Idle Mortician

Author: Kaiart

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Welcome to Idle Mortician – a brand new idle clicker game. In this idle simulation game, you start running a small cemetery and working hard to manage, expand your team and upgrade buildings to earn more money.

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File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 21, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Kaiart
Price: Free
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Customer review

James Moors

It is far too easy to accidentally tap an ad. If hold down the upgrade button, you'd better hope you have enough money to finish or there will be an ad hiding at the end. And half the time, the ads don't register. The big fingers pointing at stuff to tap get obnoxious quickly and there is a maximum limit to offline earnings.

Venkat Kokane

Only ad ad ad ad ad ad no


I actually like this game quite a bit, but there are a few issues. My main 2 are, when the new customer button comes up it has a hand animation that DOES NOT GO AWAY, after the tutorial is over, the hand animation should be too, you can't even ignore it and it's just so annoying. Even more annoying is that when you're buying something, and you're holding or just actively clicking, you may run out of money then the button you were pressing suddenly becomes the ad forcer, it's crazy sensitive too.

Jennifer Alejo

Game doesn't even load. Force crashes. Downloaded twice and never able to play.

Marie Crowell

it's so easy to play! For this Ryle of game there's not many ads!

Lucifer Morning star

it doesn't open

Sanket Zaware


Jhonna Tharp

honestly, this is one of the funnest games I've played in a while

Hanzo Kai

Push Notifications are out of hand and cant be turned off. The milisecibd you keave the game it will say "crematorium completed" even though i didnt build one. If the developers cant manage such a simple thing than go back to working fast food.

Jie Ying Song

Great game. Got bored after a while.

Cool Facts

These fake reviews are saying it's optional ads when it isn't. Five times I've had to restart the game because it was forcing an ad on me. When I engaged ad block, it got mad and locked up my game. Don't fall for it.

Ahmad Luthfi R

The game itself was fun, absolutely time killer. But when i finished watching ads for rewards there's pop up said "unable to get rewards" watching 30s ads for nothing. Fix it please.


Game would not progress, it went through the tutorial over and over and once I went to add more parking it would let me click the "Go" button but nothing would happen.


Great game with much potential. I've completed all tasks so far so waiting on an update. Hopefully there is one soon.

Phillip Jones

I hate the ads


Love this game, But, when you update it. You lose everything. You don't get the 3rd white car in the first level, take the "New Customer" button off, its kinda pointless. Add a crematorium in the 2nd world, it just goes together. I hope there is updates soon, I finished the game in 4 days 🤣


I love this game! The only problem is that everytime I try to play a video ad, the game just sits there with the loading icon, and I have to come out of the game and start it up again.

Niki G

I want to love this game...I do...but HOLY BUGGY HECK. It crashes like every other minute. Freezes. Ads make it freeze up as well and if you somehow manage to make it through an ad, 9/10 times, you don't get the reward. I am going to keep it installed for awhile to see if they work out the bugs. I will update if they do. Update: I got all the way to 3 stars and it crashed and now it is telling me to accomplish a goal that is already done, so I can't move forward.

Leo C

Buggy. It becomes frustrating when the screen starts randomly and rapidly zooming in and out for no reason, moving round the area is sluggish at times. It's got a good base but it really needs optimization.

Marie Janelle Gutierrez

Waiting for the New World to be unlocked

Patel Jigu


Vanessa McCarthy

strangely fun and comforting after our own family's bereavement


game has potential. how ever watching ads does nothing. after every add it says unable to get rewards.


good fun

David Styers

Just downloaded Can't even play straight to black screen then closes out

Brian Bates

I really enjoy this game. And i don't mind the ads. Small bug fix though. The crematorium has no manager the buggies dont take people back to their cars so the parking lot fills up.


Ads are in places that are too easy to click by mistake then you can't quit them. They also come up in place of buying stuff so it can be too easy to click that as well. Also 15 quid to skip ads is too much for a game like this. Should be about a fiver.

Henry Youman


Frank C

It's an ok game I'm in the second land, can't get 5 stars because im missing a buggy but there is no way to get it as the buggy says it's maxed out.


It was super good at first but now for some reason im not getting my idle time for when i close out the game, im not getting any money it'll go straight to the gameplay like i havent closed it out which i have, multiple times.

James Baker

it is good

Andrew Leonard

What a great concept to ruin with an ad platform disguised as a game. Awful.

Queen.Angelina Queen

Really fun game to play once you get the hang of it. It progresses fast enough and the ads are not ridiculous like some games, so that's a big big plus! Would Definitely recommend this game as a time passer and just something really fun to play!

Nicole McLoughlin

Really good game, but don't spend your money on adds free like I did. Their are only 2 levels. It's over so quick. New world is never coming. 15 bucks for nothing. I think the developers stopped. 5 stars only so you see this.

Isabella amezcua

I got a two stars in the game

Tony Seganeb


Falling Ninjaa

Upgrading items have trap ads on them

Angela Devine

I started playing this game at 10am, I looked up at the clock and it was 3pm, if you're looking for a time killer this is the game for you

Alphonse Marshall

Good game not that good if i have to buy sonething to up grand they game

James B

I do like the game. Disappointed with their math. 65 diamond for triple reward but it takes almost half of my diamonds.

Gemma Mcknight

Fun game but it keeps jumping and freezing

Riga Cripto

The Holy grail of ads. Do u upgrade? Ad. Do you play? Ad. Do you press a button? Ad. Uninstalling this greedy tool.

Katlin Carviou

Stupid game won't let me add parking level 2 and keeps restarting the tutorial

Anuj Jurel

The game loading is very slow

patrick fisher

fast paced and fun

travis galbreath

Very entertaining

Melody Lopack

I liked it. Played all the way through the 2 worlds... now what? Haha

K Hirsch

Its a shame, this game is fun, but the dimensions aren't right for a tablet. It won't let you claim task benefits.


