Idle Mental Hospital Tycoon

Author: Wazzapps global limited

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If you like management and idle hospital games, you will enjoy this tycoon. Here you can build your own idle mental hospital, rehabilitate patients and earn money.

As usual in tycoon games, you start small: a few wards and some patients. Your task is to create all the conditions for recovery like in a hospital simulator: take care of your patients and feed them, provide them with clean clothes and a shower, make sure they get enough sleep. Doing all this will not be difficult, because this is an idle games with simple controls. Help to heal and release your patients. The more patients you cure, the more money you get. Don’t forget that in idle tycoon games, your main goal is not only to help, but also to get rich.

Manage a hospital like a tycoon: hire cooks, cleaners, orderlies and doctors.
Keep an eye on the level of calm of patients and do not allow the occurrence of mass riot, otherwise your orderlies will have to chase after patients to prevent them from escaping!

Patients will come over and over again, so you need to quickly build hospital and expand it. Add new wards and rooms to accommodate more patients and earn money. Open locations for the construction of new hospitals – in the forest, on an island, in the mountains, or even at an orbital station. Grow your business like in tycoon games and help people like in hospital games at the same time. Become the richest manager in this idle hospital simulator!

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Update time: Jun 28, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Wazzapps global limited
Price: Free
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Customer review

Floridan Cezar

The game was really fun the only probl are the building time it's not decreasing when I'm not playing the game and the theme of the mental hospital is a prison theme for a hospital

BarbieCat K

Cute game so far. I hope they continue to add new maps!

Michael Suskawicz

Silly and fun so far.

Loretta A Murry

Fun Designing


Well same concept as hotel empire tycoon but with mental hospital them also I was surprised when I saw that the max idel time is 1 hour instead of 2 hours ( like any regular idel games)


where is your morals??? tf is wrong with you guys

Sherwin Libre

I like the graphics and it's so cool I like the places I hope there's something incredible and nice place🙂

Chloè Jansma

It's fun

neeon Fox

App freezes when trying to view spme ads. Had to restart to try a play.

Andreea Cazacu

I really enjoy this game, it's very relaxing and entertaining. Definitely one of my favourites of its kind! It works a lot better since the last update, thank you!

Maisha Mahiat Noor[109]

I like the game but the earnings could do better.

Jeremy Kneip

Add more stuff please



thomas kelley


Ashley Falkenstein

The English needs work, and the ads tend to freeze up the game. After playing for a few hours, it seems that I'm done with the game. There's nothing to do next after it's all upgraded. I could collect the serious patients, but it doesn't seem worth it if that's the only thing to wait for. I'm going to uninstall it.

Katherine Walters

Maybe I missing something...but I think I beat this game in about 12 hours? Not 12 hours of gameplay...12 hours since downloading it. Every room is fully updated. There are no more goals to meet. The only thing left is waiting meet more special patients...but why? If that's all that's left in this game, it's not worth taking up space on my phone just for that. There isn't even a need for the in-game purchases. This seems like more of a demo than an actual game.

Elkannah George

I liked playing the game but now I am stuck on the 3rd hospital no matter if I open the app within an hour or 24+ hours only 136 patients get healed each time. It will take MONTHS to get the right amount healed to open the last hospital.

Crypto XD


Jonathon Payne

Haven't gotten into the game yet and your already wanting a rating. We'll it's two start bucause I haven't gotten into the game yet to rate it.

Mandy Strange

Im so into idle games but this is so different and so much fun curing patients and hiring new people.

Blind Expert 1234

This game made my dream be a nurse at Mental Hospital because I wanna help them out.

den cotiamco

I always wondered what happens in a mental hospital, this game doesn't answer my question but I'm having fun.

Saju Islam

I like this game

Susan Nathaniel

It's fun but it's paced weirdly. I unlocked the second area once I had unlocked everything in the first area rather than getting to manage both. Once an area is fully upgraded theres no reason to go back to them because money doesn't go to the new area. Overall, needs more things to manage

Aiden Slabaugh

Ads make this game unplayable because you can't close them when they're over. I have to restart the app numerous times and get sick of it after 5 minutes of playing.


