or so now and I love it! It is a little repetitive but all the different things to make with the 3D printer keeps me invested :) I would love if there is a meter that can recommend the best time to sell the company though :) but that's tiny, thanks for making an awesome game x

Christopher Braman

Chill ocean recycling.

Bettie Van Der Wrsthuizen

Can't you undo the last update? I love that there are more "things" to update. But the added tab at each island makes it so much harder and the boats are slower now!