Idle Music Festival Tycoon

Author: Lets Make History LLC

100,000+ install


Idle Music Festival Tycoon – Favourite festival got cancelled? BUILD YOUR OWN WITH IDLE MUSIC FESTIVAL NOW!

Detailed info

File size: 190M
Update time: August 10, 2021
Current version: 0.10.5
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: Lets Make History LLC
Price: Free
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Customer review

Favig 1995

Maybe the next month it would be verry nice if you could make a Octoberfest tycoon thank you


Would not let me connect to Google Play to save my progress. Used the in game Help Feature and got no reply and every time I loaded the game back up after upgrading something the progress would have been rewound back to before I did the upgrades.

Virgil Elliott

It's ok for an idle game but sucks cause it's an idle game

H Nelson

Good app for a click game

Shawn Hart

Hate this game

Annette Heunis

Takes to long

Ricky-John Kirkman

Keeps crashing then all progress lost, 4th time!

Matthew “Pyro” Pugh

Was a good game only bad thing is I've pre much finished it :( as there are no more levels or things to upgrade

Ramona Rojas

I dont like this game{

Amber Koch

Really solid idle game, easy to play, income scaling is pretty solid. Plus, the support team is A+, got back to me immediately and resolved my issue immediately.

Chris Ianieri

Easy, Best served 0 money, every 3 hours, for 5 minutes, watch commercials and spending all back. Can do entire game in like 2 weeks, very repetitive on each location adding 1 new thing or take your time and stretch it out. Cant see need for any purchase or upgrade considering it is nice to see the graphics for the first time and to see the upgrades of the things once, but where do you go from here? And is it worth going there?



haze jeffs

Its okay, has a few glitches in it and it comes to an end by the last festival anyway


I dedicated at least a week of my life being addicted to this game, and I can honestly say three stars is a reach. The amount of ads makes me want to throw my tablet into a lake, join the Amish, farm for a living until I eventually catch the black plague, and never face technology again. But other than that, it's great for blowing away time and feeling like the Jeff Bezos of music festivals. Would recommend if you are bored in the waiting room of a doctor's office, or something like that.

krishnendu chakraborty

I can't believe what happened my phone!! 100 MB / lack of 100 mb apps isn't installed. That's not right doing for Google play store company......😔😔😔😔

Mikita Miridoka

like seeing the other side of the world fun.

Ethan Tanner

Was a fun game because I miss music festivals, but yes.. it is extremely derivative. Nothing I haven't seen before in a mobile game, but I was able to reach the final level without paying a dime. Definitely feels like the game makers have never been to a real music festival (maybe one..? ), but still a decent enough game to keep me distracted from reality for a few weeks. It will make you miss life pre-covid. :*)

Michael Mischke

I enjoyed this game and I don't say that often. It was entertaining and I wasn't forced to watch ads every 15 seconds. I did watch ads but it was when I wanted to. The downside to this game is I finished it in ten days. No money spent, just watched ads to increase income. So if you do not watch any ads and do not spend any money you would likely finish the game in about 3 weeks. No idea if new content will be added but at this point I cannot go any further with it.

Lee Debell

awesome to kill time on and enjoyable

Taliya B. (Dimples)

This game would be A LOT better if you were able to save your progress and continue on another device. I got so far and spent a good amount of money just to have to start over when I got a new phone. It's safe to say that I won't be continuing with this game because I refuse to start all over. How is it that there's an 'option' in settings to save progress but it's grayed out because 'that's not an option at this time' as I was told by support. If that's not an option then why is it there?

Jaret Ueland

Support does not reply. (Edit) Support replies once after you mention it here. (Edit 2) Still no new content.

Jason Zoch

Great game , just waiting for an update, it's a fun game to play


Purchased something in game and never got it.

Susan Forster

It had another user name using my email address that I didn't create.

gary cole

To many game reloads after viewing videos. Glitched way to much for me.

