Idle Mystery Room Tycoon

Author: Octopus game

10K+ install


Idle Mystery Room Tycoon is a casual and fun secret room simulation game with a simple cartoon design. Players play the boss of a secret room in the game, recruit guests, upgrade the storefront, enrich the theme of the secret room and other characters to attract more guests to earn more money and expand their business! Different themes and styles, build and design your own secret room, unlock more possibilities! Use your whimsy and unlimited creativity to create a secret room legend~

Game Features:

Comprehensive simulation of all aspects of the escape room operation, allowing players to experience the feeling of being a boss!

Easy and interesting management gameplay, unique challenges, bring you more different simulation management fun!

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 11, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Octopus game
Price: Free
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Customer review

Crystal Evans

Was going to give it five stars if it wouldn't keep backing me out every time I played like just clicking on it and going to the first screen it'll back me right back out of the game even when I do my two times or the grim reaper and go through the ads it'll back me out of the ad which is frustrating also upgrading the rooms the prices are outrageous and you barely make enough in the first haunted house cuz you start off slow in the beginning

SAMANTHA Hernandez

this game is a good game

Holly Dunaway

Cute, fun, and relaxing. If you like idle games and spooky stuff I would definitely check it out.

Hayden Hilsabeck

the game is awesome there is Pyramid stuff that I have not gotten to but still really really cool

Scott Fisher

All progress deleted. Please fix

Stephanie Garner

I like it it's kind of fun I wish the update to unlock more maps would hurry up I a out done everything. Update please hurry and update this game with more map's🙂

Ryan Weber

awesome theme for an idle game, but it should just be idle haunted house, bc that's the main theme anyway and it would be more exiting

Fhirlyn Olores


Nyght Chyld

Too many ads. If thst isn't 'scary enough

Angel V

Good game play, fun time killer, easy to navigate. My Only downfall is that it gets annoying having to watch ads every so often to do auto scares, Little heart for me to keep up with them all on my own

Haley Cannon

Idk if you can call this an idle game unless you watch the ads and it gets to a point where you just can't earn money to progress

Ryan C

Resets me as soon as I get almost through the 2nd area.

DevilPesoz Blood-Strong

Love It

Chase Curtis

Fun time killer but no 3rd area?

chanise bailey

This is such a fun game I just wish they updated the new map pretty much finished the game stops at the Egypt mystery room and I tend to Uninstall games after but I'm keeping this game I like it I just hope they developer unlock other maps for this game

Ian F

Amazing game! Not gonna lie but it starts to lag and it gets bad,plz fix this

erik arndt

it's not bad of a game


The rewards are very bad for completing tasks, you could have a task that requires you to spend 5k and your reward? A measly 100 coins and thats the reward for every task so makes progress extremely slow. If i could rate 0 I would simply because of that because I hate idle games that have 0 reward for completing ingame tasks and then pushing ads non stop to have auto scarers and then ads that gove you 3k.


Bought the no ads and I'm still getting ads so got it refunded, fix it and I might try again but until then I might not even play

·moonlight_ cookie·

amazing game

Queen.Angelina Queen

The game is OK but I think there should be a little more direction on how to play it to to pass it.

gema freeman

Have completed 1st area to 100% all staff over over 200 and on 4 star.... still only 3 stars... how do I increase to move to next area


This game is for weebs

Rebecca Pool

Can't wait for another location to be available!

Brianna Ross

I'm pretty sure this game gave my phone a virus I deleted it and my phone is ok now

dragon angel609

Good game apart from the ads

Von Plaful

Okay so i really like this game but the ads bug and i dont receive the reward, it's just a black screen and thats it

Heledd Yuill

very good game easy to play hardly any ads which is bonus. only ads are your choice to watch to get bonuses

Chris Heidorn

Is the game resetting itself ever going to be fixed? I finally managed to open and partially upgrade the 2nd expansion. It happened again. Please fix.

Christopher Wipperman

Lost everything! Just logged in & I'm reset to zero. Lost all purchases (ad free now gone). Everything was maxed & now to zero. Tried "restore" button & nothing happened. No option for support in-game. Please help. Spent a bunch of time & money on this game now it's all gone.

Ronald Aspinall

This all gave me one thought that I shouldn't download this game because I checked out all the reviews

Patrick Cornell

The prices are too high in the beginning, the ads don't work and the game has a lot of lags

Seth Hopkins

not happy that even though i paid for no ads i still get adds, good game though


It's so slow to get money and takes so long to upgrade the different stuff

Rob Blake

fun time waster


Trash mobile cash grab. Only wants your money.

Connor Phelps

Really good at curing boredom

Kev Croft

Installed the game yesterday and made good progress however my progress has been lost overnight. Waste of time

Rebekah May

The 2nd area, 1st expansion has a bug. It expanded but acts as if there is nothing to upgrade or unlock, nor does it show up on the stats menu. Otherwise a good game.


I purchased a $3 item from the shop and then all my progress reset a few hours later and I can't recover my purchase item from the lost

The Dragon of truth

fantastic time killer not extremely hard to play but slot of fun

Karissa Winstanley

love it. such a fun game. very unique! only thing that irks me is when you pay for no ads you still get one popping up every 20ish min. little annoying.

Your Mum

Great game. I love it. :)

Stephanie Beazley


Darkrai Dohvakiin

game is fun for a time killer, and it's cute watching tha lil ones get scared or laugh

Levi Morrison

its not too bad, its the second area that gets me, you cant get any boost because of a big glitch, and you level up too fast and you get to level 10 with almost no upgrades, is this intentional? it would have been 4 star if not for the bugs.

