Idle Laundry

Author: FORGE

100K+ install


Ready to be rich?

Become a laundry company manager and build an empire.

You start with a washing room then build dry room, ironing room, dry-cleaning room etc. Buy new machines and improve them, you can also decorate the room by buying furniture and goods.

To grow your company and to become the richest, you should develop a marketing strategy. This will attract more people to your laundry company.

– Casual and easy gameplay
– Amazing animations and 3D graphics
– Make important managing decisions to grow your business

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Jul 7, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: FORGE
Price: Free
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Customer review

Crystal Jones

Keep showing sexual content ads

Sonia Williams

I liked the game so I bought the no ads deal. I'm getting very little actual play time because all I'm doing is still watching ads. So frustrating!

Mars Arcilla

I paid for the 'remove ads' option, but i still have to watch ads every time.. pls give my money back.

Lee Tamber

no save feature. game restarts back to start when you play the next day

Rose Nabella

Baiklah.. 😭😭🤣🤣🤣😊

kameelah selmon


Jess Anderson

paid for no ads and still get ads rip off.

Cassandra Nightshade

absolutely not recommend. i paid to get the ads removed and i still have to watch them. this is a scam. i hope they give me my money back but i bet they will not.

Keely Anne Redman

I have been playing this game for a few weeks now, and opened it this morning to find all my progress gone, I was upto level 34. I never had the option to save or link to an account. So I'm pretty much scre#ed. Disappointed

Wayne King

I paid to remove ads so why am I still getting ads??

Chloe Caley

it keeps quitting out as soon as it gets to the loading screen

Frost Queen

Absolutely awful! Get a crowd of people instantly. You only have one washer which breaks down after every use and needs to be repaired. You barely make any money and it takes a while to be able to afford any more machines.

William Allison

I purchased the no ads and it's still giving me ads so what's the use of me purchase it I give you a one star

Megan McCollum

I was at level 102 and I went to go check my game today and it completely reset to level 1.


Pop up ads ruined it.

Ed Edwards

The game is confusing doesn't make much sense

arik Mestayer

I'm only one person


I bought the no ad and I'm still getting a bunch of ads it's a rip off

Dionne Brown

I purchased no ads and I still have to watch the ads. How can I get a refund? Or fix your game... Tried to restore purchase and that didn't work.

Heather Lambrecht

Ad free does not remove ads. Paid for add free after level 9 when I decided I enjoyed the game. Does not remove ads. Would like my money refunded.

Tonette Johnson

I like how you can watch ads to earn money. I never run out of money and can always buy what I need in this game because they always give out free money for watching ads. AlsoThey don't make you watch ads as other users say, it's a choice on if you want to watch them to triple your earnings and get free coins. They ask you and you don't have to accept. The only thing I don't like is you can't play when offline, so everytime I open up the game it starts over a new day.

Claude White

This game not working Properly it keep saying no video available Please fix this Problem

Jae Patterson

I love the game but bought the no ads.. and I'm still having to play ads.. very frustrating.

Annie Lai

paid for no ads and still have ads

Ganesh Darveshi

Nice game

Alex Strand

Seems like a decent concept but anytime an ad plays it crashes the app.

Ron Sellman

didn't save my work from the time I played before screw that

Georgia Kosta

This game seemed cool but I purchased the no ad pack and it doesn't work, I still have to watch adds to get rewards

Cassidy Fincham

I bought the ad free version and still have to watch ads.....

Kendora Lee

I purchased the no ad option. the charge went through but the ads are still playing when I do the boost

gaddiel gutierrez

I hate this game i was going have many washing machines and i have a big space for my laundry when i close the app and go back i was shock and i saw my level and i go back again and again its not warking its always level 1 so i delete this game plss fix this game and put some save

tyler spurgeon

to many adds

Sylvia Reed

I will not play a game that makes you watch an ad after you choose not to watch an ad to multiply rewards

Ann Smyth

takes a long time two load

Collene Hall

ok game. but I just started only at lvl 8

Tawon Ar

ภาพสวย สนุกอยู่นะ ให้เงินเยอะ เล่นได้เรื่อยๆ

Zed Storm

Auto-Ads = Auto-Delete

Chelsea Mcphail

Paid for the add free and I'm still getting adds. Scammers

Tammy Boyer

Game reset and I lost all progress for no reason. I deleted it

Gena Sumeriski

Crashes after every damn ad otherwise a really nice game

Serenity Seda

how u help

Mia E

I paid $3.99 to play ad free and I still have to watch ads! I even tried to go back to the store and try AGAIN to pay to be ad free, but now the store option isn't there anymore! Oh, and the RESTORE PURCHASE button doesn't work! I try not to leave bad reviews, but sorry, this game definitely deserves it!!!

Karen Duruin

maganda . kaya lng wala mn lng sound.

Tina Usher

To many adverts

Sonya Flucker

Game constantly crashes

Cyleen Exline

This game makes me restart from the very beginning. I'll get to level like 15 and then all of the sudden it'll start over on level 1.


played for a couple of days, and logged in today and my game has been reset. back to level 1

Katie Kat

I purchased the no ads and it's still making me watch ads

Jocelyn moore

Nothing special

Beverly Archer

This sucks it never saves progress after leaving game it starts over

Kirsty Freeborn

Shame, because I like this game but it keeps completely resetting itself and you have to start over. Very frustrating.

