Idle Human Evolution

Author: Borov Games

100K+ install


Idle Human Evolution  – Looking for evolution games? 🐟 🦖🐒 Wanna play a human evolution clicker? Idle Human Evolution is a casual game where you need to develop your civilization from monkey to human. You are responsible for the human evolution!

This casual game is really fun. The monkeys throw sticks and branches to the fire because they need the meat to be cooked 🍖. The more meat they have – the more DNA rewards they get. DNA is critical to evolve from monkey to human.

Get more DNA to speed up the evolution. It helps to move to the next level. Collect the meat at the fire and use it as the game currency. Spend it to increase the size of the DNA to pass this evolution game faster.

Have you ever played the world building games? In this casual game you need to build your homo sapiens civilization. Don’t think it’s easy! You need to be patient and manage the evolution properly before your monkey population will come into homo sapiens civilization🗿.


★ Hunt animals. Kill the beasts that annoy you in your habitat. Get more meat to speed up the DNA flow in this hyper evolution game.

★ Collect meat automatically. Upgrade your skills to get the meat without clicking. Go to the next level to open new features to manage the evolution like a PRO. This idle evolution clicker has lots of staff not to be bored!

★ Upgrade meat income. Increase the size of the meat reward to speed up the monkey evolution to human.

Download Idle Human Evolution and make the evolution revolution come true! 🐟 🦖🐒

Detailed info

File size: 0 MB
Update time: Sep 1, 2022
Current version: N/A
Require Android: N/A
Developer: Borov Games
Price: Free
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Customer review

Jenna Vollmer

best game ever been made

Zachary Johnson

Review requested very early in game.

Gary Hastings

it's entertaining and from what I can tell it has some potential in my opinion if there was another part for it

Andrew Yang

pretty decent for an idle game. would recommend

Barb Newcombe

The adds you watch to get extra rewards don't work. Every single time i hit the button it acts like its gonna play an add then comes up and says video unavailable.

Wow Wow

trash game asking for reviews as soon as I play. automatically means it's garbage. only a complete and utter fool would rate a game 5 stars b4 playing. apparently stupid people like that exist..

Jhon B.

Forced ads!

Dorrian Isanhart

Reached a point in the game where I earned so much money that my money glitched and now I have "NaN" money, which doesn't allow me to earn any more.

Erica Lister

The game would be fun and I would have paid for no ads and kept playing, but the camera constantly spinning made me sick and I couldn't continue.

Syncere BOISAN

BRUH its actually not fun and u dont actually dont turn into a man cuz I'm now maced out a I'm still a monkey its riggged A waist of my time

brian over

Only to stars because the adverts are horrendous too ma y advert gets very annoying more adverts than play time Adverts need to go



Trijem Lodestone

Nope! False advertising. I tried, was good for 2 (or 4)? Levels ... (continue to 5... ) ... Umm, nope.... ..Something is wrong... not enough IT? (Nahh, my bros? No!) Too much Graphics 4 my phone? ...possibly. .. ok. . . Probably. .


I spent the whole day playing this game and levled up so much and I opened the game the next day and it reset all my progress do not download this game

Peter Mccutchen

Wipes my progress randomly after 2 monthes playing, but it was fun while I played

Kris Meek

just started in first click lol

Dark General

Save yourself the bandwidth. It has 3 worlds that all do the same thing with a different background. The main attraction of evolution is unlocked as an upgrade at level 5 or 6. It does nothing at first but has a bar underneath suggesting that something happens at level. Grind out level 10 9f the upgrade and BOOM a purely cosmetic add on for the background

daniel shane

Ignore what the other people are sayin its honestly a fun game

Lucy Lu

It's a bad idea to ask people to rate a game that only serves as a means to make money from ads. It's a scam. Could be interesting, but it's not. It's a platform for a company to make money from constant ads.

Katy Ford

Really fun idle evo game


Didn't even get to play 1 minute before it forces you to get an ad, even giving a 'choice' to pick (x) resource, or watch an ad for double. I of course picked no ad and it gave one anyways.

Christy Marcum

good so far I just started

Bas “BasCollins420” Collins


Jeremy Rader

No sound and forced ads. It could be a really fun game if they eased up a little bit on the ads and added some sound. They want you to pay $5.99 for ads free version with no sound. If they fix this I would rerate with another star.

Moose's Garage

Paid to remove adds, only to still have the adds, even after a phone reset.

Jaime Lopez


Woiny Mekuria

This game is good but one problem when you get the evolution button comes and you upgrade it so much it doesn't turn the monkey into a man instead it keeps it as a monkey. stay away from this game its absolute trash. Because it's a waste of time and forces you to watch to many ads.

Kim Morris

What is the point of this game? All you do is watch monkeys throw wood into a fire.

Melony Eisenhower

cool game

Sam Craig

I really love the game I started getting very very far in it and I go to open it today and a head completely reset to level one I don't know what happened I'm not happy with it I will change my rating with my game gets reset

Harry Adams

Best game ever 🆒😎👌👍😊🎥🍿🗡️

edmund Reaver

Don't ask for a review 2 seconds into the game and then make me watch an ad when I click no

Sarah Pearson

I like it but you put the skeleton the same way as the budda totem and made it more expensive, please change the skeleton to sokething else.

Ivan Peterson

Forced ads

Troy Lopez

The game freezes a lot.

dd dd

All forced ads. No good


It is ok for a quick time killer

Patrick M

Ads up the wazoo and it doesn't save your progress.

Brad Belloni

Lost data after several days. Fail.

Floyd Morgan

it has a lot of potential just needs more work.

judgedreads XX


Mad Chillaxin

its somethin, might even play for 2 day, idk

David DeWald

just started . this should show up after you play for some time.

