Idle Maggots

Author: TapNation

1,000,000+ install


Idle Maggots – Enjoy the satisfaction of Maggots eating !

Detailed info

File size: 129M
Update time: September 10, 2021
Current version: 3.2
Require Android: 5.0 and up
Developer: TapNation
Price: Free
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Customer review

noriza hashim

I love♥️💕💖 it 👏( 'ω' )👏( 'ω' )

Alicia Fisher

I love this game

Keayron Forbse

It would be better if you would make it so that the maggots can go inside of the thing they're eating or if you already did that then thumbs up 👍

paty martinez


Hawa Fallaw

Cool game

Joan Graham

It cool

Chelle Naturale

It takes super long to load it loaded 2 hours 54 minutes

Drei Scholar one



Its not that bad but it has alot of lag. Fix the lag pls!

Marissa Hubley

It is so fun and amazing I love this game so much

Paul Sanchez-Martinez

Awesome game

Aliyya Noor


kaiser salado

i love it cuz you can eat rats 12/10


It's very sad the maggots eat a dead cat 🐈 😢 😭 😿


So many ads its annoying, it lags horribly zooming in and out when your trying to tap a bird or chicken. The game is a good idea but needs lots of work.

Staci Nelson

Really fun not that many adds I would love more updates

Jurassic Ollie

You've just played a game about maggots and enjoyed it, 5 STARS.

Steph Canche

Sorry if you guys saw whatever my kid typed I mean it's weird and umm gorss it's just -_-

Simone Shearer

I like this game.

Bea Bella

Nice keep up the games

Paula Johnson

Jj S

ashley schmiedecke

Fun awesome

Jaxson Ortiz


Lori Truth

The 1st level is sad they are eating a cat

ShadowPuppeh's Gaming Channel

Terrible game, insanely laggy for the poor details and graphics of the game. Should also be renamed to idle AD as your watching more ads than actual game time.

Cirilla Snow Hizon


Sophia Ramos

So much fun to play

Amanda Nipperess

It won't even let me in the game so don't get it

Darren Dio

It takes forever to eat even a cat

Gabelija Duran

Dis game is so iwwww

Chris Carr


Gaming with Molly

This game is so fun the ads are kinda ya know ANOYING I have like so many complaints 😑 wanna get and upgrade? HERES AN AD 🙄 they were like (HOW DO WE MAKE OUR GAME BETTER HMM I KNOW LETS AD A BAGGILION ADS YEAH THATS BETTER) like it makes the game worse 2/5

Abeer Maali

It does not even work I used to be a fan of the game and when I am trying to play it it does not even work

Calvin Mix

It's all good now

Diana Evangelista Diana

😎 🆒️

Coco JV

it's ok not bad

Rajanala prasanna

The bessssssssst

Auron Kedric Zapanta

good game

Dylan Loucks

garbage game

DrRandom 52

It is one of my favorite!

Joel Costillas

When you have no money they give you ads like its relly annoying but its not that bad of a game

Rocky Grote

Really good


This is the best game ever i love it 😀 ❤

Tommy Alexander

It'll maggot is so sad cuz you eating a cat that this is a stupid game I hate it please don't download it

Rita Salcido


Don Becker

Too many ads too many everything there is a lot of stuff that disturbs me in this game first make it so it's stuff that isn't kind of cute so no mice nice look cute So stop doing that also I'm taking this from the comments but it is pretty good of a game this game is sad because of the poor dead rats and mice and stuff

Trinity Mileana

I love this game😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩

Anneth Tatum

Love game

Dee Pierce

If you need anything just watch an ad... Don't need an upgrade or want to watch an ad? Don't worry because you're going to anyways since this game will shovel the ads down your throat anyway 🤬😡🤬😡. Seriously, you will HAVE to watch ads regardless if you need anything such as an upgrade, a little money, or a 45 second speed boost! 🤦🤷

Max Bock

Don't play this

Diana Simons

This game is my 3rd favorite game


Rather dissapinted in the game, there is no progression, especially if you don't watch ads, there are no interesting mechanics in the game, there are only 3 upgrades. The only special thing about the game are the visual effects and, otherwise its completely unoriginal and basic. This game only exists to earn money by exploiting children and getting them to watch ads, just like child labour.

Martin Adams

Needs to be updated ASAP

Aaron Odum

I can only say i love this game!But can you add more levers i finished it in like 3 days because i love it.

