Idle Mini Prison Tycoon

Author: Honey Badger

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Can you become the best prison tycoon?

Start your own jail empire and make a fortune off your convicts.

Idle Mini Prison Tycoon – We once heard the story of how one prison tycoon built his empire and became quite successful: he was feared by criminals, respected by the society of the city, and idolized by the state.

You can replicate his success, even if you are now an ordinary prison warden. To achieve such success, when you are bathed in the money that the prisoners brought in by their labor, you will have to show all your cunning and become a wise manager in this jail simulation game.
Create a prison where the risks of escape are kept to a minimum. At first, you’ll be running a small prison from which it’s easy to escape and start terrorizing the people of the city again. What does this mean for you? A bad reputation and loss of money. Do you want money and power? Build your prison with a strict regime, high security, and increase your income.

Start building your jail empire right now – from the first money build new cells for your prisoners and become a better warden for them. Building strong relationships with convicts is one of the keys of sly rich prison tycoons. Then construct and upgrade the prison protection system and provide to the guardians better weapons and equipment.
To expand your business and reduce the risk of prisoner rebellion, you’ll have to make some tricky decisions. The success of your business depends on each decision. Be vigilant: provide the guards with the best weapon and other equipment, arrange cells for the prisoners, and negotiate with the administration. Be on your guard, invest wisely.

Are your prisoners staying busy? If not all the foundries, factories, and mines are waiting for them. Send them to work to produce goods that you can then sell at a profit. Avoid the breaks in their work! They always must be busy, otherwise, they will make you nervous. Don’t forget that prisoners are smart as well and can plan their escapes every free minute they have.


Manage so that your inmates don’t riot or make escape plans. You can upgrade their cells and make their lives more comfortable: give them new furniture, arrange the hygiene areas. Keep them entertained and develop them by building them a sports field and a library, for instance. The game is set up so that it has many different areas where you can come up with an activity for your prisoners. And if you happen to hear a rumor that one of them is planning to escape, you can punish him in a special room and show him by example that rioting in your prison is simply impossible.


Make your prison more secure and upgrade it to a maximum-security prison. Get a reputation as a tough warden who keeps a close eye on the order in your penitentiary. Be aware of dangerous criminals, control the mood of miscreants trying to undermine your regime. Invest money in your success.


Keep the city safe and re-educate your inmates. The better you handle your inmates and build a management algorithm in your prison, the more likely you are to become a prison tycoon.
Do whatever it takes to make prison work for the public good and you. Try out our jail simulation and become the best warden.


If you avoided breaks during your game playing and check your prison business every day and did everything you could to make it a success, you must have become a powerful guard. A warder feared and respected by the inmates, a protector to whom the state is grateful, and, of course, one of the richest and most powerful men. The more money you make from your activities, the better off you are in society.

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