Zakky Muttaqin

My data on this game was gone

Jerica Erica

good game but my account was reset out of nowhere, ive just turn off ny wifi and all of the progress gone, it was not caused by the upgrade. I repeat, it was reset out of nowhere because of connection problem. plus, the battery saver and performace mode wasnt usefull, it still drain my battery a lot. at the end, i love your game a lot but please fix the system and battery consume. thanks

Jen Hawks

Cute game. Doesn't save so you have to start over every time you shut it down.

Slayy Vibes

Reset after every log off. Ad after adding decorations or level up

Emily Hammer

My progress keeps resetting. Before that started I loved the game.

sharma's experiences

Restarts again


It was a good game up until I came back the next day and found all my progress was reset on the app. Can someone explain why this happened?

Kricia Edejer


Sehar Nadeem


Sharon Clough

Got to level 10, went off game for couple of hours and game went back to level 1. Started again got to level 3 ,went off game again and when I came back on it had gone back to level 1

Julie Magana

I am a fan on mind numbing games like this. What I'm not a fan of is buying the ad free option and still getting ads for bonus materials etc. I feel cheated. If that is the kind of "no ads" purchase I'm making it should come with a disclaimer. Other than that, the game is fine.

Chun Hou Tam

I like this game, but 2 xs all my progress reset back to start. There is no save option. I'm thinking of deleting this game.

Carissa Collins

Was ok until all my progress disappeared!!!!!!

Madd Hatter

Like the game ben playing for a few days i just opend the game and it had reset to the beging

Brittany Kinder

I was really enjoying the game but twice now it's kicked me off at lvl 18 and completely reset the game back to lvl 1.

Arlene Lane

it glitches all the time and there are so many ads

Charles Suggett

It was fine for like two days but now I need to start all over and start from level 1 again

Sam Pedroza

I've been playing this game for days now and evertime i open the app im back to level one when im at level 4....i feel like this game should save your level or something its not fair to keep going back go level one everytime i join i hope this gets resolved and I'll download the app again once that tiny problem is fixed.

Crystal Valdez

had a lot of money. left game for a few hours and came back to 3k that I started with. NOT HAPPY!!!

Amy Bowers

This game is a total waste of time. Every time I went in to play the game everything reset and started off at zero. It did not save any progress at all. Don't waste y'all's time.

Jack Ellsworth

this game is a scam cuz ads free don't work


Everytime I close the app I have to start over from the very first level with no renovations or anything which is funny because it never repeats the instructions you get when you first start at this stage. This makes it so you can never hold onto any progress you made

Melinda Kregar

I was at level 73 and now I'm back at level 1? I lost everything I worked hard for!

Omega Wolf

Was not fun hopping back on the app after closing it and opening it back up and I'm back at the beginning. Please stop this from happening.

Nur Fatihah Bahrin

many ads

kyky_cocopuff eee

I got pretty far with out shuting of my phone then i shut off my phone reload the game and alll progress was gone i thought possibly it was a one time thing but i leveled it up and shut it again no progress saved unless im missing sum then im just unistalling because it just wont work with me


Nothing saves

Tiffany Figart

Paid for no adds next time I go into the app or completely restarted the game to level one and deleted the no adds I paid for. Definitely not worth it

Kesha Artis

Ads are just often enough to make the game not be fun. In addition to that, the ad for mistplay completely resets the progress of the player. Very annoying. Would be fun if not for ad related issues. 💁🏽‍♀️

Nicola Fanning

Good game, but I paid for no ads but still get ads.

Christopher Bennett

Paid for ads to be removed but still popping up


After only a few days of playing this game, I'm uninstalling it. It's frustrating that you have to start all over again once you decide to renovate a room, even if you get more money faster. Somehow my progress got reset this last go around. I didn't do anything, but suddenly I'm back at level one with one washing machine.

DemonDeath Nyx

Rather boring honestly

Alice Phillips

its ok, to many ads

danny Cobb

I like the game but I am watching more ads then playing the game this app is pretty much all ads

Punjan Kusare

They is no step sis stuk in game as you showed in insta ad

Tarsha Shera Wilson

thank you to make my dreams come true

sean davies

The amount of ads make this game unplayable. English is poor. Machine break down to often. Overall this is an advertising watching site spoilt by a game you have to play to view the next full page ad. Not to mention the banner ads that are always there. If you like watching and seeing the same half dozen ads then this ad viewer is for you!



Rani Reiter

I paid for no adds but still getting them. Some scam you got going on, but reporting this to the proper people..

Maria Franklin

Needs more improvement

Cheryl Barnes

another game that doesn't save your noise options pick. when I log back on I always have to turn the noise off again

cX Tepo

More like Idle Trash. The game won't even load past 90%.

Debra Liegh

Question Why was it when you guys fixed your game that all my progress got deleted I had the ironing room all the decorations and all washing machine s I was on day 5 of the daily stuff and it kicked me back down not cool not sure if I want to play this game anymore

Gavin Green

I keep losing my progress every time I close the game.

orange 12

too much ads

Jadyn Cormier

I just downloaded this game. Haven't played it yet!!

Erishkigal Amstel

No option to expand or bulid other rooms

jonatan lozano

to many adds:(