Keyon Mcvay

I like these games that you level like the games that you level up

Jaimie Hartke

Forced adds ruin games. I'll gladly click for boosts and stuff. But when they interrupt your game play at random times it's deal breaker.

A Google user

I downloaded the app on my other phone Because I am using my mum's phone so yeah

Jielen Monica Bawan

I eat is really 12T km

Marc calvin Bernardo

This game is cool

Loki Gamer

It's fps is so low and the amount of ads is huge 10 ads+ on the cat alone sorry devs but it needs fixing. ):

Melissa Foreman-Lovell

Very fun I love this game and you should try it!

Yuni_x 000

It's cool

Ulaş Ay


Tiffany Jones

It keeps closing out on me

Jenna Vollmer

I love this game so much

Gong Doo

Won't uninstall

michelle campbell

This a a very boring game i would recommend not to play this

Serena Tremblay

It's a pretty good game... I don't really know what else to say but it's just a good game... uuh... 5-star review yay...

Leona Boheen

i hate this game its so sad that animals die beacause of the maggots im never downloading this game EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so you guys think of if you had a pet cat or dog and then you fed it to maggots i would cry cause i LOVE my pets! so you should getrid of that GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so thats why i HATE this game!!!

Gwenyver winchell Lim

This game is my fav like roblox and why does ppl hate this game maybe they easliy give up and i i didnt give up i unlocked thr beach easliy

RichGuitar Gamer

Very cool game it's not good...its amazing!

kang he

this is pretty good i love it but the only thing is the CONSTANT adds like every 40 secs in game a add comes up please ruduce the amount of adds thank you

Nana Yim


Christian Sampson

I like the game just one thing it's to laggy

Destini Garcia

It didn't let me in please fix it this is my favorite game I played it on my old phone then I accidentally broke it then I got a new one it is actually my favorite game thank you so much for making it because I love it so much😁😁😁❤ but I'm still a little mad because it didn't let me in so please fix it😔☹💔😣 it's actually my favorite favorite game I love it so much but I'm actually still still mad😠😡💔

Robert Allen

Amazing.....the best....,.....add more stuff and fix bugs and level restart button

Lolit Villanueva

i like it but lag yeaa not so much

Anthony Williams

Contains way too many ads! This game may as well be an ad it's full of ads for everything! You'll play it for an hour and you'll literally spend half of that time watching ads!

Cameron Hamilton

So satisfying 😌

Michael Lehner

Its prety good and I just got it

Prince Andrei Losendo

I'm on Sumsung Galaxy Tab A7 And it won't let me play it can you fix this problem? Thank you


This game is cool sadly the animals died and their eatinf them 😢😔😞😔

Cavin Wusstig

Very laggy and to many ads

Reem Megahed

Stupid game a too slow and adds also the game itself is bad

Zahra Hanachi


Amy Droste

I love it

Hyper Actress

This game would always be stuck on the loading screen, uninstalling

Gacha life “locamotive21310” Apprentice

There's a cat. It wanted to revive. Remove it for better rating


It's really satisfying watching weird animals slowly deteriorate

Chris Van Why

terrible game innapropte ? ?? M urvuvnurninidmiemiemiemiefniefnkf jdjemifenudnudnundunjkrjlrjdohrohcltbthkdjlrncljenot4orgjoefjien.vkevnelndvodkdnvodnovnrkbrvkrbkvnrkvndkbvdj kf ll j ljefnpjdw rp rwf v mfvnrjngrkgrkrnjrnvkrnvirbiv i i r i in t f dv.envjrbkecnfobeirjorgornovrmrvnrvknrfkfnkvnfrkfr irgnkgrnfrfnrinkgrrinirgnrinrfonrn3grirnvirnvhrvinvonr

Aiden Maxwell

M a n g o t s

Sidiqullah Ansari

Yeah I know

Trever Stearns

Pretty cool game if you have lots of time to devote to it

prince isaac Abecia

i like this game guys and im digitosim and you JOIN my pet simulator X game and join me Done

Zulfa Noor


Durga Rao

This game is the worst When is 40 it freezes

Oren Simpson

Suck my wood

Megan Nielsen

Please make more animals for the maggots to eat

Ms. Jen Vlog

It's not downloading

Nasrul Hakim

Bagussssssss........tapi harga RM12,411