Game gets boring soon.

crazy dpmm

Not bad

Lynn C

I downloaded this game just to rate it. If I could give it a 0 I would. This is the most offensive game ever! Mental health is already stigmatized and made for those who suffer with it ashamed. Those of you who say it is just a game or just for fun should live 5 minutes with a disorder or in a hospital. Then say it is just a game. Those of us who do suffer every day with this stigma and disease don't call it a game! The creators should be sued!

Rosie Lawton


Amy Fish

I wish we could use the money our hospitals make to help upgrade other hospitals too, instead of just having a ton of money generating and nothing to spend it on


I like the game and it passes time for a bit but I don't like how u have to keep the game open to keep making money or continue the timer on things u buy that are being built which is the whole reason for the loss of 2 stars cuz that's dumb asF

Aya Almaaz

Its a funny game but the lags make it boring and the time in the game is off when you leav its hard to ceep it on for 2hours for buildings


Not bad, it is missing something

Aishath Ala Rabih

This game is fun interactive and there are not that many ads which makes this game amazing.I personally think that because I want to become a doctor and manage my own hospital this is why I rate it a 5

aerial scottie


Amy Deus

The ai is so bad I spend more time watching patients and nurses run back and forth of each other so they can be discharged than I actually spend watching new patients come in. If a patient is lost from a nurse, make them stop and wait for the nurse don't let them run off.

Jessica Brooks

Double bonus countdown doesn't work. You don't make enough gems to pay for the cost of speed building. Workers don't do laundry. Please fix this then I'll rate 5 stars.

Leopold Beckford

Good game

Vince Dela Cruz

Amazing game but lack of texture

Richard Collins

Pretty good, I like it :)

Ashtyn McNeill

I love this game

Madison Norris

I really like this game. It is a fun idle game, one of the best that have actually held my attention. I just wish there was more to do. Like after i finish 100% vompletely building a hospital, there is nothing else to do with the money im getting from it. I feel like all the money from all the hospitals should be merged together or there should be more to do with each hospital to be able to spend the money you earn.

Gerson Torres

Good game, but every time i try to see an ad it closes the game on me, like the game is forcing me to buy ad remover

chris dunn

Adds and add multipler never work also notice a bug the laundry never gets done

Judy Velasquez

I would have given this more stars but one of the biggest issues I found is when I'm building a room, it'll tell me for example it's gonna take 3 hours and I'll go back in 5 hours later and 2 hours will be left and that's with me hiring all the builders that you can. Also, I build the infirmary and it never shows patients using it. I like to see all rooms being used.

Audry McMillian

Cool game

Erica Nelson

Its a good game but when it ask for u to rate it u can't click a x so thats my rateing😝

Ginger Martin

Its great 🥰 so far 🤺

Rose Guerrero

It alr


Hammy Haas ,YES the no ads works! Aug 1.22 update. It lacks motion, no patience being strapped down or diagnosed on machines. Rather stagnant. only 1 nutbar on the merry go round. The fans and tvs have no motion. No interesting things going on with the nutbars. Devs, it needs motion. And it's a waste to build the tiedown room. No one uses it. No therapists .


This game was fun and I would have gave it a five star but when I was offline and all my progress was deleted. I was building the imfimary, but then I loged off for an hour and boom. My whole hospital was reseted.

Carol Kizzy Mikkelsen


Lorna Drury

Awesome, so fun and like me I love a good game to just sit and relax while kids are playing and happy

Jeremiah Weir

Probably a 3 Star, once the AI is fixed. By third hospital, nothing happens on time. Spent the money to skip videos, which was worth it because half the time the videos didn't give you the rewards. New rooms don't even have any people in them, though. Spend money on the infirmary, but no one goes through E.C.T., no one ever gets strapped to a bed, put through the MRI, or the Xray.

Jade Harrod

Why do i have to keep it open to build things?

bunny hop

It's so fun and it's not like those other games where it's impossible to earn money love the idea the best game ever it distracts me a lot so luke next thing you know it's 3 am🤠🤣


Its ok to pass an hour or so. Misleading advertisement as theres no interaction with patients. Very limiting gameplay and many adds.