Hilary Gwilt

Two forced ads within the first minute of play and the game dares ask for a rating. Welp, here you go!

Clyde Sites

Horrible ad problem Horrible


To many ads

Corey Johnson

Literally leaving this here for the five minutes I spent trying to close the ad for this game. Don't know anything about it other than anyone who develops ads like this deserves to get Lego jammed under their nails until they pop off and then be forced to walk through a field of salt while it rains hydrofluoric acid with a hint of lemon juice for a lemon scent.


Started the game today to find out I lost all progress somehow, went from lvl 10 to 0

Cindy Landry

My game got reset with the latest update. It's slow enough upgrading things, even with ads... and now I have to do everything all over again?

Man Huynhminh

Too much ads

Rachel Ricksecker


trae bramlett

Why does the game still vibrate even though I have turned off the in game vibration? That needs to be fixed.

steven dolnik

So pretty ok idle game but went to log in next day and lost all progress so not worth playing

Eric Lefebvre

so far forcing an ad after being prompted if I wanted to watch an ad is not nice !! if that was removed I would move to a 4 starts untill I play more , 25s into game I was prompted to write a review it's too soon!

Alex Mattie

Avoid this game. Might have been fun if not for the massive amount of ads... -Grabbed golden shank. Was asked if I want to watch an ad to increase the meat gained from it. Said no. Ad pops anyway. -forced ad plays periodically (every ~15s) Ad plays on level up. -Banner ad at bottom is apparently not enough for this greedy developer.

Ann Johnson


Cathleen Johnson

If it was possible I'd do 2 1/2. It's a great game. But it has adds every few seconds.

Teddy Bears

Ads and progress reset

Ripshaw Wahspir

Way too many adds ruins the game. Not worth playing.

Zed Xenon

To many adds. There's one every 20 seconds

David Douglass

Demanded a review ten seconds into playing.

Lyric Mills

I liked it it's very good 👍 👌

Dereck Ortiz

It's so funny for some reason 🤣

Kaiden McCrary

You get ads with your internet off

Mario Ventura (Finesse The Fox)

This game is annoying to play right now. There is a problem with the ads that are supposed to give us double the resources once you log back in after being offline and every single time I have tried to click watch an ad to double it always tells me there are no ads available. But there's always ads available whenever I want to watch an ad for anything else, like the four times production or to fight one of the animals walking by. This upsets and deters me from wanting to spend money in game.

Hanabi Ward

Click "no thanks" for "optional ad" and ad plays anyway

Meta Gamer

Yo this game is fire

Conrad Periwinkle

stop using haptics and then give no way to turn it off.

Nicholas Torres (Nick)

Decline an ad reward and you still watch an ad. Lame. I'll just download a modded version with no ads


Lots of adds

Sean Young

So the disabled ads costs $4.99, however it does not disable any of the ads, at all. I think you can understand why it receives such a low rating for me.

Jaron Rowan

Another ad hungry developer. Getting an ad every 30 seconds makes for a horrible experience when you have a dull game.

Derek Farwell

Never gives an offline payout ...although it gives you an option to watch an advert..always says "not available"...?bogus..!!!

Sultry Stopsign

This could be fun, I wouldn't know. Too many ad popups. Everything's an ad. Didn't even make it to level 5 before I got frustrated clicking "no" every 30 seconds or so.

James Farrel

Got an ad 5 seconds in after declining to watch ad. Uninstalled immediately. Asinine.

Herman Yu

its amazing so far keep up the good work :)

nathan porter

More commercial than the game!


If I could give it a zero I would it gives me ads no matter what I do I make a click I get an ad I honestly just thought it would be a fun time pass game but no it's only an ad game

Tyler Lee

It's meh. Where's the option to turn off haptic feedback. Its so annoying.


What a ruined game. All the pop ups ruin what could be a fun game.

101 UNO


Bryon Leggett

Disable ads does not disable all ads. Nowhere does it say this. Refunded and uninstalled.

stuart foster

stop asking to rate the game

Joshua Vincent

Forced ads. Laggy. Don't dl.

Hulk Gamer

To do most anything you need to watch a video...and if you say no you get forced to watch one. Dev team doesn't care about the player experience. There are TONS of way to monetize games where they can make cash and make players happy, yet they choose this method. ZERO stars... looks like they push out a ton of garbage games like this.

Steven Affeld

App: watch ad for more stuff? Me: no thanks App: you watch ad anyway Me: uninstalls app Seems like a fun game aside from forced ads. I uninstalled because of forced ads.

Anna Noveske

These other people don't know the glory of ads, they give ideas on what to install and all that stuff. I would rate 100 stars if I could

levi tyler

not even Werth it. u want to upgrade pay up using an ad don't want ta to bad. that's the fun way to say if ur ok with ads go for it 😉

Jarred Feely

This game is horrible after every single click there is an add that pops up. Games like this should be shutdown right away.

Miguel Santos

I opened the game and played an entire 45 seconds before I got a forced ad. The game absolutely sucks and is a waste of memory and data. Not one minute went by without an ad. If you don't want to watch an ad and press no, you get one anyways.

Phoenix Pinkmyn

Constant ads

Mariana Gangan


Rearose Casañas


Mr. Franxius

The haptics are annoying. There's no settings for turning it off

Jose Esquivel

If you like ads do it, but even in airplane mode there are ads.

Tristin Prow

Ads were fine but I easily beat the game in sense that there's no further options to advance for any reason in 1 day...

Amanda S

Asked for a review less than 20 seconds into game play and no obvious way to turn off the vibration feature. Deleted

Uriel David De Luna

Like it

Utopia Vids

So much ads for an idle game

Puzzel Ling

Two minute game, 5 ads