Idle Hero Z – Summon & Merge Cyberpunk

Author: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.

50,000+ install


Idle Hero Z – Summon & Merge Cyberpunk – Get dragon power, summon 5-star heroes from magic balls and join epic battles!

Detailed info

File size: 99M
Update time: May 26, 2021
Current version: 1.0.3
Require Android: 4.4 and up
Developer: OneSoft Global PTE. LTD.
Price: Free
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Customer review

Bad Boy King

Good game

James Patrick Fetalvero

This game is awesome i love playing this i can't stop. This is a good game i just i one thing to change and that is to get Heroes easily i know theie free and i have to be patient to get the heroes but i just want to get them easily. But still a ten out of ten keep up the good work.

Harvey Latham-Tallent

Really good

Luzviminda Guerrero

Shayra abellar

Dustin Robinson

Just not

Legend XD

It's cool but sometimes the game won't open please fix this bug

John M. Marzan

4 star only coz some issues in drone rewards and weekly rewards can no longer claim

Jean Catolin

Its a great game and i love it but when i press weekly task it crash

Ramin Nouresgandari

Not bad

Muzain Hizqil


Hamisi Ndenge

Baaaaad game l installed the and waited for almost an hour but it did not open, l felt bad because I wasted my data

Govind Govind


Pinky Sahu

by gf ghetto huff hoo ought rupiah to you

kratos ahmad

I really love this game 😍😍

Kassaija Yusuf


Bommineni Yallamma


Ryan Crutchfield

Fun easy game

James McDermott

Log in, collect dailies, log out... like others have said, nothing new. BTW, weekly mission button is bugged, just freezes the game. No, I'm not going to FB to report it, you know about it now.

Sajib Hawlather


Gami Bam


Luis Cano


Michael Joseph

ɨt ɨs ɢօօɖ ɢaʍɛ ɮʊt ʏօʊ sɦօʊʟɖ ʍaҡɛ tɦɛ ռɛա օռɛ

Marites Florentino


Nike Mamat

car games

Mohd Intejar

I am new Idle hero z

مهران اشیان


Babu Pal

So best So good

Shima Joshi



I lova a game it is very nice 😘 😘😘

Sabita Bara

Rohit bara you my love and miss you

Mark Pearce


md Mahmudul

৭০০ ওরনকপ শরীজৃোুীনবাবুলালা

Sajahan Ali


Ruvarashe Kariga

It is much funny than l thought

Somrat Hossen


Darshna Gajjar

Very nice 👌👍 thank you ❤️

Andres M

Game is heavily p2w, items that are require to upgrade champions are very few and far in between unless you want to spend. Even the monthly subscription packages don't offer premium currency. Overall it is very slow paced and would not recommend

Jaden Yuki

This is the best, love that cool gorgeous characters. Dabest :)

Emiliana Mugo

Wow best game ever

Santosh Khatik


Jester Valencia

Wow been grinding for days for the newbie event hero "gon" i still have 10 days left, with the update its gone gonna uninstall if not fixed

Robert Thomas

Love it

Spike V1

It's a very basic and generic idle clicker which Is almost an exact rip off of the game Hero Ball Z. There is nothing new or exciting here, just the same old clicker game - but this one is one desperate for your money, it even has a battle pass at 20 bucks and a monthly subscription for almost 50 bucks.......for a idle clicker!!!!????? They even offer free gifts daily....that you have to watch ads to get, so they aren't free at all. Avoid this cash grab.


Games was good play but i try play climb stage and then i saw someone hack the game with no name (Hero#ca6d2) top1 beat all now game no fun ... hurmm

Jedi Kasep

Really. It's a clone of a other game.. Difficult merge

Eduardo Escano Jr

Bug not able to evolve hero to 6 star even if you have enough resources and system keeps saying insufficient resources

Ronnie Harris


Sisubalan Selvan

Ok but very slow leveling. Its not easy to gain golds but levwling a character require many golds.

Kashin Koji

awesome sauce

Jason Bates

Sorry for relying on ads to help progression, guess I used them all up. Was such a fun game in the beginning, but even after the update so many bugs still exist. My recommendation before you you release a game is some serious testing, instead of just thinking you got the code right. Potential gone.

Shin Reaper

Why is this a blatant rip off from Hero Ball Z.......

Jeremiah Vazquez

Edit - Gave it another crack after unable to load launch day, plays well. Ad gifts are generous, just so far nothing really breaking the mold. Worth a few more days.

Ika Glublu

Saya sudah memainkan game ini sampai level 15 tapi masih tidak menemukan cara untuk melihat boss-boss nya baik yang sudah terlewat maupun yang akan datang. Padahal secara keseluruhan tidak ada yang menyenangkan dari game ini melainkan dari hero-hero dan boss-boss nya yg menarik. Tapi sayangnya saya tidak dapat melihat boss-boss yg telah terlewat.


It's a very nice game I totally recommend it if u want smthing that kills time and it's fun overall I'm looking forward for updates in this game

Sarah Is I

Isn't this just a copy of another game? This game is more pay to win. It literally just copied everything out of another game. Worse graphics, doesn't even seem worth to play. Sorry :)

Ariel Marcellana

Chain quest changed! I just gone offline for 5hours and my chain quest before i go offline is pass stage 300, but when i log in again it became return. Are you freaking kidding me!? I needed that pass stage 300 ASAP to unlock the lvl30 function but i also need the rewards in chain quest! Im done with your game!! This is a piece of trash of a game!! Uninstalling this trash.

Novianto B Prasetya

Great games

Fleur Valencia

The best I can describe this is a afk-ish, match game. The music is pretty catchy and the designs of the characters so far are cute (haven't collected any guy characters yet if there is any) and the boss designs are also pretty cool. Now on the afk part, unless you pay for premium, so far at the beginning of the game, you'll be watching ads to be able to auto-merge afk, which means that you will get hero characters faster. So the game so far is pretty f2p unless you want to rank in leaderboard.

Firemoon Rainbow

Awesome. Be the first people to play!!!

Duy Nguyễn

Love the way they design the heroes

Theodore Karakiklas


Sonic plays

So awesome 💗


Good game I played just now it's was good game

David Del Rosario