Shaw-krow däshsabè

Reskin game not much to do very repeditive just watch ads to watch an arbitrary number go up so you can subtract said arbitrary number to make arbitrary number multiply faster but logerithmicly getting worse untill you watch eternal ads pay money or quit this sad type of excuse for a game.

Autumn Mitchell

Good game just lag alot. Everytime I start it up and collect my lil money the game will close out. When I come back no money.. kinda no point

Terry Patrick Foster

Fun for all

Jeffrey Cox

Game is way too short with no additional content. I paid for no ads and the manager and completed the entire game in about 4 days.. there is absolutely nothing left to do so please do not waste your money paying for the manager or no ads. Send a message through the game to the developers if any additional content was coming out and they never answered. Fun game but incredibly way too short. Will update review if new content is added.

Joseph Moore

Accumulation of money to upgrade or buy anything is way to slow. The only time I have enough money to do anything was getting it from an add. There needs to be a lot more people in the park. When you say there is 50 people attending an "event" and another 50 people waiting in the queue for the next performance and this is per item/event. you are lucky to have 50 people in the entire park but giving the number of attractions and the size of the lines/queues there should be well over 700+ people in the park at all time. Reinstalled game have every thing unlocked just waiting on new items and areas. Again there should be a lot more people given the size of the line and queue per attraction.



brandon elliott



If you like management and idle games, you'll enjoy Idle Music Festival Tycoon. An easy-to-play but challenging game. Start with a small festival and take important business decisions in order to grow your fortune. Transform your small business into the best music festival in the world!

Messiah J


baby roo

Absolutely rubbish game I couldn't me.more disappointed

ReiMalik ϟ

Me encantó, pero ya lo termine y no tengo nada más para hacer dentro del juego

Garry Wright

luv it 👍

Nigel Cave

fun game addictive


Boring. You pretty much just watch ads.

Hilary Barnett

Nice game easy to play, I just don't like when you move to a new park you have to start over again with no coins or anything. It gets kinda repetitive

Kirk Hough

When you click to double your profits after you have been away from the game it takes you back to home screen thus losing all money

Sweet Cocoa

I had to start over, I haven't played in a while, I never uninstalled it but when I logged back in to play my progress was gone!

Colin Mills

Majorly pi$$ed off. Paid for the general manager and no adverts and as soon as I closed the game then reopened it, both had disappeared and the game was trying to force me to pay for them again 😡😡😡😡😡

Chris Evans

It dont save my game

Rainn Lathrop

Fun, but got bored

Marquis de Suave

Man, this new Travid Scott mode is INSANE.

Rachel Pineda

Finished the entire game in about 2 weeks. Was fun while it lasted but goes quick

Wilner Luxama

good ok

Brett Williams

I started this game and was leveling things up (watching a lot of ads in the process). I close the game for awhile to open it up to play again and all my progress is gone! It's linked to my Google play account too...



Christopher Pitts

I really like this game.But I can't stand the fact that every 3-4 ads I watch, the game will glitch and close out. Then I have to start all the way back at the start from people not being in the park and everything.. needless to remind you that when that happens the perk I just watched the add for is obselete and I can't even begin to tell you how upset I get. I will rerate this game for 5 stars as long as you update it to where it doesn't crash when the park gets filled up with a bunch of ppl.

Goopy Goopst (Goopst)

Kinda slow when starting up but that's not a bad thing necessarily. A good way to mindlessly pass time

Anthony Gracia

This game starts slow but it's gets better with time

1 2

so far so good

Alisha Sheikh


Katielouise Clive


Jonathan French

Very Resourceful .

Annie Higginson

Idle camping tycoon.

Brandon Collier

Very slow and unplayable. Speed it up somehow...