Angel Juarez

pretty cool game 👍

Christopher Dunbar



Why is the tutorial person an anime girl in a bunny maid outfit?

Amanda Bristow

The ads to get the 2x doesn't always work. And I was on the second haunted house and I got kicked back the to very beginning of the first one and lost ALL my progress! I drop my 5 star rating to a 3 star, I'll try again but if all the hard work I've done does this again I'll drop it to a 1 star! Game still buggy!

Talon Merc

Nothing to say, except that, I like this one.

Tanya Greene

Alot of fun so far!

Daniel Rodriguez

it's not bad

Sebastian Fenton

it's a grate game the only problem is the ads

Ky Brs

Did the game remove my gem after update?

Kevin Morgan

Might be alright, but too many random, unrewarded ads. Just breaks up the game, and it's hard to get focused. Not to mention the manual scaring and whatnot.

Scream ARama

locks up and reboots when ads load. Crashes a lot

Spartan Legend

I paid for the ad shredder and I'm still receiving forced ads. I want my money back.

christopher martinez

not bad for a haunted house idle game

Rafael Sanchez

it is good games

Andre Carvalho

Micro management is bad

Scott Medeiros

Game lags and crashes everytime

Alyssa Rose

it on multiple occasions now has completely reset my game and i had to start completely over from the very beginning- fix this

Kaylah Stowell

awesome game


Keep pumping out new contents Good game in the start might change stars. The amount time I spent on watching ads is longer than playing the game. It's so hard to earn money and you can only watch ads if you want to earn enough to upgrade your stuff.

dark man

add new levels

Michael Mitchell

I love it

Tiffany Campbell

Keeps freezing and kicking me off the game... Please fix

Lou Gutierrez Jr

time killer

Cathaldhus Englewood

Needs much rebalancing between amount of scare and money. Many other things as well. You have to watch ads for everything or pay. No daily for coins or gems afaik. Doesn't take long in game for the players to start getting through and your salary decreasing.

Sonny Bunny

it not all that great

Stytches Rifflefeather

I like it so far but I legit think the "customers" need to slow down a bit. Especially in the second area (the pharoh one). Also change of music here and there too might be awesome. Love how you can actually watch the customers get scared. Kinda reminds me of my actual seasonal job hahah


I would have gave it five stars but just a little while ago when I tried to play the game it started me over from the beginning

Jay Keen

Took 2 stars away I love the game but only has 2 maps needs more when they get more ill gladly give it 5 stars again

Stacy Clark

This is really addicting I wanna keep 😨 the people love it!

Adam Ikonen-Loskowski

Slow game play, takes too long to earn enough for some of the upgrades unless you want to spend the day watching ads for $5000 game cash and play your actual game for 10 min then it's great otherwise if your looking for a quicker game play,look somewhere else. not saying it is not entertaining to play but, needs some ad reductions without spending and also maybe the videos should be more in game cash or have a way to increase earnings so that as the place grows.

Donnie Watson

I like it it's very fun it's like Snoopy Town Tales but different

james yocklin

love it is best games i play

Melissa Duckett

I've played this game for 3 days now and today it restarted me back at the tutorial so all of my progress is lost.

Angie Tribble

Not sure idol should be in the title. Cute game, but you have to constantly tap on scarers to earn money. Watching an add for it to auto do it only gives you 5 measley minutes. It should at least be a half hour if auto time per add


no issues so far. great time killer and i can't seem to put it down

Stephy Baybee

Too many ads but it's a pretty fun tho.

james henderson

wish the x2 is income was 15 to many adds to watch but over all good game

sky summers

To many forced ads.

James Mysliwiec

I'm enjoying the game. Login like once or twice a day to pass time. The ads never seem to work. Fix the ads and I'll add a star to the review.

Christopher Foreman

u been wanting a game where I can create a haunted house hopefully one day there will be one for a haunted ride and you can actually ride in it.

Elliott Alkhateb

awesome app even if it's like all other apps like any tycoon empire or whatever it's what you do something besides upgrading the whole place and whoever doesn't like gets you know frightensfully then it actually gives a review and shows what you need to improve five stars

Jeremiah Justice

fun game

Tanga Richardson

great if you know what your doing

jose rivera

great game

stars otaku

beautiful artwork and nice idea I love the 3D view it's brilliant idea 😍. Also thanks for the 3x speed it does help to stay in the game for a longer time also the extra rewards after watching ads this is encouraging keep it up guys you are doing great

Tiffany Bateman

I like the game but I hate how it continues to tell me what to do.It's so annoying

spider Kell

it great to figure out how to make your tycoon affordable and done

Sajjad Sajjad

It is a great game

talisa chuloke

Fun & addictive Love the first person view so you can walk through your scary creations

Ariana Davis

This is a fake game with no totoral and the words are in Japanese highly do not fall for ads in games

Jennifer Curio

Game does not load in. Just a black screen. Have tried multiple times as well as just waiting. Nothing happens. Uninstalling

Shane Bowen

I used to have this game and I always have in my heart it's so beautiful😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Veril Bijou

Very odd. It looks like a bunch of random assets they had lying around that they smooshed together. The task instructions, other than buying stuff, are unclear. It's very slow. And on too of that, it's ads ads ads (I don't mind ads if the game is actually good). I'd say don't bother.

Annie Valenzuela

Idle mystery room tycoon is the best