Emily Etherington

I like the idea of this game and enjoy the gameplay, but the ads are not giving the rewards at all. I've watched around 5 ads now and no rewards.

Sehar Nadeem


Tammy Nel

Fun game just not enough oppertunities to earn money

Chris Coetzee

Love dis game

Ian Craine

A very clever and interesting idle game, a notch above most others, with quite a lot of info about mental illnesses, but also fun and entertainment.

Leona Mullay

Takes far too long to get enough patients cured to move on. I'm on the 3rd level and built everything in a couple of days, now left to open the game every now and again to update the number cured but can do nothing else, utterly boring.

Danial Gibson

No adds play

Nicki Nick

Great Game... Fun Building and Creative

Destiny Miko

I love it ,easy to play

Alan Woolstencroft

Please download this game


Okay so, this game is a really fun game to occupy your time with. I'd really recommend it if you like those idle games, it's super easy to play and functional, I don't get much ads but the reason I put 2 stars is because one of the buildings took 2 hours to build. By that I mean I have to play the game for TWO hours. When I leave the game it doesn't build by itself, and yes I said the game is fun and all but it gets boring after 2 whole hours.


Love it!!! It keeps you busy it's fun


Ok so iv watched numerous ads without getting my reward, iv been adding it up and you own me 22k and id like it please! I put in the time to watch and now i want what im owed! EDIT....iv read some of your replies back where its said the ad issues is 'fixed' well i can assure you IT IS NOT


Fun game but ads don't work half the time. If you get an option to watch an ad for a reward most times you don't get the reward. Really annoying.

Triston McMullen


Terry Vice

Fun game

Ackalia Green

Not perfect but good for when you want to idle

Dragon Warrior


Ale :D

This game is very good

Бугагаст Сибирский


Lakiya Johnson

Still too early to tell. I like it so far. And I love Unicorns 🦄 ❤️

HariHar Das

That is very best game

Sasikumar G



Couldn't get a solid look, as the game lags every few seconds. Would love graphics options to make it easier for any type of phone to use!

Stacey Taylor


Julie Conleay

It's fun.... But the ads tend to not read (freeze and reload the whole game)

kariss dee

Could be 5. Not as good as the prison version. Needs two cooks to serve food as half of them go without. Patients will bug out and sit on the toilet if the nurse doesn't release them in time. building doesn't continue offline so most the time you're sat with nothing to do but wait.

Adora Williams

Having multiple builders should make your build time faster or less but it doesn't. It's still the same and just as slow. Please fix. Otherwise pretty fun game

Robert Vang

x2 doesn't work. The ads with videos doesn't give the x2 bonus boost.

Molly Edwards

Love the game but the ad income doesn't always work same with the 2x earnings hopefully it will get sorted soon

Luisa Mendiola

This game is so fun to play also while your not playing the game and played the game again you will have a reward!

robert atkinson

This is really fun and exciting

Randheer Singh

Very good

Jamie Stevens

Barely started but I like it.

jhearo yamson

Its really good and its offline i love it Keep up the good work

James Sandy

Game is good! I watch Videos and sometimes don't get the reward.

Sharon Wright


Kimberly Gambrel

I love it


I really like playing this game. So far my only gripe is the ads. When I click to watch an ad (either for extra money or for the double your income), over half of the time I don't get credited. There are many times that I can watch multiple in a row and not get credited once. Dropped down to one star because it's gotten so bad that almost all rewards for ad watching is not credited. Edit July 28, 2022. Have been on the 8.6 current version. Same issues. Issues are even worse when using data.

Pawan Lulla

Build time bug - a room shows 10 mins to build but takes 50 mins even with all builders employed!

Owethu Kubheka


Ariana Davis

Game is full of bugs and whenever I watch videos for money I don't get any money and the achievement bottons when I tap them they got bigger covering my screen I'm not going to reinstall this game until u people fix these bugs in the game 😡😡😡😡

Donna Barker

A really good game