Aiden Bogg

I'm enjoying playing this game, it's like pretty much any idle game that you play, not somthing you can and would play for hours straight but fun to check on every now and then. I would absolutely love to see an option to change what type of music is played at your festival, so for example I like metal music so a metal festival and the option to choose what acts play on what stage for example. I just think that would take the game to a different level

amadt zdy


James N

I mean, it's not so much a game as it was a way to get you to watch repetitive ads every 2 or 3 minutes to upgrade the stages and stuff. No real skill involved and once you finish the tasks there's nothing else to do, can't even revisit the old locations or anything. Definitely would not spend real money. You can "beat" it within a week of minimal gameplay.


I'm not sorry, but I'm not happy to give my consent to a game I might play 2 minutes then forget about it. Deleting!



Faye Scott

Have enjoyed playing the past week, I think the ads are a great way to boost earnings. One thing I'm stuck on, how do I get visitors to my campsite? Built my most recent one a day ago and I haven't had any visitors to it.

Scott Cullen

Boring. Each level exactly the same

Matthew Sankoff

Love this game just wish the music were something that we'd listen to like actual music!

Austin Moore

Too easy and in app purchases are a waste. Took me 3 days to 99% complete it.

Stephanie Charriere

Some bugs. Like the camping area, no matter how much you improve it, costs and revenue stay equal

Sam B

Can't even open.

Martijn Rolvers

WHY? I played this game for like 30 mins and when I restarted the app ALL MY PROGRESS WAS GONE

Joshua Beard

great fun app

Sanchez Angel



No ads unless you want free money or x2. Was fun at first but now I'm at the end and there are no other islands to buy..... so yay.. I love tycoon games but it shouldn't have been so easy to get to the end. Any new islands coming in the future? Or should I delete this.

Tom Chitty

It is a good game 🤣

Liz Blue

So they make you feel bad for not paying for different items in the game. Wow. Childish.


DONT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME. It's ok, could be alot better. After a week I got to the last Island, I payed the £10.99 to remove the adds, but there is no way you can make 36.000q without sitting on the game for a fair few hours, doing nothing except collect the money from the VIP which gives you around 700 million at a time every minute, the most you make off line in 1.5 trillion which doubles up when you log on. And what happens when you reached the max levels on everything, waste of money.

Hun Sereyrath


Darren Willis

Works fine on a tablet but not a phone

Martin Samuels

Awful game. It seems to involve no more than waiting for time to pass as you "earn money" then clicking Upgrade buttons to spend that "money" on improving your festival. There's no strategy or thought needed on what order you upgrade things, just push the Upgrade button and wait again...then, to top it off, it doesn't even save your progress on close so you start again the next time you open it. Might be ok to pointlessly pass some time while on the toilet, I guess 🤷

Scott Lincoln

It's great but why can I not view more than one festival? I can't get back to my NYC one so I'm sitting on the miami level as long as I can incase I can't make it back there either. Thanks

Tammy mccaw

Great game 🎮

leah ballejos

Fun but completed all the quests and have nothing to do

Alysha Sequoyah

Very addictive!!!

The Law01

Didn't like it 😕

Zulkifli Izoel

Great game, not disturbed by ads, Like this!

Rayne Black

Gets super repetitive and dull


Bad there is thousands of adsss

Danny Duggan

I lose my progress every time I close the game.

Matt Lee

Good game but loads off ads


So fun!


Never worked broken app I guess.

S C Richmond

Potentially a good game but it doesn't save progress at all. So every time I go to it I have to start again. Shame, it could be good.

Ginger Manning

Fun for like 2 days. All levels are the same and you're watching more ads than playing anything.

spokky tree hollows

It pretty good but a little repetitive

Mustapha Janneh

Very good game but needs a bit of an upgrade but still very good

Agnes Young

Awesome game love it

Randy D

Not sure why it wants access to your Google account. Seems like a very intrusive game.

Greg Maron

Unless something gets fixed, this is getting 1-star. Everytime i quit the game, I lose all my progress. I also just paid for no ads, yet everytime I use one of the benefits, I keep getting ads. This is rediculous. Fix this or please refund me...

Rosanna Tryon

Downloaded but couldn't get it to play.