Says its offline but doesnt load when theres no connection

Harlen Hirst

Very fun, but not a lot of content overall, you can't 5 star the first area and after you finish the second area there is nothing else to do

Mark Davids

Unable to Get Rewards after watching ads. I've emailed the Developer directly with a screenshot, hope it gets fixed because the ads are SO LONG.

νισʅҽт кυяσ

Your game is so laggy gosh it's so annoying please fix it ASAP

Emly Kinney


Grayson Kalk

really fun game also most of the one star review,s are about ad,s simple solution turn off wifi or data and no more ad,s

Carma Pointer

90% of the time the bonuses do not work due to ads, you have to watch ads more than once to get the bonus and I am not paying $15 for ad free when the game is buggy as hell. I am willing to give you a chance to fix the issues, I have only had the game two days and no off to a good start. Please fix it!


It made it crash break put a virus

Victoria Iadisernia

Doesnt load.


I keep getting a push notification about the crematorium being ready in the second (snowy) area but I don't even see it. Is this a bug?

Paul Zimmer

Enjoyed the game. Got everything unlocked and built but it still won't give me my fifth star on the first map. Other than that maxed out everything in about a week. Need more maps

Matthew McMillan

Freezes and buggy at some points especially the graveyard portion

Melissa E Calhoun

Fun and a great time killer. My only problem is I'm unable to receive my rewards after watching the videos. Quite frustrating!



Vicky Vicky


Ishika Jain

This is very nice game 🎮🎮

Sydney Griffin

I did really like the game and was having fun but after a while I stopped getting the offline income. Without it it's really hard to progress in the game. Disappointing

David Harvey

It's a fun game and addicting as hell but the more I play the more issues I have with the game crashing. Just this evening alone it has crashed 8 times on me. It's a great game other than that but the crashing is getting so bad I'm considering uninstalling.

Isalis Calispal

Great game, but the unlockable customers and items relating to the Cremation building's level won't unlock for some reason. In fact, they don't spawn in when they should. I also wish there was a manager that increases customer speed, as I feel guilty for not serving them fast enough before they leave on me. Lastly, I wish for there to be managers for the Cremation building so that it doesn't feel underpowered.

Rick Wilson

Ad bonus doesnt work til 2/3rd try. Game shoves ads into ur face vs gameplay

Nicole D

Haven't gotten a single reward from ads despite watching them all the way through.

james fuller


Mason Mills

thought it was weird and still do but good game

Andrew Silcox

Used to love this game but now it seems the game stops running if I'm not playing it, totally the negates the idle part of the game

Sakura Tsubaki

Actually this is really a good game thou. The ads is freaking annoying. It wouldn't allow us to choose whether we want to watch or not. It will automatically jump to the ads when you have not enough money.

Shawna McCarthy

Fun until it stopped working.

Paul Williams

Let down, been playing a few days now, when I watch a video to redeem rewards I get nothing. I've uninstalled and reinstalled the game, but still nothing. Cannot expand much else as rewards aren't coming through. Developers sort it out.

Brady Yelken

great game but... Why? lol

Charnae Leigh


Vitoria sa moreira

A pretty fun game!! It's very entertaining while you're building your funeral home. I find it very anxiety inducing that you will get constant angry customers unless your customer level is below the level of everything else, so even at 5 stars you're still getting angry walk outs. But anyway, it was a fun play!

Cesar Castillo

good game

Sam Donahue

You DO NOT have to watch can choose to watch ads for rewards but not forced...petty fun little game after i started play a bit

Athees Kumar


Kennedy Dwight

:o omg

chandhini suresh

I will additive with the game nice super good job i will wait for more game

Carl Williams L. Borres

The Game is so cool

Eric Gerken

Well I've read the other reviews and they're right, so it's starting to freeze up after you claim a chest or other rewards I'll raise rating when fixed

Nabil Hussein

Oppo A96

Kelton Hart

3 stars is mediocre, an alright game with generally nothing noteworthy. This is less than that. There are always ways to get adds on screen, sometimes when buying something in game you run out of currency and an option for a video to play appears where the buying button is, and since you're holding it down it instantly plays. After adds are played they instantly come back after like 2-10 seconds. The renovate is broken. The items have a small pickup radius. 2/5, would be 4/5 w/ no ads no option

dannyward 07

Ads ads qnd more ads

eswar PUBG channel


Zitro Takara

Its a really good game not gonna lie and the fact that its so simple to actually follow is nice but sometimes some ads can get really annoying and somehow cannot be closed

Lydia Billups

fun, optional ads. some challenge as well (Edit) I got to the winter world and everything was going great until one day the game wouldn't load or send feedback that. It was unopenable for 3 days, I updated the game. It didn't open. I deleted and re-download the game and everything I did was lost. All the work I did to get to 5 stars.. gone. So I took stars from them too.

Zack Woodward

Annoying, as soon as it tells me to expand the car park at the very beginning of the game It won't let me click on anything or even back out of the mission panel it just freezes, then when I reload it I have to start all over again, was really wanting to give this game a good play but can't even begin

Raven Rose


Shaun McMahon

Takes forever to get past the loading screen and ad bonuses fail, also taking forever to load. It was a super fun game before the latest updates.

JanEtta Price

I like 👍playing this game its fun.

Cow AJ

It was ok


I love this game do much I do recommend it's a sad game but it's about life and death all about how it goes quite interesting but the problem is the money u got to spend to make it look real it is very expensive but overall a really good game

liz dicken

the difference between

Mr red cool

Kind of good

Manoj Prasad

what a game 15 minutes it is loading i like to give 1 star